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What's more popular in Poland beer or vodka?

szarlotka 8 | 2,208
10 Jul 2012 #31
Correct.... but that doesn't stop a very dedicated friend of mine from making hops infused vodka. Take a load of hops, pour loads of vodka on it, leave for four or five days shaking gently each day and strain out for a differnet tasting vodka. Vodka for the beer lover lol.
jon357 74 | 22,000
10 Jul 2012 #32
Beer is much more popular nowadays here in Poland
PennBoy 76 | 2,432
10 Jul 2012 #33
Poles drink over 100 liters of beer per person, that's almost as much as Germans, who drink between 103-105 liters. prawie-tyle-co-niemcy,nId,601490
Des Essientes 7 | 1,290
10 Jul 2012 #34
Correct.... but that doesn't stop a very dedicated friend of mine from making hops infused vodka.

Does it taste alot like beer, or do the lack of carbonation and the higher alcohol content overwhelm the beery taste?
kondzior 11 | 1,046
11 Jul 2012 #35
Vodka contains no hop.

While any alcohol does reduce testosterone level a little, it is negligible amount, if compared to the side effects of hops in your typical beer. Contrary to the alcohol in Vodka, hops are not just recucing the testosterone level, they actually convert it into estrogen(!), and that is much harder (if not impossible) to counteract - that is the cause of the man-tits, and many more serious troubles.

On the other hand, the loss of testosterone caused by vodka can be easily reversed by eating moderaly fat meats plus the lots of cabbage. Just remember to have bigos for diner, at least once a week, and you are going to be fine.
OP genecps 7 | 131
11 Jul 2012 #36
If you have a few beers once a week, I do not see anything that would be that much detrimental. But if you drink 3 to 5 times a week, I don't care what it is, you WILL see all types of negative results.

Do you know... alcoholics brain actually shrinks! This is not a joke. in emergency medicine, we have noticed that in alcoholics the smaller brain causes internal bruising more often from the slushing around in a bigger space. One again... NOT a joke! NOT something that is made up! This is being taught in school here as a proven fact.
beckski 12 | 1,617
12 Jul 2012 #37
where is the festival?

I was referring to the upcoming Polish festivals in Southern California, including Yorba Linda, Los Angeles and San Diego.

vodka is rather for special occasions

My sis attended our cousin's Polish wedding a few weeks ago. Plenty of vodka was flowing. They had red vodka too. I didn't know such a type exists.
kondzior 11 | 1,046
13 Jul 2012 #38
Do you know... alcoholics brain actually shrinks!

Said effect is much more prominent with women. For a man, he would have to live several hundred years, to notice any effect.
The fact is, one needs to get drunk at least twice a week, in order to deal with day to day stresses. Stress can damage your brain more then any alcohol.

Once, I did consider the switch to Marihuana, but it appears tha marijuana is in fact "testosterone killer" that will turn you into a eunuch in no time.

That is how I found out about the need to keep your testosterone levels high.
The Vodka seems to be the most healthy solution. I guess the Whisky, or Sake, would be a valid alternative, but the good brands, the ones that taste any good, are way too expensive in Poland, to be drunk on day-to-day basis.
OP genecps 7 | 131
13 Jul 2012 #39
there are better way: weighlifting is a much better stress killer, so is mixed martial arts. Personally, I like to do one round sparring (boxing in a ring with gloves, mouth piece, head gear), keep me mellow for about a week. Also get a hot girlfriend, and ride her like you stole her! ;o)

I do like a really cold beer in a glass mug on a warm day with some good bbq.
pawian 222 | 24,343
3 Oct 2020 #40
Beer is much more popular nowadays here in Poland


I used to like beer, untill I found out that hops are reducing testosterone levels, so now I drink vodka exclusively.

And what do you do with that high testosteron level:):)
Strzelec35 34 | 904
29 Mar 2022 #41
Beer is better than vodka

Though before I begin I will say this

As long as you don't overdo it a vodka hangover is less abrasive than a beer hangover.
Beer hangovers have the worst headaches.

Anyways recently I tried getting into vodka because someone told me the hangover wasn't as bad.
The thing I dislike about liquor and which is why I have always stuck with beer is because with beer you can sip for hours and by the time you're half way with the second can you can already feel a buzz, with vodka it takes way more for me to start to feel it and then by that time I become drunk.

I dislike taking shots, it's boring.
I want to sit back in my gravity chair for hours and slowly grip and sip while listening to music.

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