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How would Poland change for the better (or worse) under a PiS government?

15 Jun 2016 /  #241
Yet more bad economic news from Poland:

"Shahzad Hasan, emerging markets portfolio manager at Allianz Global Investors, which oversees €435bn of assets, said Poland was previously "the darling of emerging markets". He has scaled back his exposure to Polish assets since the new government was elected.
"I have not been impressed by the negative policy developments by the...

So now it's suddenly become more difficult for Polish companies to raise capital...
20 Jun 2016 /  #242
{jon357 - 'bury' the market economy}
The Polsih constituion of which your ilk are suddenly so fond states that Poladn does not have a market economy but a SOCIAL MARKET ECONOMY, capitalism with a human face.

The PiS government have signed numerous agreements with the now-visiting Chinese president, and Poland is set to become China's Gateway to Europe. A direct rail line from Sechuan to Łódź has been created and is being called the New Silk Route. The Chinese have pledged to help the Morawiecki Plan materialise. Yet another example of PiS' far-sighted economic thinking.

{jon357 -that so many people find distasteful}

The only ones who find it distasteful are those from the roundtable bandwagon who "made it" in post-communist Poland by virtue of being part of the hand-washes-hand clique that has run the country for a quarter of a century. That is a whole generation that SB types, retired Ludowe Wojsko Polskie brass, PRL censors and other well-connected bigwigs lived in the lap of luxury while their victims, the Solidarność rank and file and other ordinary Poles, had to struggle just to make ends meet. Did clique members think the post-commie gravy train would last forever?
21 Jun 2016 /  #243
Yet more bad economic news from Poland:

markets portfolio manager

Shahzad Hasan

and who the fok is Shahzad Hasan?huh?markets portfolio manager?this jobs
earn around 30k dollars a year.who the fok is he?nothing in google about him.really,you sink that low to quote some local insurance dealer?

or you were hoping nobody check out this guy

et more bad economic news from Poland:

i know guy who clean toilets in balclays bank headquater. barclays oversees hundreds of billions dollars.he predicted Poland will have 45% grow this year we will catch up with germans
21 Jun 2016 /  #244
i know guy who clean toilets in balclays bank headquater.

I read the appraisal from the people whose turds he polishes. Them and several Nobel Prize winning economists. And they all said (while crapping) that we should stay - a world without the EU would be a far worse place...

BTW, he probably earns more than that per week, not that money is a measure of human worth, common sense or ability. He does however know what he's talking about when analising the mess PiS have made of the economy in Poland. uch messes take a long time to filter down. They don't effect Poland B right away (there isn't much of an economy there, hence the name) but when the economy does collapse further, millions in Poland will suffer.
22 Jul 2016 /  #245
Merged: Another day, another good change from the people-friendly PiS govt

Hardly a day goes by that some new law benefiting the Polish peoele is not enacted or work on such gets under way. Today the Sejm approved a tax cut for small firms, bringing the CIT down from 19% to 15%. That will enable many smaller, often family-owned companies to have a fighting chance in a market dominated by foreign biggies who enjoy tax breaks and other incentives. That will not adversely affect the state budget, because tax collection is getting beefed up so that less taxpayer money goes astray or falls through the cracks.
22 Jul 2016 /  #246
Another day, and at long last a Polish government that is prepared to speak a truth the that has been denied for 76 years.

May those who suffered and died in the genocide in Eastern Galicia and in Volhynia rest in holy peace

The Polish parliament on Friday adopted a resolution declaring 11 July a National Day of Remembrance of Victims of Genocide perpetrated by Ukrainian nationalists against Poles during World War II.

The resolution - backed by 432 deputies, with no votes against and 10 deputies abstaining - refers to the Volhynia Massacre, a black page in Polish-Ukrainian relations.,Polish-MPs-adopt-resolution-calling-1940s-massacre-genocide
23 Jul 2016 /  #247
but when the economy does collapse

Indeed, you and your losers' camp mates are a laughable lot! You have nothing left except to indulge in idle pipe-dreams and wishful thinking. So go for it! It's better than just twidling your thumbs.

PiS regime continue their path towards totalitarianism

You msut be reading Michnik's rag or Newsweek to have such a twisted slant on things. For balance consult Uważam Rze, wSieci, Wprost, doRzeczy of Telewizja Republika.
25 Jul 2016 /  #248
Having 3 passports does help us wicked cosmopolitan elites.

Dude, you teach English for a living.
25 Jul 2016 /  #249
Polska saw the ideology tide turning and changed accordingly. We are currently on the ride side of History.
25 Jul 2016 /  #250
{jon357 - Having 3 passports does help us wicked COSMOPOLITAN elites}

So you've finally admitted that U R 1 2!

Merged: Poland's TVP to promote healthy lifestyles

In another development showing how the PiS government hopes to benefit the nation, Health Minister Konstanty Radziwiłł signed a letter of intent on cooperation with the head of TVP, Jacek Kurski. Radziwiłł said: "I hope we are coming to the end of an era where the health minister's messages [...] were rarely seen in public media and found it difficult to be heard over the vast noise."

"We wanted for public media, especially TVP, to be a place where Poles are informed about what kind of lifestyle they should follow in order to be healthier, and therefore happier."

TVP's autumn schedule will already include two new "pro-health" programmes. According to the broadcaster one will encourage healthy eating among children, the other will encourage young people to play football.

(spelling mistakes = not worthy a new topic)
17 Aug 2016 /  #251
We will tell you what to watch, we will tell you what to eat, we will tell you what to buy....
17 Aug 2016 /  #252
Don't you think there is a difference between commercial adverts (what to buy) and legitimate health concerns? Polish kids lead continental Europe in growing obesity. Staying glued to the computer, munching snacks and texting after coming home from school is hardly what should be promtoed.
17 Aug 2016 /  #253
No question: relationship with Russia
18 Aug 2016 /  #254
Polish kids lead continental Europe in growing obesity.

They are the thinnest children in Europe, but there you go again thinking America is Poland.
18 Aug 2016 /  #255
thinnest children in Europe,

GW reported that Polish children are becomign overweight faster than any other country in Europe. (Probably only the UK ranks higher.) 22% of primary and middle-school pupils are overweight. Interestingly, GW quotes experts as saying whoever becomes president of Poland should introduce the proper educational programmes. PO/PSL did start a healthy snack (fruit, juices and dairy products instead of sweets, crisps and carbonated drinks) programme in schools and PiS is now introducing TV programmes promoting healthy food and sport.,75398,17954018,Co_piate_dziecko_w_wieku_szkolnym_ma_nadwage__Jak.html?disableRedirects=true
18 Aug 2016 /  #256
Polish children are becomign overweight faster than any other country in Europe.

It's between meal snacking. Back when Poles ate three or three and a half meals a day (and nothing in between) fat people were hard to find (although the food was not exactly diet friendly.

Some time after western style snacks started appearing and children began having potato chips and chocolate bars between meals you started seeing fatter kids (and adults).
18 Aug 2016 /  #257
We will tell you what to watch, we will tell you what to eat, we will tell you what to buy....


Praise the gods for internet TV :)

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