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Do Polish men find African American women attractive?

4 Jul 2010 #1
Hello, I live in NYC where there are many different nationalities and interracial relationships. I will be traveling to Poland with my best friend who is Polish in less than a month. Will i the people there be open to me (mainly the guys)?
shush 1 | 212
4 Jul 2010 #2
If you are nice etc then they will be nice to u in return. Polish guys are just the same as any other guys.
OP irianas
4 Jul 2010 #3
Thanks, but honestly, would i feel uncomfortable on my visit?
shush 1 | 212
4 Jul 2010 #4
It depends on your Polish friend. If s/he will leave u out, wont translate anything for u, not engage u in discussion with his/her friends then u may feel lonely. But other than that i dont see any problems.
OP irianas
4 Jul 2010 #5
Thanks :) and i doubt she will do that.
shush 1 | 212
4 Jul 2010 #6
Where in Poland are u going to be? u may get some strange looks if u will be in some small towns or villages (some Poles have seen black people only on TV). But in Warszawa or Krakow or any other bigger city i dont expect they will make u feel unwelcomed.
skysoulmate 13 | 1271
4 Jul 2010 #7
Thanks, but honestly, would i feel uncomfortable on my visit?

Irianas - are you being serious? Are you a mean person who doesn't get along with others? If so then yes, you'd feel uncomfortable in Poland! ...and Sweden, and Germany, Rhode Island, etc, etc. Get it? People are people no matter where you go. There are good ones and not so good ones. I've been in New York many, many times so I know there are jerks there too.

We men are just as diverse as the women are. I was born in Poland, raised in Sweden and - brace yourself - I used to date a black lady. She was tall, slender and beautiful. It didn't last long due to our busy schedules but never in a million years did I go thinking "will I feel uncomfortable being around her friends and her family?" Because if I were to think like that then I wouldn't really deserve her now would I?

I liked her as a person and NOT because she was this or that. Your questions imply to me you have already made up your mind about a whole country before you even visited it. Free your mind, be kind to people and smile when you meet them -> you'll see that it'll open the Polish doors wide open.

I hope I wasn't too abrasive with my comments. I'm simply amazed that so many people are so afraid to open up to others for fear of "feeling uncomfortable"...
OP irianas
4 Jul 2010 #8
i believe Warsaw. i am not familiar where her family stays yet.

I am only concerned because i come from a plave where it is ver diverse and race is barely lookad at as an issue. I know that all if not majority of Poland is caucasian. I am looking forward to my trip there and i just want to feel as comfortable as possible.
Amathyst 19 | 2700
4 Jul 2010 #9
I was in Krakow back in 2006 and the only black (not even black - she was mixed raced) person I came across was a woman with her husband who was on my flight from Manchester (both locals from Manchester - England) I also saw couple of asian guys in a bar and that was it....Just enjoy your holiday and dont focus on your skin colour, I dont expect English people make a fuss when they're going to Uganda for their holidays..why should you?
skysoulmate 13 | 1271
4 Jul 2010 #10
I am only concerned because i come from a plave where it is ver diverse and race is barely lookad at as an issue.

Fair enough and again, I'm sorry if I sounded harsh. In my view people will be curious but that's about it. Hope you'll have a blast and that you'll share your perceptions with us here on PF.
OP irianas
4 Jul 2010 #11
thx guys. i will be sure to update how my trip went
Sokrates 8 | 3345
4 Jul 2010 #12
No such thing as american women, blacks, asian and latino chicks tend to have loads of sizzling hot chicks, white girls not so much.

Still most are fat pigs.

Thanks, but honestly, would i feel uncomfortable on my visit?

Only if you're a slow runner.

Seriously though dont expect anything unpleasant, its safe here even for blacks.
Wulkan - | 3167
4 Jul 2010 #13
Poland is definitelly safer place for black women then the black men so nothing to worry about.
Matowy - | 293
4 Jul 2010 #14
Thanks, but honestly, would i feel uncomfortable on my visit?

