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Katherine Naherniak

jim shek 1 | -
6 Feb 2013 #1
I was 18 and she had a stroke at 83, three years later she died-1 year before that she encouraged me to take my first communion at 17-and I did. Now I am 55, I was cutting wood Sunday on a very frigid day here in Michigan-I wondered whether or not I would survive the day. And, she touched me and warmed me. Very spritual. My Busha, Katherine Naherniak.
6 Feb 2013 #2
Sorry for your loss. Niech spoczywa w pokoju.
polonius 54 | 420
15 Feb 2013 #3
I appreciate the closeness many people have had with theri grandparents. As for your surname, in case you're interested:

NAHERNIAK: Alternative spelling of Nahirniak - Ukrainian for Nagórniak (probably originating as a patronymic tag to indicate a highlander's son).

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