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Is it finaly time to have Slavic section on this forum?

Crow 160 | 9,100
11 Dec 2020 #1
We need section that will promote closer ties among Slavs. World changed dramaticaly day after day. In many ways. We Slavs do have specific civilization and we have to work togather to preserve it.

In Slavic section we should exchange opinions on specific Slavic matters, news from different Slavic countries, business in Slavic countries, food, music, etc.
JacekthePole 1 | 51
13 Dec 2020 #2
Should be slavic section on internet full stop
pawian 223 | 24,583
14 Dec 2020 #3
Slavs should rule the world. Simple.
OP Crow 160 | 9,100
14 Dec 2020 #4
Well, Slavic values, some general traits of Slavs, are values of true West. That's for sure.

Is it finaly time to have Slavic section on this forum

Name for Slavic section should be - Slavs
pawian 223 | 24,583
14 Dec 2020 #5
How about Slavic Power?
OP Crow 160 | 9,100
15 Dec 2020 #6
Slavs, strongly forward

OP Crow 160 | 9,100
17 Dec 2020 #7
Old Serbs used to say... `There would be so terrible times that woman won`t be able to find a man but would run to sit on a wooden stump`.

But it's even worse. If we Slavs don`t consolidate and establish the clear border between us and the rest of the West that already isn`t West, a woman won`t run for a wooden stump but for an Arab to sit on.

Look what deviation from the ancestral path brought to us!
Strzelec35 32 | 889
17 Dec 2020 #8
lol slavs are considered people of color in oregon:

so anna spysz is a prson of color in the community dhe resides in now haha.
OP Crow 160 | 9,100
17 Dec 2020 #9
Well, the first slaves on the European continent were Sarmatians (ie Slavs). Half Semitic Greeks and Romans and later also their romanized descendants turned us Whites into slaves and servants. So comes the words `serf`, `servant`, and `slave` from the name of our ancestors, native Europeans. Arabs and Jews joined also in that slave hunt.

While in the beginning, it was the word `Sir` that originated from our ancestors. Then did the mighty fallen and became slaves. Later, with time, Gavrilo and many like him happened and we are slaves no more.

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