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What made you join Polish Forums & whats attractive here?

porky pok 2 | 127
25 Feb 2016 #1
I joined to read the opinions of foreigners about Poland.
PF has the easy navigating board with attractive fonts and not to mention little silly arguements among members that keep me here:D
Anyone with any other reasons?
Labrador 2 | 50
25 Feb 2016 #2
Mainly because I want to find Polish friends in the U.K.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
25 Feb 2016 #3
@Porky: yes interesting for you as a Pole! Basically since living in Poland and connected to Poland through family, I meant to exchange with people living also in Poland re our personal experiences. As we live in Poland, we have good and aslo bad (normal since nothing persfect) experiences. I must say that Poland has become "livable" for us because years ago, it was not (sorry). My first visit to Poland was in .... 1990 and no need to say how it was back them! Well, what I like about Poland? My work, which I organize as I want, with no one on my back, which enables me to meet high level business people and many politicians and to make good money (I have a decent standard of living and don't need to count coins;)) Of course, in my country, any job corresponding to my qualifications would pay much more but I would not be able to deal with the national "elite" like I do in Poland. My very life is very satisfactory in Poland (otherwise of course I would have left) but I had to struggle to achieve what I have achieved and I'm proud of the result ;).

Unfortuntaley, these fora have become very hard as too many trolls (some names just pop up from the the middle of nowhere in some threads, I suppose some already members just open new accounts ;)) are not concerned about discussing re Poland but have for sole purpose to vomit their hatred towards people who happen to be "different". There is too much xenophobia and racism in PF (antisemitism is rightly condemned but strangely all other forms of hatred, such as xenophobia, racism and homophobia are not). Coming from a tolerant and open minded culture, I am most shocked and I admit that never I had never met so many xenophobes and racists before coming to PF. All the Poles I interact with are neither xenophobic nor racist and generally very open minded. It is obvious that racism and xenophobia and to be found among the underprivileged. Some shrinks even think xenophobia, racism and the like are mental diseases.

Anyway, adminstrators/moderators should clean up all messages that are OFF topic. Very often, most messages do not relate to Poland. So maybe instead of calling their fora, POLISH, they should just call them "Fora".

If people could exchange their experiences and talk ONLY about Poland, these fora could be very interesting but unfortunately most posts don't even concern Poland or the Poles. They are a playing ground for idle trolls. Of course, we have different views as per our own backgrounds/experience but no need to hate each other because X is this and Y is that. There are people who do not share my opinions but nevertheless exchange with me in private and we get along fine. I am not sectarian, I accept anybody who is open minded! ;)

Yes, PF could be great but because of xenophobic and racist trolls, it is not the case. It is sad because the idea was good... ;)
Wulkan - | 3,243
25 Feb 2016 #4
forms of hatred, such as xenophobia, racism and homophobia are no

And once again, as usual, you forgot to mention the most important one: polonophobia.
OP porky pok 2 | 127
26 Feb 2016 #5
yes interesting for you as a Pole!

First I am not a Pole by birth or blood just by naturalisation which is costing me in taxes:D
I came here first time in 2000 while visiting berlin,even my polish wife of 11 years then never told me any good about Poland,I decided to take a train with my friend anyway,liked it because was so cheap(rent a flat for 300$ plus utl of 20$) that came back after a month and since then go there every month for a month.Saw some apportunities and invested. even though wife comes here only 2/3 times a year.Now I still enjoy the cheap high life in Poland which honestly can be very expensive in the west,and meeting high profile politicians and people.Plus travelling in europe/russia is easily accesable in cpl of hours.

In 2008 just surfing the net stumbled upon PF and starting arguing with a group of members here,who I figured were newbees to chat/forums so started winding them and watching the reaction while laughing away.I saw the same reaction as I reacted in 1992 when I was first introduced to the net and joined Microsoft/AOL chats, so was fun playing with the new bees here(which I still enjoy).

