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Polish cake with poppy seeds in it. Makowiec

10 Jun 2012 #1
I hope i have got the name of this right. Does anyone know how to make Markowe Z GaleretkÄ…? My friend makes it all the time, but unfortunately she is in Poland at the moment and i don't have the recipe. It's a layered cake, chocolate sponge, galeretka and a creamy bit in the middle containing poppy seeds. The sponge bits are cooked in a rectangular cake tin ( sort of like a traybake ) and cut into squares.

Hope i have name right as i googled it and worryingly nothing came up.
The cake is lovely and very moreish, so if anyone knows how to make it, please can i have recipe and method ( I live in hope! )
Vincent 9 | 936 Moderator
10 Jun 2012 #2
strzyga 2 | 993
10 Jun 2012 #3
Markowe Z GaleretkÄ…

I think it's makowe, not markowe. Mak is poppyseeds.

If you google it this way you'll find a few recipes, but in all of them the poppyseeds go to the sponge layer, not to the cream.

Have a look and tell me if that's what you need:,przepisy,104245.html,2,ID387965418,DA2009-08-08,n
OP pam
11 Jun 2012 #4
Thanks for replies!! Sorry vincent it's not your cake!
strzga, my friends cake looks like the one in the gotujmy website, except the galaretka bit is in the middle instead of on top.The ingredients aren't right though, this is definitely a chocolatey cake. Website#2. This doesn't look like the cake, but ingredients seem about right from what i know. Am sure there are probably many regional variations of it as well.

Thanks both of you for trying, will probably have to wait for friend to come back to get correct recipe :( :(
6 Jan 2015 #5
Merged: Masa Makowa recipes

I've been given a pouch of Helio Masa Makowa (i was very lucky to receive a huge food parcel from Poland, with all sorts of goodies).

Any ideas on what I could do with it? I know one option is a poppy seed roll, but 800g is a lot and I want to make the best use.

(sorry I don't speak Polish)
pawian 192 | 19,247
21 Jul 2020 #6
Just like cheesecake, I like when poppy seed cake is a little damp inside. Then it is heavy and I know I eat true cake, not marshmallow.

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