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WW2 Polish Immigrant - Sgt Florian Stanislaw Bilicki

17 Jan 2015 #1
Sgt Florian Stanislaw Bilicki fought in the September Campaign in 1939 although he and his colleagues were mechanics and fitters. They destroyed their aircraft to prevent them from falling into German or Russian hands, then they crossed the border into Romania where they were interned and imprisoned. Florian escaped inside an empty water butt and made his way to England where he became ground crew in a Polish squadron.

After the war he came to Australia and fulfilled his two year contract in Perth before moving to Melbourne where he stayed until at least 1977. Now, I want to add his name and story to the 304 Squadron tribute site. Does anyone know if he is still alive (he will be 101 if he is) or if he has any family living in Australia. He lived in the Maribyrnong (?) and later Doutta Galla districts.

Thanks for any help.
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4 Feb 2015 #2
The suburb of Maribyrnong postcode 3032 is in Melbourne, Victoria.
Doutta Galla is an old parish apparently around this area. See
There are several nursing homes in the area see to find one, they may be able to help.

Death certificates are available to next of kin:

My father 1919-2007 was in 305 Squadron 1944 and his brother 1916-2012, was slave labour in Birkenau, Buchenwald and Ravensbrook 1943-1945. I see a lot of information on already, it is impressive.

Where did you get the passenger list of the SS Astrurias?

Good luck with your search.
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17 Feb 2015 #3
The passenger list of the SS Asturias was found on the Internet by a well wisher who sent it to me. I have no idea where exactly he found it.
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17 Feb 2015 #4
Maybe here:
Polonius3 980 | 12277
19 Feb 2015 #5
BILICKI: Ruthenianised version of Bielicki -- toponymic nick from Bielice; root-word is biel (Ukrainian bil) meaning white.
25 Sep 2023 #6
Well I am his grandson, so if you want to contact me please let me know. My full name is Christopher Grahame Bilicki Norlen-Holmes

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