PF is turning out to be a good source for any information sometimes with posters from all walks of life and experiences,and love the OFF TOPIC section :))
InPolska 11 | 1,821
26 Feb 2016 #6
@Porky: interesting! You are from the US, aren't you. I understand you spend one month every year in Poland, don't you? Yes, Poland can be cheap when we have better incomes than average Poles but unfortunately since the EU, the cost of living has gone up and not too different from what it is in the West 'a lot of things such as shoes, clothes, cosmetics, electric appliances, telephones, computers, (medical care at least compared to France) ) are now as expensive or more expensive in Poland). I see - with my own eyes - ;) but it is now not so much more than it is in provincial French (real estate in Warsaw now costs as much as in SOME French regions inspite of different salaries).... Well, as long as we can pay, no trouble!

@Wulkan: "...phobia" is when one hates a WHOLE country, a WHOLE population based upon clichés and no PERSONAL experiences (tons of such people in PF and of course it is nothing more than plain stupidity). When you like some people in a group and don't like others, it is not "phobia". Although I'm French (I know, a "crime de lèse majesté" for a lot of PF (ignorant) members), there are a lot of French whom I hate: fascists, criminals, rapists, drug dealers, pimps and the like.. (and likewise in all countries) and I do not interact with them so should I be seen as "Francophobic"??? "lol". Please don't use words out of their contents ;). For instance, you, in your country (Germany?), do you like everybody and everything? I doubt it so are you "Germanophobic"????? ;) Miłego dnia!
Ziemowit 14 | 4,404
26 Feb 2016 #7
(I know, a "crime de lèse majesté" for a lot of PF (ignorant) members)

What the hell is "crime de lèse majesté"?
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,872
26 Feb 2016 #8
Please don't use words out of their contents


What the hell is "crime de lèse majesté"?

it means insulting the royal family I think.
for example In October 2007, a 47-year-old man was sentenced to one week imprisonment and fined €400 for, amongst other things, lèse-majesté in the Netherlands when he called Queen Beatrix a w.hore and told a police officer that he would have anal sex with her because "she would like it". (wiki)
Ziemowit 14 | 4,404
26 Feb 2016 #9
Although I'm French (I know, a "crime de lèse majesté" for a lot of PF (ignorant) members)

So, claiming that being French is a crime de lèse majesté, what does InPolska want to say? I guess there is some figurative meaning in her claim, but I'm lost as to what meaning this could be.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,872
26 Feb 2016 #10
I'm lost as to what meaning this could be.

Sorry Z if it is lost on you, I expect that like the rest of us, you are 'ignorant' 'uneducated' 'redneck' 'scum'..:D Join the club.

I joined PF to talk/ask about ski-ing in Zeleniec and somehow just never left.
Atch 17 | 3,685
26 Feb 2016 #11
I guess there is some figurative meaning in her claim,

Crimes against Royalty would have been a treasonable offence at one time so I would take it to mean that being French is seen as a treasonable offence.
Ziemowit 14 | 4,404
26 Feb 2016 #12
Now I get it. InPolska seems to suggest that she may not be welcome in the PF "circles" simply because she is French.

By the way, there exists such a term in Polish, too. It is "obraza majestatu" or "przestępstwo obrazy majestatu".

What made me join the PF? I don't remember exactly. One of the best features of PF is - technically speaking - an excellent writing board.
OP porky pok 2 | 127
26 Feb 2016 #13
I understand you spend one month every year in Poland, don't you?

NO<6 months every year,I go there every month for 1 month.
Plus cost of living is way cheaper in Poland still and goods like electronics,branded clothes are expensive ofcourse.But lots of other stuff like construction material,labour is way cheaper.I remember when I bought my flat in 2000 the management fee was 40 pln plus maybe 20 pln a month for utilities was like less then 15$ a month to have a flat in the capital of a euorpean country. About medical its way cheaper there I pay around 5200pln a year for 1 person medical insurance there,wheres as here it is 1300$ a month with deductable.

If it wasnt for the kids or the beach we would probably move to Poland permanently as taxes comparatively are way less also.
Also Poland has lots of apportunities,I dont care what people say.In the west it is competative and almost saturated.
26 Feb 2016 #14
I joined to learn more about Poland, in 38 years working in IT I have never posted on a forum before , so I am learning, now i am retired I have the time to do this sort of thing.

