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What's your favorite Polish coffee?

paul02 - | 16
18 Jul 2017 #61
What coffee are Polish people drinking these days?
cms 9 | 1,271
18 Jul 2017 #62
At home then Jacobs and Tchibo between them have almost half the market. Rest is Nescafé and some ownbrands from Lidl, Biedronka etc.

Outside the home then I can't think of any other item that has had such price inflation since this thread was opened in 2011. McDonalds is the market leader and coffee is 6-9 zloty when it used to be about 3. In a gas station you will be lucky to find coffee under 5 zloty when it was 2 until a few years ago. In Starbucks or Costa is can be 10-15 zloty a cup and if you add a poor quality cake you can quickly spend 25 zloty - for that cash you could buy a couple of t shirts for your kids or an awful lot of groceries.

But Poland is still one of the least coffee drinking countries in Europe - tea is still quite popular.
18 Jul 2017 #63
McDonalds is the market leader and coffee is 6-9 zloty when it used to be about 3.

Yes, but to be fair six years ago their coffee was pretty much undrinkable and now it's very slightly better than instant coffee. And they often have that special offer where you get a small coffee and a hot apple pie for six zeds.

I've just spent five zloty on a very drinkable filter coffee in a new café in Muranow and looking at the menu I can see their cheapest coffee is 3zl. Seems to be one of those places which gets a grant from the city. If I wasn't going out for supper I'd be having a slice of their excellent looking cake right now.
paul02 - | 16
18 Jul 2017 #64

Interesting, what brands of tea do you speak off?
cms 9 | 1,271
19 Jul 2017 #65
Lipton has 33 percent of the market, next biggest are Tetley and Herbapol.

Poland has 3rd highest tea consumption in the EU after Ireland and U.K.

Why can't you check google ? The above took less than 2 minutes to find.

My experience is that most rural Polish households will have Lipton and some other cheaper black tea bags - often a supermarket own brand. Loose leaf tea was common 15 years ago but dying out.

In towns then quite a lot of better quality tea is bought in small specialists in shopping malls as loose leaf, by the gram.

@harry - will give that a try when I am in Muranow. One of the best value for money is the new cafes that Carrefour are testing - excellent espresso is 5 or 7 for a double and croissants are 3. They are both the same quality that you would get in Paris.
Atch 16 | 3,299
19 Jul 2017 #66
Why can't you check google ?

Indeed. One of the best ways to find out what's available in either tea or coffee or any other foodstuffs, is to go to the online shopping portal of any of the big supermarkets trading in Poland like Auchan, Carrefour, Lidl etc.

A weird thing about teas in Poland is that many of them are marketed as 'English' with names like Sir Roger Something-or-Other or London this-and-that but none of them are brands that you find in England or indeed anywhere in the British Isles. Another thing to note is that the blends of tea being offered as 'English' are very bland and weak compared to what you'd actually get in England. When it comes to real English tea such as Liptons and Tetley, the blends are somewhat coarse and not very tasty, I don't know whether they blend them specially for the Polish market. Liptons is certainly not a popular tea in England anymore. The best genuine English blends available in Poland in my opinion are from Twinings. I drink their English Breakfast and Earl Grey, both loose teas.

@CMS, thanks for the tip about Carrefour. Will be trying that!
19 Jul 2017 #67
One of the best value for money is the new cafes that Carrefour are testing

Is there a Carrefour cafe in Arkadia? Google says there's one on Moliera but I was in that street on Monday last week and saw only a Carrefour Express which didn't appear to sell Polish coffee to drink there. Here's a link to that cafe in Muranow which has very good Polish coffee:

I drink their English Breakfast and Earl Grey, both loose teas.

Tried their Lady Grey? [Note to any mod who wants to claim I'm going off topic with that question: I am of course asking if Atch has tried Twinings Lady Grey coffee which is packaged at Twinings' plant in Jasin, Poland.]
Atch 16 | 3,299
19 Jul 2017 #68
Twinings Lady Grey coffee

I've seen Lady Grey but I thought it was tea?? Perhaps a slightly different blend of Earl Grey. I would tend to avoid anything specifically marketed at women, I find it a bit cringeworthy, it has a hint of Father Ted and the 'Lovely Girls' competition. Another thing that irritates me in this part of the world, is the sugary dessert wines which are clearly targeted at 'the ladies'. I've lost count of the number of times that a host has offered me 'a nice wine for the ladies' some horrible sickly concoction which is clearly considered more suitable for my delicate palette and digestion, whilst the males of the company get to work on the real thing! Of course being Irish and not wanting to 'upset' anybody instead of saying 'thank you but I prefer a dry wine', I very lamely say 'oh thank you very much, how thoughtful of you, of course I'd love to try it, oh yes, it's delicious' and whenever I visit that house again I'm offered 'your favourite' :D
paul02 - | 16
19 Jul 2017 #69

I can check Google but I find asking for recommendations from "people on the ground" a tad more genuine than those marketed/advertised results on Google. Understand now?


Twinnings is expensive where I come from. It's good tea but bought and used for special occasions mostly.
26 Mar 2021 #70
Can someone native or an experienced one plz help a newbie out here, I am finding it extremely tough to find out the strength of coffee here , (I am talking about Coffee Powder purchased for Filter Type, or percolated, not the instant powders sold in Glass containers ) , I see couple of brands in local supermkts like Beidronka , they dont clearly give a message of what is the blend in them ( the ratio of Coffee bean powder : Chicory root) , the place where I come from , we go to a mkt and ask can you give us 70-30 or 80-20 mix, and they keep various combinations prepacked with them or what is the equivalent thingy here, all I see , is some coffee bean symbol on the pack and these 2 words, intensywnosc 4 out of 5 , Kwaskowatosc 2 out of 5 , and when I got it and tried it in home traditional way, it was bit mild, lacking the punch (both caffeine, and color as well) , I am expecting a strong decoction , so please help me find a suitable brand and that scale on the pack .-- what to buy ??

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