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Polish Cake inside crust with almonds?

wizski 1 | 3
14 Dec 2009 #1
I have been searching for years for the name, or recipe for a cake my grandmother used to receive here in the USA from a friend in Poland. The exterior was a type of pie crust and inside was an almond based cake like filling. Any ideas??
drow21 1 | 35
14 Dec 2009 #2
you mean the one thats usualy filled with cherry conserve?
jonni 16 | 2,476
14 Dec 2009 #3
Or some kind of Mazurek?
OP wizski 1 | 3
14 Dec 2009 #4
We had found an old recipe, but havent had much success. It is a dough / crust of flour, butter egg yolk and water

then a filling of 4 oz. almonds crushed, 4 yolks, 5 egg whites, 2 tbls bread crumbs and 8 oz sugar

says to beat egg whites until stiff and mix the almonds and bread crumbs in, then cut crust in half.
Place filling into one half and cover with the other half and bake. I remember it being in a round style cake pan.

Thank you for the help.
jonni 16 | 2,476
14 Dec 2009 #5
Have a look at this link. It's a Jewish recipe, but same territory, same ingredients, same cafes etc. It doesn't have breadcrumbs, but looks a bit similar to the recipe you mentioned.
OP wizski 1 | 3
14 Dec 2009 #6
Thanks again for the help. The Jewish Almond cake does have some similar ingredients, but this is placed and baked between the two sections of dough. Im going to try to post the complete recipe.
jonni 16 | 2,476
14 Dec 2009 #7

That would be a good idea. I'll ask around, maybe the recipe's familiar to someone I know.
OP wizski 1 | 3
14 Dec 2009 #8
I will need to scan it into the computer.

It reads: Dough
8 oz. flour
5 oz butter
1 yolk
3 tbs. water


4 oz almonds crushed
4 yolks
5 whites of eggs
2 tbls bread crumbs
8 oz sugar

Make dough refrigerate overnight, mix yolks and sugar, beat whites of eggs stiff
process almonds with breadcrumbs

roll out dough cut in half, mix yolks and whites with almonds pour on top of dough, cover with other dough half
bake 350 for apx 1 hour until golden brown, take out, invert and sprinkle with powdered sugar
7 Jan 2010 #9

I realise this may be a little late but I have found a recipe for Tort Migdalowy if that's of any help. It's similar by the sounds of it but no breadcrumbs. Think breadcrumbs were generally used to bulk things out in place of other ingredients. That's certainly the case with Sharlotka torte (Russian recipe).

If you want the recipe for the Migdalowy as well it's:

75g blanched almonds
225g soft butter
225g caster sugar
4 beaten eggs
150g self-raising flour

Then there is an icing for the filling and top
175g blanched almonds
40g ground coffee dissolved in 5 tbsp near boiling water
150g caster sugar
6 tbsp water
3 egg yolks
225g unsalted butter

Preheat oven to 190 deg C
Lightly grease and line 3 18cm round cake tins with greaseproof
put blanches almonds on baking sheet and roat in oven for 7 mins until golden brown
Allow to cool
Transfer to food processor and blent until fine
Cream butter and sugar together in a bowl until pale and fluffy
Gradually, add the eggs a little at a time beating well after each addition
Fold in ground roasted almonds and the flour
Divide cake mix between tins
Bake for 25 mins until risen and firm to touch
Turn out, cool on wire rack
For icing, put blanched almonds in bowl and pour over enough boiling water to cover
Leave until cold, drain and cut each one lengthways into 4 or 5 slivers with sharp knife
Roast on baking sheet for 6 minutes
Put ground coffee in jug, spoon over water and leave to stand
Gently heat sugar and 6 tbsp of water in small heavy-based pan until dissolved
Simmer for 3 mins until temp reaches 107 deg C
Put egg yolks in bowl, pour over syrup, whisk at all times until thick
Cream butter until soft, beat in egg mix
Strain coffee through sieve and beat into icing
Use two-thirds of mix to sandwich cake together and spread remainder on the top and sprinkle with blanched almonds

(I'm the editor at Charlotte's VVeb - which was mentioned earlier in the posts, very touched that my site received a mention!)
pawian 223 | 24,535
1 May 2021 #10
Strange, there is no tradition of making almond cake in my family. Or among our distant relatives, friends or acquaintances. I remember eating it only a few times in my life. I cherish certain theory on it.

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