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Seven Sisters Cake (Polish style cookin)

Paulie 1 | 43
27 Sep 2009 #31
Thats not the sort of cake you would buy in Seven Sisters!
Ksaunders - | 1
21 Nov 2009 #32
I grew up with seven sisters cake an my bothers and I would sure like to find a company that can make us a cake, freeze it and send it to us. Does anyone know of a bakery that would do this?
polkamaniac 1 | 482
30 Nov 2009 #33
Check with this site. I think they can help you., Inc.
PO Box 44667
Madison, WI 53744-4667
25 Jan 2010 #34
Peppys Delicatesen (Troy Mi) makes a seven layer sisters cake like you described. They are the former owners of Hazel Park bakery and sold this cake there. Very good cake ate it every week (I worked at the bakery for many years)
23 May 2010 #35
I grew up in Sterling Heights and my favorite memory along with my 3 sisters is eating seven sisters cake. If anyone finds the recipe, please forward to me also. Thank you.
twoblue 1 | 2
18 Jun 2011 #36
This cake, which is a version of the Hungarian Dobos Torte sounds the closest to the original query. The caramel top can be left off and chocolate buttercream used to finish the cake.

Dobos Torte

Sponge Cake - Makes 8 to 10 (9-inch) layers
10 Eggs, large Separated
1 Cup Powdered Sugar
1 Cup Flour, All Purpose Sift after measuring

Cake Directions:
17 Aug 2011 #37
sweetheart bakery moross n kelly in harper woods or butternut bakery 10 mile and vandyke
8 Nov 2011 #38
WOW, I grew up in St Clair Shores but left the area in 1979. I have all the same fond memories but our bakery was called Kowalski's. Just to add a little research, the Polish 7 Sisters cake is very different from the siete cielos (7 Heavens) cake and different than stefanka. Both sound phenomanal but wont have the same memories as 7 Sisters. I'm so glad I looked here. Since I can't cook and live in Dallas, Did anyone ever find a store that will ship a Seven Sisters cake?
8 Apr 2012 #39
YOU do not have to go to Hamtramic to purchase a seven sister cake.....Michelle's restaurant and Sweet Heart Bakery on Van Dyke between 13 and 14 mile off Masonic.....east side of the street....
16 Oct 2012 #40
When you find that cake.... let me know...... I am living in Lexington, Kentucky now but I was raised in Hamtramck...... and layer cakes were known as Torte Cakes..... they had a chocolate and a coffe torte... (i think it was continental bakery) and I can not find it anywhere.... I would definately like to know where to find it..... my email is dkush2010 ...... Thank you very much. Donna
25 Oct 2013 #41
Best Seven Sisters is from O&H Bakery in Racine WI

The have a website and they ship
jon357 67 | 16,921
25 Oct 2013 #42
It looks delicious in the picture but isn't something you get in Poland. I've eaten a cake that was very similar - it was baked by an elderly Russian lady from Latvia and was traditional to her home. A very good cake.
31 Mar 2017 #44
It's been years since this post has been updated; I am on the hunt now for the seven sisters torte...not the danish style...but the polish/serbian/croatian style which did have seven layers of sponge-like cake between a chocolate "fudge" like frosting. Many of the bakeries mentioned in these old posts are now gone; Michelle's (Restaurant and Bakery) which was on Van Dyke near 14 mile has been empty for at least a year or two now. I have been to the Ethnic Bakery to get burek and roast pork and lamb; never saw the seven sisters torte there---ever! I will call them today...and as I said, when I hit paydirt I will record it here. There are recipes online for the seven sisters torte; it's one of those things where you just have to bite the bullet and make it if you want to go that route. Not me. I want to buy it. I know that the New Palace Bakery in Hamtramyk sells it; I have friends who were there just a month or so ago to get their paczkis for lent. I just don't want to go to Hamtramyk unless I have a friend (or two!) with me for that excursion. So---I will let you know what I find. MD in MI
31 Mar 2017 #45
Well...I just called the Ethnic Bakery in Centerline, MI and Mr. Charm (the male owner) said they don't have the seven sisters torte, nor do they make it. Grant it, I'm ad-libbing here because he just kept saying "No" and "Nothing" and when I asked if he knew where it was sold in that area...he of course said "No" and then "Nothing". So frustrating! The hunt for Seven Sisters torte continues....
31 Mar 2017 #46
Okay! New Palace Bakery in Hamtramyk sells it; just got off the phone with a lovely young woman who said the whole torte is $12.95..the half torte is $7.95. The half torte serves six people...but can serve more depending on how thin you want to slice it. I didn't ask about shipping...but certainly anyone interested in that can call and find out for themselves. They have a website too online. So---even though I am hesitant about going on my own to Hamtramyk to pick it up...they are open from 6am to 6pm Monday-Saturday...and I can go in the early morning perhaps Saturday to get mine. If I can post a photo of it here...I'll do that. Happy hunting everyone!
DominicB - | 2,709
31 Mar 2017 #47

A lot of bakeries don't have their full selection of cakes ready early in the morning. That is the time for bread, rolls, sweet breads and rolls, danishes and coffee cakes; the breakfast and brunch stuff. The cakes are usually baked later on during the day. So you had better call ahead and reserve one, and make sure to ask what time you can pick it up.
14 Jan 2020 #48
Here is the recipe, tastes just like the New Palace Bakery 7 sisters cake:
30 Mar 2021 #49
The Spruce Eats website has a recipe for Seven're welcome!

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