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Manko, Federowicz, Baszczek, Zatwarnicka. Family history mystery.

BillyFed - | 1
21 Jun 2018 #31
Hi! I saw your post, Polonius3, and was wondering if you could offer any more information about the Federowicz name. I believe that was my cousin, Joe Fed, from the earlier posts. I have some more details if needed.
KasiaP - | 5
13 Mar 2021 #32
Hello, I am looking for my historical family records mostly from Polana. I am finding this post very interesting and would like to contact the post owner. My grandparents and grand grandparents were from Polana (village in Bieszczady mountains in Poland). There are two places in Poland called Polana. I am interested only in this one. In the past the land was occupied by other countries. I am looking for Polana, Austria records mostly, however I am open for any new information. Polana Austria is the same place, just placed in the different time frame. There is a book of Teofil Wojciechowski title: "Polana wies bieszczadska" which is explaining a lot about situation in Polana and displacement and history of Polana's residents. (I own this book if someone would be interested, there are some photos included also) Book is not longer available for sale unfortunately...

There are church books available online (some of the years are missing but is still a good source of information, contact me for more details) and map of the Polana with households highlighted with surnames (Zatwarnicki surname is mentioned on the map). I also own pdf of this map. I have contact with current residents of Polana who are collecting all historical information and took a part in research for the book and the map info.

I myself am looking for surnames Baszczak (100% good spelling. I have seen "Baszczek" in this post but that is a misspell), I am interested in Mankow, (correct Polish spelling is Mańków) Kapral, Kowalczyk and Pisarski/Pisarska. I myself am Pisarska. Your Manko is Mańko in Polish. Polish letters were lost in traslations...

In Teofil's W. book Mańko are mentioned on the page 72 and 266. There is info about Jan (John) Mańko and Stanisław (Stanley) Mańko. (Please contact me for more info). There is also surname Mańkowie mentioned which basically is plural for Mańko.

There is a lot about Zatwarnicki family on pages: 69,81,54,181,72,76,167,180,181,106,165, referred to names: Zatwarnicki, Zatwarnicki Michał (Michael), Zatwarniccy (plural from Zatwarnicki), Zatwarnicka Bronisława (note Polish womens surnames very from their husbands so for example father Zatwarnicki and mother Zatwarnicka. This way you can tell easily the sex of the person, there are exceptions when surname stay the same as Mańko, which will be the same for women's and men's)., Zatwarnicki Franciszek (Frank), Zatwarnicki Jan (John), Zatwarnicki Ignacy and Zatwarnicki Stanisław. Note: names in brackets are English translation and have nothing to do with historical records as all are in Polish in the book or Latin (in church books). There is nothing in the book about Fedorowicz and Baszczak but there is evidence in the church records that Baszczak family ware from Polana. I myself have still alive members of my family with Baszczak surname.

I hope that was helpful a bit. I would love to contact you and exchange our information's with copies of documents whenever possible.

Kind Regards
KasiaP - | 5
13 Mar 2021 #33
Short explanation of situation in Polana. My grandparents with their children and all other residents of Polana was given very short notice (I am talking about hours) to live their houses and travel to western side of (current Poland). The political situation was very difficult and only those who survived those times can truly understand how hard life was. Most of the residents took what they could and took a train to current Lover Silesia part in Poland. One half of the Polana's residents departure in Chójnow (old city name Haynau - was German name as previously was a German city) and from Chojnów moved to village next to Chojnów named Biała. Other half traveled a bit longer and stoped in "Nowa Wieś Grodziska". After the political situation stabilized some of those families went back to Polana, however most of them staid in new places. Those which come back just simply missed their family lands, and those which staid simply was worried that the history may repeat itself and was to afraid to go back (I guess). I have contact whit members of those families. My family is one of them too. One of my grandparents brothers was killed in Polana... There is a lot of information (more of the historical records) available online. I am happy to assist you with your research.

That would be it for now from me...


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