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Drobinski, Szczesny - Polish battle of Britain pilots & R.A.F squadrons

omahadogred 1 | 4
13 May 2007 #1
can anyone tell me if this pilot has some family in Poland that are still alive today his name is H SZCZESNY who was in 74 tiger squadron in 1940 at r.a.f. Hornchurch in the UK his nick name was Henry the pole a very nice person and fun loving and fought very hard in the battle of Britain if anyone who is related to henry i would very much like to hear from them many thanks please contact me by e mail many thanks again



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r.a.f Drobinski pilot

hello there

i would like to know if there are some family members of a pilot named Drobinski who flew in the r a f in the UK in the 1940's with 315squadron if so i would like to hear from you many thanks

regards peter e mail

hello there

is there anyone in Poland that collects stamps and first day covers as i have some that are signed by noted people in Britain example

sir Richard Todd actor and was in the 6th airbourne during the 1944 invasion of France
Carolyne grace the first lady to fly a spitfire
Eric Williams who led the escape from Stalag luft 111 OK if you need any more information please e mail me on this address omahadogred@yahoo thanks


8 Nov 2007 #2

I had a pleasure to know Henryk Szczesny for several years. He was a best friend of my uncle who was also a pilot during WWII. My uncle was in Div.302.

Stefan Kleczkowski (my uncle) had a hotel in Sittingbourne, where Henryk (Hesio) was working for a while and he and myself were running the hotel when my uncle was on holidays in south of France and Poland. As for family, Hesio was married three times, first wife (Polish) lived in States, second one returned to Ireland after a divorce and the third one Polish one again stayed with him in Ealing London until his death. I am sure he had some relatives in Poland. He and my uncle went to Poland many times visiting each other families.

Unfortunately I did not pay too much attention and never remembered who was still left there. My aunt is still alive and visits me periodically (due one week before Christmas) may be she will be able to remember more facts.

I hope that helps with you question.


Edmund Budkiewicz
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,146
8 Nov 2007 #3
He hasn't been active on the forums since months, so you better mail him.
15 Mar 2011 #4
Merged: Henryk Szczesny

Hello there,

I am currently trying to find information regarding Henryk Szczesny (Sevred with 74 Sqn, 302 and 317), especially his DFC citation or KW information?

If anyone can help please contact me at

Kind Regards,

Patrycja19 62 | 2,686
17 Mar 2011 #5
Henryk Szczesny

anyone have the UK version of ancestry? or world version?
Polonius3 984 | 12,335
20 Mar 2011 #6
SZCZ─śSNY: Old Polish word for lucky, happy, joyful; as a name it is the Polish equivalent of the Latin-dervied Felix.
Addison devall
2 Aug 2022 #7
Hi! I am Henryk Szczesny's great granddaughter. Unfortunately his son died in a plane crash and his grandchildren live in the states. He does however have family still living in Poland.

Hi! I am henryk's great grandaughter. If you would like more information about him email me at
Alien 20 | 5,244
2 Aug 2022 #8
You had a nice great grandpa.
Miloslaw 20 | 4,801
2 Aug 2022 #9
Hi! I am Henryk Szczesny's great granddaughter

Your Great Grandfather was a great Polish hero.
You and Poland should all be proud of him.
Addison devall
11 Aug 2022 #10
Thank you! If anyone has any information about him please email me at

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