You get to learn more about people and their points of view how and why their points of view may differ from my own.

Some here post just to pull someones leg, i am slowly getting used to it. can all be quite funny at times.
Wulkan - | 3,243
26 Feb 2016 #15
phobia" is when one hates a WHOLE country

That's what I mean. What did you think I meant?
johnny reb 38 | 7,723
26 Feb 2016 #16
I came here to educate myself about Poland in hopes to visit the area my ancestors came from.
I was mystified to find out how few Polish members there were and how the British members had taken over with belittling and insulting both the Polish and Americans driving them away.

Finding that the Polish were intimidated by five British members back at the git go when the Polish Forum was known as the "Limey Lounge".

(Since those five have become known as the "Brit Bullies".)
I decided to become a member and take them on to knock them down a notch or two because the Polish members were taking a beating from them.

I was banned after two weeks for mocking them back with insults and belittlements.
I then waited for a period of time and came back as Johnny Reb after learning not to be baited or sharing personal information about myself for them to use against me to insult or belittle me with.

and starting arguing with a group of members here, who I figured were newbees to chat/forums so started winding them and watching the reaction while laughing away

Me too as it became VERY entertaining to get those five wound up to sit back and laugh until tears ran down my face with the game changer.

I would make up obvious lies and sit back and wait for them to insult and belittle me with their "brilliant" seriousness. What a hoot.

They were famous for pointing out and mocking people for as much as spelling a word wrong because of their self brilliance.
This drove away people that had English as a foreign language so naturally I used it to my advantage and intentionally spelled words wrong just to see how long it would take for them to correct me with their brilliance.

Eventually they caught on and the fun was over so I started mocking them by insulting and belittling them back.
Finally other members started standing their ground against the Brit Bullies and the playing field got leveled out by breaking their gang up one by one. (Mission accomplished)

Some of them left out of frustration, some of them got banned and some of them learned to knock it off by being threatened they could lose their job for the things they posted.

So all in all I have learned a lot about Poland and Europe in the process.
I would really like to see more native Polish posters join the forum with their Polish expertise then listen to British expats who have self declared themselves as Polish and try to speak for the Polish people as gospel truths.

So to the OP, I am with you bro. lets keep winding them up for not only the humor but to knock them off their high horses of self brilliance.

Keep Poland Polish !
OP porky pok 2 | 127
26 Feb 2016 #17
LOL,I use to read your posts and laugh that you are also baiting them,and they would still fall for it .But you have to admit that without them there is no entertainment here either.I would find there weak points and really play with them and can imagine how upset they got and rant papa ban X,mod ban Y,daddy ban Z,and daddy would hand em a lolipop to shud em up.Years back one of them wanted to meet me and beat me while I made him go bar to bar looking for me while sitting across the atlantic ocean by answering my Polish fone which made him think that i am nearby.The best is I give them a hint to tell them who they got slapped by and em wise men think they are detective Columbo and found who it is:).After reading here i always wonder if brits know what is humour?(Google Rusell peters english joke)

Overall on PF its been fun here so far, even when playing cat and mouse.Amazing how many people post here including doctors(Rybnik),pilots(Skysoulmate),engineers(Wulkan) and ofcourse best of all very successful English Teachers with a bright career in Poland.Best part is that none others are invited to Poland by the Polish Govt except English teachers.
Lyzko 37 | 8,560
26 Feb 2016 #18
I find it helpful to learn what's happening in Poland aka Europe from a perspective closer to the facts than much US media.
Hey, we've been wrong about Iran, Israel and so forth! Does it mean we're any closer to reporting the truth about Poland??
Always best to go to the source:-)
Szalawa 3 | 248
27 Feb 2016 #19
I joined Polish forums to learn a few things, but originally I joined PF because I wanted to learn more about the ancient glagolitic script that was once used in Poland as it caught my interest. Some people were very helpful and neutral(no political motive) and sent me links to academic sources which helped me a lot, others described the history of the script and its importance to the Slavic world including the relevance to Poland which I found interesting.... others were hostile and nasty. This eventually gave me a bone to pick with a certain community on this forum that thinks they dictate what is Polish and what is not. I learned not to bother with them anymore, but I still come here to read peoples opinions and learn a few things here and there. I also come here for Crow, he's the best, I keep coming back to read his posts
Ktos 16 | 440
27 Feb 2016 #20
Most people who come here are just in for good ride over Polish everything and some of those people are Polish members - nothing new since Poland has been betrayed by Polish themselves many times in history so this little forum reflects some of tradition of Poland being the scapegoat of traitors of Slavic blood.

