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Looking for relatives.... Chodacka, Chodacki

28 Mar 2006 #1
I am looking for any relatives of my mothers. She had a brother who moved to UK. He married an Italian and they had two children. He is from Spytkowice. My uncle has since passed away but the children should be around 50. Any help or knowledge would be gratefully appreciated. this is all I have to go on so you see it will be just sheer luck. Thanks.
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29 Mar 2006 #2 pIGtzenRhs3RraV9TcHl0a293aWNl.html

A Mr Chodacki in Spytkowice produces pipes.
Worth A TRY, i GUESS
30 Mar 2006 #3
If you know their names and have an idea of what country/city they might be living in, it shouldn't be too difficult finding them. In N. America we use sites like

I'm sure there are sites in Europe similar to that. I have used many times with great results. Ask around for a site like these!

Copy and paste these 2 links...give that a try friend! Might get you started, good luck to you!!! dom&cont=Europe
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29 Apr 2006 #4
Thank you .None of these lead anywhere. Most bring me to Us and not to UK.
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29 Apr 2006 #5
If you are looking for people in the UK. Try: Rootschat.
If you are looking for people in other areas. Try: Rootsweb.

If these people are still living and male or unmarried. Try the phone directory.
rdywenur 1 | 157
17 Sep 2008 #6
Merged: Walter Chodacki - looking for my uncle

I am looking for my uncle (Walter Chodacki) without any information as to where he lives except England. I just found a tiny clue on a photo just found that may or may no be a bit of evidence. Maybe he lives in the area or maybe just visiting this place as it looks like a seaside resort. (or use to be) Back of foto says Morecambe 5/9/1959 He is deceased but we are trying to locate family.
18 Sep 2008 #7
Hi Walter, 2 very good sites that can trace either your uncle or possibly his offspring are, you will have to register but initial search is free, for extra info you will need to pay small fee, this site searches all current and past uk conscensus forms which have to be completed by anyone over 18 by law, it also lists births,marriages,deaths, if he was in Uk and rented or owned property at some point,married, death,births etc, then he will be listed, if you have no area to search specifically, it will search whole of UK, I dont imagine many of this surname, so you can wittle them down, you will get current address, so also you can write to these people.One other useful site,free to join,is Facebook, very many peoiple in Uk have found relatives on this site by simply contacting members with same surname, this can be your uncles offspring etc. I too am looking for relatives in Poland, look at my post under "Sylvan106". Hope my info helps you. Pozdrawiam Jozef.P.S. I am listed subscriber on do you want me to search for free for you, also I can check out facebook, but this is easy for you to do yourself ?????

Hi again, forgot to tell you, Morecombe is definitely a seaside resort. Pozdrawiam Jozef. Is very near Blackpool, was a very popular tourist area in England around that time, not so much now.

PPS. My brain must be running slow today, just realised icalled you Walter, apologies Jozef.
19 Sep 2008 #8
I got info for you from, Chodacki mainly in Bolton area, not many of them, Morecombe is not too far from here, and was a traditional English holiday resort for people from Bolton area back in the days of photo. I found a death certificate for person "Clara Chodacki" born 17th October 1928, and what appears to be her relatives in Bolton area, also 2/3 Chodacki in London area, thats it for whole of UK. Like I said before will not be many. If your uncle had offspring then there is a strong possibility that some of these people are your relatives. I have addresses for these people, if you want you can send me e-mail address, mine is, if you reply I will send you attachment of what I printed off. Pozdrawiam Jozef.
rdywenur 1 | 157
23 Apr 2020 #9
family for Walter Chodacki found. thank you all for your help.

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