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Domanski and Babiacz Ancestry

JolietPole 1 | -
27 Jan 2011 #1
I am trying to find out where in Poland my family might have come from. My grandfather's name was Domanski and my grandmother's maiden name was Babiacz. I don't have any living relatives to ask about my family, so I wonder if anyone here might be able to get me started in the right direction to find where my ancestors might have come from. Thank You!
internaldialog 4 | 145
27 Jan 2011 #2
start with the information you already have ie death, marriage, birth certificate and like most ancestry results you work backwards piecing information together.
If you have this information that is ... join up to many ancestry linked sites and ask about do searches, even tiny information can bring more information (as was my case) what did your grandfather do? What information do you know exactly than just their surnames? As you need more than this to work from!!

PS: OP you posted this thread in wrong place should have gone in the Genelogy threads ;)
Ligia Dybka/vlu
29 Jan 2011 #3
Hello I am Part Pole from New Zealand. We have Domanski's living in Wellington New Zealand.
They may be able to help you? Go to Polish House Wellington New Zealand on
Marta1974 - | 2
23 Feb 2022 #4

Looking for ancestors from Poland - Domański family

Good evening everyone,

I'm currently married a Polish man. During the talk with him, I encouraged him to investigate about our root in Poland and we wonder if we still have any relatives still survived the war. Before the WWI, our family, which has the surname as Domański, lived in Old Town, Warsaw. Based on the limited information that we have, our ancestor has one doctor who taught Nature Science at University of Warsaw from 1925-1930.

My request is that if anyone in Poland know any information about our ancestor (the Domański family) or if anyone know any association that can help us to chase up our root, please contact me at

We would appreciate any comment or information that you can provide us.

May Gods bless all of you,
Marek and Marta Domański
gumishu 12 | 6,103
25 Feb 2022 #5
We would appreciate any comment or information that you can provide us.

the forum has not so wide scope in Poland - and I am not knowleadgable in the subject to guide you - what I think is you need to contact professionals - I will post the first result I found in google searching for 'genealogia' and 'usługi' (genealogy, services):,w%20waszej...%204%20%E2%80%A2%20Historia%20rodziny%20More%

Edit: this site seems to use English :
Marta1974 - | 2
27 Feb 2022 #6
Hi @Gumishu!

Thank you very much for your feedback.

I did check both the websites that you suggested. They are really helpful.
Since I have detached from my Polish root for such a long time, I just really do not know where to start to find our ancestors.

And in my dreams, I miss my hometown so so much.

Anyway, I would really appreciate your time and efforts for replying to my text.

I wish you and all other Polish fellows all the best.
May God bless you all,
Marek Domański and Marta Domański

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