I keep coming here mainly because of Ironside (Ironside are you reading this? I hope so, maybe you will like me at last).

Sometimes I get excited and come here and then I realise I clicked the wrong button, it's Polish Forum again, shiiit. Other times when Ironside is not here I keep imaging he is still here and that is what attracts me to this forum.

Other than that, since I am after all Polish, I come here to exchange information regarding Polish matters.
OP porky pok 2 | 127
27 Feb 2016 #21
I learned not to bother with them anymore

Not a good idea though,I still like what the management does here finally.....KISS & KICK,KISS & KICK,makes it so intersting and entertaining.
legrandjour68 - | 1
30 May 2017 #22

Hello from the other side, South Korea :)

Cześć! 안녕!
I'm Young Ju from South Korea.
Having try to google polish movies, I just got to here by chance.
"Katyn", "Wałęsa. Człowiek z nadziei", "The Pianist", "Uprising" are really good.
Well, When it comes to "Miasto 44", It ain't that bad.

It's so hard to get korean subtitles for "Człowiek z marmuru" & " Czlowiek Z Zelaza" asf.
I'm into history and studying what Socialism and Communism were and what those ideologies have done upon the world.

By the way, I'm so surprised that this site has been run for a long time.
the Interface of this site is kinda nostalgic and familiar in the way.

anyway, glad to meet you all. 반갑습니다. ㅋㅋㅋ
gumishu 12 | 6,007
30 May 2017 #23
Cześć! 안녕!

hello there, welcome to the Polish forums, it can get a bit nasty here sometimes, but a lot of people show good will towards the guests
worsleynigelpaul - | 1
21 Jun 2019 #24
[Moved from]: Love Is What I'm Looking For

I'm new on this and i really don't know how it works please can someone help me with instructions on how this forum works. Thanks
johnny reb 38 | 7,723
21 Jun 2019 #25
Welcome !

Go to the Home Page and scroll down to the bottom where it says "About" & "Rules".
Basically post should be about Poland and the Polish people.
I can understand how you could be confused with some of the members here being so damn self center and ignoring the rules making it "all about themselves" (even after being told repeatedly by the Mods and other members about taking threads OFF-TOPIC) without giving respect to the owner of this forum that has offered it generously for all of us to enjoy.

So stay on topic and reply to the post and not the poster.
If you follow those two rules of staying on topic and you don't directly attack another member you will be just fine.
Oh and I can tell you right from the get go....... you 'will not' find any women here to fall in love with. lol
Again welcome.
Lyzko 37 | 8,560
21 Jun 2019 #26
My remarks as of post #18 three years back still stand:-)
Crow 160 | 10,261
22 Jun 2019 #27
What made you join Polish Forums & whats attractive here?

To fight for Slavic (ie Sarmatian) Poland and to repay my debt to Zawisha Czarny and King Warnenchyk. One of things I must do to deserve to one day join to my ancestors in dignity.

Also, to fight Polish prejudices and complexes.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,138
22 Jun 2019 #28
Like hating those who would screw us and the superiority complex?
Crow 160 | 10,261
22 Jun 2019 #29
No, no, not at all. Look in many threads. I warmly suggested to Poles to be nice to Pope. Pope`s curse is very corrosive urination. But, some silent and wise opposition is also suggested. Wise. nothing open. Like when woman insist on something and you. being wise and full of good nerves, say: ``Yes, darling. Sure.``

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