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Polish nobility (szlachta) in Kamieniec Podolski?

ukrainapolska 1 | -
13 Dec 2017 #1
Hello everybody, my great-grandmother was part of the Polish szlachta in Kamieniec Podolski. This city is now Ukrainian territory but I wanted to know if anybody knows what the Polish szlachta in Kamieniec Podolski did for the Polish people, are they are different from szlachta members in other parts of Poland, and if anyone else had szlachta relatives around Kamieniec Podolski. Wikipedia is very muddy on the lifestyle of the szlachta in eastern Poland. I also have relatives in Ukraine with documents proving her nobility if that is important. Thanks.
kaprys 3 | 2,242
13 Dec 2017 #2
It pretty much depends on who your family was. The Polish szlachta includes the magnates like the Czartoryski or Zamoyski families who were rich like kings as well as, so to speak, not so rich gentry.

You would have to research your family history to find out more.
Ironside 51 | 12,441
13 Dec 2017 #3

Nobility in context of Poland would better translate as a citizen. Think - US citizen and you got a picture. Much would depends on personal circumstances of your family.
pawian 223 | 24,567
18 Mar 2020 #4
There was also szlachta zagrodowa or zaƛciankowa who were poor - didn`t have their own peasants so had to cultivate their small plots on their own.

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