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Finding Lech family from Wisloczek/Canada

mom2fourboys 1 | 2
2 Feb 2010 #1
I am researching the Lech family. My great grandfather was Grezgorz Lech (son of Wasyl Lech) b. 1901 in Wisloczek and my great grandmother was Nastazzja Wjaiko (daughter of Daniel Bjaiko) b. 1905 in Wisloczek. He served in the Polish Army from 1920-1923. They had two sons in Wisloczek, Stefan and Jon and a daughter Annie born in France before they came to Canada. Grezgorz (his canadian name was Harry) came in 1926, first to Saskatchewan and Annie came in 1927 and they settled in Owl River, Lac La Biche, Alberta. They had more children there and moved to Vancouver BC with some of their children around 1945, leaving the homestead in the care of the older children.

I have not been able to connect the dots in Wisloczek, finding no trace of them other than their immigration ship lists to Canada. I am trying to search Grezgorz's Military records, but have no idea where to begin. Any help would be appreciated.
caprice49 4 | 224
9 Feb 2010 #2

Is a tiny place. In 2006 the population was 160 of which 55 were under 18.
It's about 3km walk from Rudkawka Rymanowska reached via Rzeszów or Tarnów. Some records are kept in Rudkawka Rymanowska, but most would be kept in Krosno.

Contact: e-mail:
I've tried searching for a local church where records were kept in the past for those born in Wisłoczek, and have contacted locals to establish for you where records could have been kept or transferred.
sheila parks - | 1
10 Aug 2010 #3
If anyone has any information on Greorz ( Harry Lech) and anastasia and family , i would greatly appreciate it

Thank you ,

sheila parks
8 Sep 2015 #4
The Lech family from Wisłoczek were not Polish - this was a Carpatho Rusyn village populated by Lemkos.

There were three Lech families in the village, all descending from a common, pre-1784 descendant.

Records from 1784 to 1850 or so are held at the state archives in Przemysl.

Records 1850 or so to 1920 or so are held in the local town hall of Rymanów.

The Lemko population was removed from this (and many other villages) during the 1947 Polish military operation Akcja Wisła.
They were sent to either Western Poland or to Ukraine. The village is currently populated by Poles.

Greg Leck
28 Sep 2015 #5
Thank you Greg. I am mom2fourboys and its my grandfather's family I am longing to connect with. Thank you for your very helpful information.
10 Jun 2016 #6
My father Andro Chrapcio was born in Wisloczek in 1908 and immigrated in 1911 with his mother & brothers to the Wilkes Barre Pa. region. His older brother John (Iwan) married a Helen Lech. I believe she was born around 1897. They resided in Laflin & Plains Pa. until their deaths. I'm pretty sure she was born in Wisloczek also.
9 Apr 2017 #7
Ma grand mčre Ewa HRAPCIO ou CHRAPCIO est née le 16/11/1897 ŕ Wisloczek de André CHRAPCIO et de Marie KUNCIO.
En 1924, ŕ l'âge de 27 ans elle a migré en France et est recrutée comme "bonne de ferme" prčs d'Amiens (80).
Elle s'est mariée en 1928 ŕ Chalette sur Loing (45) avec Joseph BOĎKO.
Elle a eu 3 enfants nés en France et seule sa fille Maria, mariée SZAWARSKYJ a eu 4 enfants et des petits enfants.

Posts must be in English

My grandmother Ewa HRAPCIO or CHRAPCIO was born on 16/11/1897 in Wisloczek from André HRAPCIO and Marie KUNCIO.In 1924, at the age of 27 she migrated to France and was recruited as a "farm handmaid" near Amiens (80).She married in 1928 in Chalette sur Loing (45) with Joseph BOÏKO.She had 3 children born in France and only her daughter Maria, married SZAWARSKYJ had 4 children and several grand-children. In the years 1950-60, Ewa HRAPCIO kept in touch with her Ternopil family.
ssantak - | 2
17 Mar 2018 #8
Both my grandparents were born in Wisloczek, Teodor Semtik and Anna Lech. Anna Lech, born December 3, 1893, was the daughter of Ivan Lech and Maria Hocko Lech, whose parents were, respectively Demetrio Lech/Parascevia Byncz and Nikolai Hocko/Anastasia Labada. At the time of her birth, the family lived in House #60 in Wisloczek, and she had one brother, Andrew. Anna Lech emigrated to the U.S. (Minersville, PA) and in 1914 married Teodor Semtik (later Frank Santak). My father, John, was their firstborn son. I would be very interested to hear what you have been able to find out regarding the Lechs. I am planning to visit Wisloczek this June (2018), although at this point I believe there is no longer any family there.
kaprys 3 | 2,466
18 Mar 2018 #9
Were your family Lemkos?
According to what I have found online, most of the village inhabitants were Lemkos. They were deported to Ukraine during Operation Vistula and their houses were taken down.

Present day inhabitants are Protestant settlers from Zaolzie.
There are remains of the Greek Orthodox Church and the cementary, though.
9 Apr 2018 #10
This is Mom2fourboys. I have not been receiving updates on this post. Possibly because my email ya changed a few years ago. I would love to connect with those of you who have a Lech connection to Wisloczek. I have not been able to establish a family line for my great grandparents. They were definitely from Wisloczek and I would love t find out which family line they belong to.
ssantak - | 2
6 Nov 2018 #11
Hello, Mom24boys. I replied to your post in March of this year (#8). I recently was contacted by another person whose great grandparents came from Wisloczek and there is a Stefan in the family. I feel more comfortable exchanging family info off the site, so if you would like to e-mail me, my address is Regards,
11 Sep 2020 #12
Hello, I just learned TODAY, that my grandfather was born in Wisloczek in 1894. His name was Michael Bialko (Biawko on his papers). He immigrated to the United States and lived in Monroe, Michigan, earning his living as a farmer. I saw the post from "Mom24boys" where she mentioned her "great grandmother was Nastazzja Wjaiko (daughter of Daniel Bjaiko) b. 1905 in Wisloczek.". I am hoping to find out about the Bialko's in Wisloczek. Do you have any information on your great grandmothers family of Bjaiko? Thanks,
15 Oct 2020 #13
Hello!) I am Ihor Byalko(Biawko), my grandpa was Jon(Ivan Biawko) from Wisloczek, he showed me village and we tried to find relatives

I am Ihor Byalko(Biawko), my family from Wisloczek and we are Lemko's, when my grandpa was alive, we tried to find his brothers and sister and no find... Grandpa not with as but I am very interesting to find someone
Janis - | 1
2 days ago #14
Hello Ihor, I am happy to find another Biawko with a connection to Wisloczek. What year was your Grandpa Jon Biawko born? What were his parents names? My grandfather Michael Biawko was born in house #124. Thanks, Janis

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