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Galetka, Martin - married to an Elizabeth; I believe Klil - last name not sure of

18 Sep 2012  #1

anyone know of the galetka/gelatka/gelyatka family. looking for Martin married to Elizabeth Klil---. before 1857 because a son Joseph was born in 1857 and a son was also William. Don't know if any other siblings. From I believe Felso Lapos Austria-Hungary empire which is now Lapse Wynze Poland. Martin and Elizabeth would be my great great grandfather and mother.

Martin Galetka and Elizebeth were from Felso Lapos which is now Lapsze Wyzne, Poland. Sorry spelling was wrong/transposed prior post. I believe the chruch catholic near there is in Zakopane. thanks for any help please.

boletus 30 | 1,367    
18 Sep 2012  #2

£apsze Wyżne (Slovakian Vyšné Lapše, Hungarian Felsőlápos, German Oberlapsch) and £apsze Niżne (Slovakian Nižné Lapše, Hungarian Alsólápos, German Unterlapsch), together with 12 other villages are part of Polish Spisz - a tiny portion (5%) of historical region Spisz (Latin Scepusium, Slovakian Spiš, German Zips, Hungarian Szepes), which now belongs to Slovakia (95%).

The Polish Spisz is also known as Zamagurze. Originally part of Great Moravia, then Poland, in middle ages Hungary, and after 1920 it was incorporated to Poland. £apsze Wyżne has its own church and parish (of St. Peter and Paul), with its first records in the parish books (births, marriages, deaths) entered in 1655.

The database "Moi Krewni" (My Relatives) shows no sign of the surnames Galetka or Gelyatka, but it shows a presence of five people named Gelatka - four of them residing in Nowy Targ County, to which Zamagurze (with village £apsze Wyżne) belongs. The same database shows 42 people named Gelata - 28 of them in Nowy Targ County.

Google shows the surname Gelatka in some local records:
- Agata Gelatka listed as a former graduate of the primary school in £apsze Wyżne
- Paulina Gelatka, a student of the primary school in £apsze Wyżne in 2008, a student of grade 3 of junior high school in 2011/2012
- Agata Gelatka, a 4-th grade student of the primary school in £apsze Wyżne in 2010
- In the magazine "Nas Spiszu" (no 4 (73) 2009),, there is review of the book "OSEMSTOROĆNE ŻAKOWCE" (800 years of Żakowce), in which Paweł Gelatka was listed in year 1945,

- The same magazine mention Władek Gelata as a student of junior high school (2009)
Similar Google search [Gelata £apsze] shows much stronger presence of Gelatas in local records: school records, various sport activities, etc.
So extended family Gelata is doing well in Zamagurze (Polish Spisz).

All the data below is taken from the web page of St. Peter and Paul Parish in £apsze Wyżne,

Mailing address to St. Peter and Paul Parish in £apsze Wyżne:
Parafia św. Piotra i Pawła
£apsze Wyżne
ul. Kościelna 2
34-442 £apsze Niżne

tel. 018/2659777

They show their account here, so if you want to pay them something for search and retrieval of records of your ancestors you may use that account for that purpose.

Bank Spółdzielczy w Nowym Targu o. Niedzica
Nr konta: 45 8812 0005 0010 0004 9689 0001

I forgot to add that - according to Polish grammar rules - the name Gelatka is a diminutive of Gelata, suggesting an offspring of the latter. The words geleta, geletka, geletek, gelatka came to Polish probably from Slovakia and it means various types of milk pails, of various sizes and shapes, especially those of bulgy or potbellied shapes. Some think that the words came from Greek (kaláthi) - a basket, or some kind of vessel

- Jan Karłowicz, Slownik wyrazow obcego a mniej jasnego pochodzenia: uzywanych w jezyku polskim
OP crazyhorseWIUS    
19 Sep 2012  #3

Thank you so much for the info. My research shows the name was spelled Gelatka at one time here in the U.S A. I am hoping someone in Poland who reads this or does research there can give me some information on Martin and Elizabeth Galetka/Gelatka (her maiden name) if they remained in Felso Lapos (now Poland) or if not and if there were other children besides William and Joseph. The two brothers were almost 15-20 yrs. difference in age. Why they immigrated to U.S.A. I am told all chruch records from this area are not released to government institutions or peoples and will not be ever available to public (at least in this point of time - they remain in the respective parishes. I don't know how to translate these notes to Polish or if they need to be on this site for people in Poland to see and read - to be able to respond to them. Thank you.
boletus 30 | 1,367    
19 Sep 2012  #4

I am told all chruch records from this area are not released to government institutions or peoples and will not be ever available to public (at least in this point of time - they remain in the respective parishes.

