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Antoni Kowalski or Knop - Pabianice Poland Lodz?

26 May 2009 #1
I am researching Antoni Knop (Kowalski) or (Knop) and Katarzyna Sulej
believe they changed their name. I know their son Jozef Piotr (Kowalski) Knop was baptised in St. Mary Church, Pabianice Poland. Can someone tell me the address of this church or how to contact them for infomation on this family. I believe it is possible that this couple may be buried there.

Thank You,
Elaine Nagel
Polonius3 994 | 12,367
29 May 2009 #2
Parafia Najświętszej Marii Panny Różańcowej w Pabianicach
ul.Zamkowa 39 95-200 Pabianice
tel. (48 42) 215 28 23


Living in Poland - 2 veterans named Kowalski

Kowalski, Józef 01900-02-02 2 February 1900 107 Polish Russian Resides in Tursk, near Sulęcin, and fought with the Bolsheviks at the end of WWI[8][9]
Wycech, Stanisław 01902-06-27 27 June 1902 104 Polish Polish Military Organisation Enlisted at 15 years of age in 1917 and stayed in the army, eventually reaching the rank of captain[10][11]

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