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Replications of medals in Poland?

janet melvin 3 | 11
12 Mar 2010 #1
can someone help me find a place in Poland that does replica's of medals. here in Australia the RSL does replicas, but in miniture form. so i am looking for somewhere over there that does it.

Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
15 Mar 2010 #2
Google medalierstwo. The hits will be in Polish but there may be contact data for e-mailing an enquiry.
OP janet melvin 3 | 11
15 Mar 2010 #3
thanks i will do that now,
thanks really, thats fantastic
15 Mar 2021 #4

Looking for replacement Monte Cassino medal

Im trying to replace my father's medal that I lost. Any advice?

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