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Looking for information on Andrew Sobolak and Katherine Walski 1890-1930

paddysobo 1 | 3
3 Sep 2010 #1
Looking for information on Sobolaks of Sanok, Poland. Obit stated Andrew Sobolak was from Austria but I believe this was when Poland was under Austrian rule. He married Katherine Walski.

They had four children: Amelia, Ruth, John, and Edwin. Emigrated to the U.S. in 1930
Any information about religion, occupations, why they left, etc. would be greatly appreciated.
TheOther 6 | 3,692
3 Sep 2010 #2
If they were ethnic Poles then they were almost certainly catholics. To find further information, check out the Ellis Island web site at Sign up for free and see if you can find the ship's manifest with your ancestors. Provided they went through Ellis Island, of course. Otherwise, try this one:
dtaylor5632 18 | 2,007
3 Sep 2010 #3
If they were ethnic Poles then they were almost certainly catholics.

Or Jewish, or any other religion at that time...
TheOther 6 | 3,692
4 Sep 2010 #4
Quite a few were Jewish or protestant - you're right. But when doing genealogical research in Poland, you can safely assume that the majority of Poles was catholic. If I would look for (ethnic) Polish ancestors, my first stop would always be the catholic church books.
OP paddysobo 1 | 3
4 Sep 2010 #5
gee thanks so much how do i find church books
TheOther 6 | 3,692
4 Sep 2010 #6
Try the LDS. You can order microfilmed church books from Salt Lake City and check them at your local Family History Center.
4 Jan 2011 #7
Hello from France.

I see your message about Andrew Sobolak.

I can only advised you Ignace Sobolak ( my great father moved from Sanok at Paris France ) during 1924/ 1926 and his wife Bobbyck Eve during 1928 .
His brother Janek Sobolak moved in France also but a coupleof years later.

Sanok is very close of Ukrainian border and many Sobolak name people could be found in this area.

I went a couple of years ago and see plenty of this name in local cementery.

Kind regards

teresa55 - | 46
29 Mar 2011 #8
Now, in Poland are 915 people with name Sobolak, in Sanok are 332 people.
Have you any detal ?
Date of birth or...?
OP paddysobo 1 | 3
15 Apr 2011 #9
i do and will get back with you
thank you!
18 Feb 2012 #10

My grandfather was Jan (John) Sobolak from Raczkowa, Sanok, Austria Poland, born in 1897 to Andrzej and Helena Marianna Sobolak. I know my grandfather was Roman Catholic, but the older records that I have found say they were Greek Catholic. I have been able to put together somewhat of a Sobolak family tree, with metrical records to go along with it. I have found out the name of the family church in the neighboring village. I also know what archives can be written to for metrical records for different years. I have some documents that go back into the 1780's. Presently I am searching to find out if my grandfather Jan Sobolak had any brothers or sister, and am waiting to hear from the archive that I have searching for this. I have also found a Sobolak family living in Raczkowa and also Sobolak's living a living village and am presently trying to prove a connection to them. If you are interested in learning more about what I have on my Sobolak's family, feel free to contact me at:

Also, I have found a few LDS microfilms that may contain Sobolak information for that area, but I have not yet ordered these films, but intend to soon. Good luck to you and your search efforts! :-)

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