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What are common Polish character traits?

Dirk diggler 9 | 4,462
20 May 2019  #361
equally apply to some people from any country, not just Poland.

Not at all. For example German people are more orderly, not superstitious, less traditional, not as hospitable, not nearly as gossping, etc. Or even take British they're far more friendly to strangers than Poles, far more trusting whereas poles generally assume a stranger has an ulterior motive for being nice. Chinese are more shrewd. people from carribean are not as materialistic, they're lazier, relaxed and even move slow while Poles generally are hard working and always seem to be busy or in a rush especially urban poles
Mr Grunwald 19 | 1,542
20 May 2019  #362
Not to mention, love for freedom. There are many things most Poles take for granted, which is a dream in other countries. It's focus on the common good and national rhetoric is appealing to many Poles as Poles are pretty individualistic in daily life.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,462
20 May 2019  #363
there's little respect for family values here

I'd have to disagree with that. Poles are very family oriented when compared to many other countries - way more so than USA. But yes, this is something that sadly has declined a lot. It's part of globalism quite frankly. Under communism and even up until perhaps a decade ago the family was very close - grandparents, uncles, cousins, everyone would meet up regularly. No one would think of abandoning their parents once they get old. It was also common for several generations to live in the same household which is pretty rare now except for rural areas. Still though, I feel that Poles are more family oriented than many other nations, but less so than say like Italy, Mexico, etc. Now the youth in Poland just goes their own way eventually get married, have kids, and they lose touch with extended family.
pawian 159 | 9,492
27 Jul 2019  #364
It was also common for several generations to live in the same household

That wasn`t their own choice, really, but a result of shortage of apartments - people had to live in multigeneration families as they couldn`t afford an independent accommodation. But the truth is that Poles as individuals love to be independent. That is why that tradition from communist times has changed today.
Lyzko 22 | 6,534
28 Jul 2019  #365
Dirk, add to those German attributes, more darkly cynical as well:-)

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