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Pieklo, Lutski, Lucki, Reyman, Tyniec - Trying to locate relatives

pieklo - | 1
25 Oct 2008 #1

My great uncle Jakob Pieklo and his wife Stefania were at Hodgemoor in January 1948. We've lost their trail and I am trying so hard to find their children or grandchildren. They had been in the Polish Army - where, I don't know.

I've just come to this website and am starting to use the other sites referred to in the posts.

Wouild love to hear from former residents or their descendants.

Annagarce Ozoroski Collins
OP misterluckiman 1 | -
22 Nov 2009 #2
I am 10th of 12 children ... (6 boys & 6 girls) All 4 of my grandparents immigrated to U.S. in early 1900s

Lucki ... I believe was roughly translated from Lutski




Can anyone help?
Polonius3 994 | 12,367
3 Dec 2009 #3
£ucki - toponymic nick from the town of £uck (now in Ukraine

Piekło - hell

Reyman - also spelt Rejman and Reimann (originaly from German toponymic nick Reimann (Rhein + Mann) someone from the banks of the River Rhine (German: Rhein) or Rhineland.

Tyniec - from archaic tyn (hedge, enclosure); also a monastic town in soutehrn Poland.

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