I think that people here are playing Emperor's New Clothes with you. I haven't been to Poland and don't know any black people who have, so I will not comment. It's my personal opinion, however, you won't feel comfortable in general in Poland, but that shouldn't stop you enjoying it there.


Just enjoy your holiday and dont focus on your skin colour

Rich words coming from you. Didn't you just refer to black people as "violent animals" in another thread?

Why am I not surprised... the only experience you have with Poland is as a typical drunkard who goes to Kraków to get smashed for a weekend and disrespect everything in sight. Don't be ashamed, it fits perfectly with your commoner personality.
Sokrates 8 | 3345
4 Jul 2010 #15
Actually its safe for all ethnic minorities regardless of gender.
4 Jul 2010 #16
Dont get uncomfortable when some people give you looks. Its nothing bad, they're just curious :) Not many black people in Poland, especially when it comes to black girls.
OP irianas
5 Jul 2010 #17
lol thats bad

I will keep that in mind
18 Sep 2010 #18
I think that guys will look after You all the time because there arent many black women in Poland, and I personally (not to offend anyone) think that black girls are much more beautiful than white girls because of their exotic look :D So thats what I think, maybe its because i have a crush on one :D, but i think that most men will be very friendly to You :D
12 Oct 2010 #19
I hope this gets to you before you go to Poland. I am an African American male whose dearest of friends are Polish. I have never had felt anything but welcome at the Polkas. In fact I am a member of several Polish organizations in Baltimore Md. Being in my late 40’s where as everyone else is in their late 60’s to 80’s they had even more reason to exclude me. But I have experience nothing but the best of friendship and camaraderie.

I have been to Polish clubs in other places and the welcome is the same.

Sure there were the stairs, but that was not out of ill will but just genuine curiosity. It is similar to a Caucasian walking into an Afro centric church. In other words, yes you would receive a few more looks because Poland, for most, is off the beaten path. However the Poles tend to welcome people as if they have never met a stranger. Every Polish place I have gone there was always a hand of friendship extended. It is up to you to accept it.


12 Oct 2010 #20
are you coming to Poland to look for a mate or just for a visit? I've been here for 2 years (black,Caribbean) and just get stared at alot. Must be my good looks. I believe the Polish guys are a lil shy but if you make the first move.......I love the attention I get
suza2008 - | 1
15 Oct 2010 #21
i have been to poland many times and i enjoy it very much. i am a african american living in us who have many friends who are polish. i love poland and their culture very much. krakow is a lovely site to see and also warsaw. when i first went to poland i was nervous because i had the adventure of finding my way around poland. it was scary at first but i found that people were very helpful. thank god i understood alittle polish so that helped a great deal. i believe that you will find the country breath taking and fun. there are alot of african student who goes to the university in warsaw. i intend to visit again and i also have dated polish man. color have no meaning it all depend who you are as an individual. let the culture embrace you and you might just find yourself going there again without your friend lol. good luck and have fun. i am crazy to learn the language, that is why i have embraced the culture. it is not an easy language but it is nice to no that i can order basic things in the store and find people asking me how i understood polish. i kind of like shocking my friends (smiling)
ningyou_lv 1 | 27
18 Oct 2010 #22
I will be traveling to Poland with my best friend who is Polish in less than a month.

so ur africa/american???? from wot i know polish guys hv hots for african/american girls... <at least that's wot my friends say> :)
cutie911 - | 7
22 Dec 2010 #23
Yes i hear most of them do=)
Prusakowski - | 25
23 Dec 2010 #24
"Do Polish men find African American women attractive?"

Yes they are attractive to flies.
Spirit 1 | 26
3 Aug 2014 #25
I sure do.

Angel: Black with yellow eyes, but, alas, already taken.

Tirrell: Hot as a pistol, preferred white men.

I love them all.

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