I do not know any particulars about this area but generally many church records have been photocopied (by US Mormons for example) and placed in private or state archives, or moved entirely to state archives. Since the parish books in £apsze Wyżne have a long history (1655) and seem to be well protected the parish may as well want to continue this way.

But there are several projects where volunteers index the data from parish to parish, digitize indices and place them in public domain. This means that you can see your ancestor name there and some other details, but for the copy of the baptist or marriage certificate you still have to go either to the parish itself (and they show you which one it is) or to the state archives. Some such projects are "Poznan Project" (not your area of interest) and "Geneteka", which generally covers Małopolska province, but not this particular region of yours. Another such project "Pradziad" do not handle the £apsze Wyżne either.

So your only course of action is to do your search in situ, at the parish. This is why I attached the contact information for you. Since it is hard to do any long distance search you should find yourself a proxy person in Poland, close to £apsze if possible. Part of the search would be to find out what was a real name of Martin: Gelatka/Galetka, etc. This takes time. Nobody is going to do this sort of stuff for you voluntarily - just because you placed your appeal here, unless - with incredible luck that you might have - somebody is currently searching the parish books in £apsze Wyżne for their own purpose and is willing to handle your task as well.

A crazy suggestion: One of those schoolgirls that I previously listed might find it interesting to play a role of a little genealogist for you. She should be easy to find via gymnasium she attends. Or you may ask the priest via email about other suggestions. He might have some candidate. There might be some data protection issue, so you might need to provide some relationship proof. But historical records are usually open to public, meaning I can search any XYZ family and do not have to be in any relation to it - at least those in the state archives.
OP crazyhorseWIUS    
27 Sep 2012  #5

Martin and Elizabeth Gelatka/Galetka UPDATE: last name of Elizabeth (maiden name) was Klillut. Anyone recognize this last name or know or related to lineage of Msoartin and Elizabeth Gelatka/Galetka - 2nd generation (sons I know of) William and Joseph Gelatka/Galetka. thank you for any information.

Mispelling in Martin's name - in previous text message - computer problems, sorry.
boletus 30 | 1,367    
27 Sep 2012  #6

Elizabeth Klil

last name of Elizabeth (maiden name) was Klillut

Neither one of those two versions sound Slavic to me. Double LL? Very unusual in Polish. Three Ls combined with softening I? No, this would be a real tongue twister for Poles or Slovaks. Google shows ONLY 17 references to the word KLILLUT, suggesting perhaps German but many of them look like just a garbage coming from optical recognition software errors - occurring during Google books digitizing process of the original materials. So if it is a German name then it must be extremely rare. But I doubt it; it seems to me as a corruption of some sort.

Where did you get it from? From some hand written record? If this is the case, could you post its image here?
14 Sep 2014  #7

My name is Karen and I have done research in the Zamagurie, Podhale and former Spis County Slovakia for over 20 years. I am an academic who has spent significant time in the villages and more importantly, the records.

Elisabeth's surname is not correct. I can absolutely help you as a professional genealogist. Please feel free to email me at for more details or see my website. I provide digital copies of the records for each name I place on the pedigree.

I am currently researching for a client whose ancestry also includes the Gelyatka (Geliatka, Gelatka as variants) surnames.
It is an extremely common surname.

Hope to hear from you.

Polonius3 1,015 | 12,527    
14 Sep 2014  #8

GALETKA: in old dialectal speech a milk jug or butter tub; a few users of the Galetka surname. No-one uses Galeta at present.
30 Sep 2014  #9

Funny you should ask. My maternal grandmother was Maria Geletka who married Paul Griglak in Lapse Wyzne, Poland. They were both from there. I have 5 generations of both families. Both these families were many in that town. I do not have my file with me now as I have to use the library since my computer is broken and I will have to bury it. Both names have many spellings

as do many from there. I have been away from researching for a while so I'll have to consult my files if you should need more info and if I have any. My email: searching......ginny
Loyko John    
26 Mar 2016  #10

Stefan Murgala Felso Lapos Hungary
Polonius3 1,015 | 12,527    
26 Mar 2016  #11


MURGAŁA: from dialectal murgać (standard Polish mrugać) to wink. Hence the initial bearer of this nickname.turned.surname was known as Jan Murgała (John the Winker). Sorry, Hunagrian isn't my speciality.
12 Nov 2016  #12

I'm looking for a Martin Griglak, married to Elizabeth. Last name likely to be Maceyak. Martin is from Lapsze Wyzne. They would have gotten married @1860s. Their son Martin was born @1869. Please email if interested.
rozumiemnic 9 | 3,597    
12 Nov 2016  #13

I'm looking for a Martin Griglak,

I think he might be dead by now....:)
mafketis 16 | 5,701    
12 Nov 2016  #14

No he's not! He'll live forever in my heart.....

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