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How would Poland change for the better (or worse) under a PiS government?

21 Feb 2016 /  #181
Andrzej Nowaliński a commie who was a correspodnent for Polish Radio way back.

The would be this guy, maybe:

Evidently not that much of a'commie'.

This is actually very relevant to the thread. One way that life has changed for the worse in the short time PIS has been exercising its malign influence is that people (many of whom live in glass houses and should NOT throw stones) are bandying about insinuations about people during the PRO years as we have seen with the allegations about Lech Wałęsa.
21 Feb 2016 /  #182
this guy

Thanks to the miracle of Gatesian e-gadgetry (a field in which you are by far my superior!) you know more about him than I ever did. Did it say how he died. Is his "orientation" mentioned? Back then that made people blackmailable. Didn't have the patience to wade through it all.
21 Feb 2016 /  #183
Thanks to the miracle of Gatesian e-gadgetry (a field in which you are by far my superior!)

It's easy Po. You just type the name into Google and so so much comes out.

Is his "orientation" mentioned?

North, South, East, West?
1 Mar 2016 /  #185
[Moved from]
Another day, another example of "good, change".

This shows how the price of goods has risen since January in Poland - leaving ordinary, hard working Polish people worse off as a result of the policies enacted so far by the government. Furthermore, yesterday, the European Commission revealed that they expect Poland to have a deficit of 3.4% of GDP by the end of 2016, which would place Poland into the excessive deficit procedure and result in increased supervision by the European Union.

1 Mar 2016 /  #186
An hour ago, I bought bananas at ... 7.49zl/kilo (in a regular shop in Centrum Warszawa). Lately I paid up to 6.99 but never as much as today. Yes, I have noticed too that food prices have gone up a lot but I don't know whether it has been so since January. Although I don't count "groszy", I am spending much more than what I used to. For me, it is no tragedy but I am concerned about all those who make much less than I do, those who are poor and have kids. Eating properly and healthy costs money....
1 Mar 2016 /  #187
Bananas are a imported luxury, the more important staples are potatoes onions cabbage etc
1 Mar 2016 /  #188
"luxury"? It is the first time I hear something like that (for me, bananas are basic food) In some hypermarkets in Warsaw, they were 3.99 or even 2.99 when in promotion.
porky pok  
1 Mar 2016 /  #189
What shop in centrum was that?I will avoid when Im there.
Yesterday in states I paid 29 cents a pound.
1 Mar 2016 /  #190
@porky; although you insult me, I can tell you by mp. I suppose you may check on their site if they do have one ;)
1 Mar 2016 /  #191
Limes can be as much as 1Zl each, but I don't think that the PIS is responsible for this, maybe it was the PO Politicians hunger for Margaritas during the fun party times.
porky pok  
1 Mar 2016 /  #192
Whats MP?
And I didnt want to insult you but if you took it that way I apologise(not with heart as I felt ,I said the truth except somethings) also would like to remind you that you did type some comments jointly with Harry.

Anyway alls even and forgotten by me now:)
1 Mar 2016 /  #193
Sorry, Dolno, but a piece of fruit costing as much as 1zl, is it considered a lot in Poland? The only supermarkets were I think fruit and vegetables are overpriced are Alma and Piort & Paweł and I usually don't buy any (often it is min twice more than in the other supermarkets). On Friday, I was at Piort & Paweł and I thought about ... you ;). They sell neetle "Herbatka ziołowa" for 1.99 (20 bags, their own brand).

@porky: mp = private message. If you check the top part of the screen, you'll see "unanswered", "archives" and "mail" and you'll see 1. Do click on "mail" and you'll get my message. I have told you name of the store but if you live in the US, who should you care? Yes, a couple of days ago, you bashed me but in fact 1. if I'm bashed, it's because I'm important so I should be greateful ;) and 2. when insults are so low best not to pay too much attention. But never mind!
porky pok  
1 Mar 2016 /  #194
Limes can be as much as 1Zl each,

lol I was selling limes for $1 a pop in liq store,people complained but bought when the box of 350 limes costed 20$ but no one complained Bush administration was at fault(that time):D

@Inpolska:dont buy lipton green tea look below
1 Mar 2016 /  #195
I don't know whether you have received my mp but never mind! For those who live in downtown Warsaw, the place is Hala Kopińska in Stara Ochota. Well, it's their official price so why being so discrete about it. Saying it in public is no crime ;)
1 Mar 2016 /  #196
Inpolska Thanks for finding me the tea, shop bought are usually blended so they taste better.

But on a serious note the price of shopping in Poland is very important to people given many are on minimum wage or drawing a meager pension, the government will be judged harshly by these voters if prices go up, more so then lets say the policy of sacking a few luvvies from the state media.
1 Mar 2016 /  #197
@Dolno: you see that I'm not bad! ;). I thought about you while there on Friday. You know, at Piotr & Paweł, of course they have very expensive stuff (mainly fruit and vegetables, which I don't buy because I'm not stupid) but they also have things that are reasonably priced. They also have their own brand "Piotr & Paweł" offering a wide range of items (dairy products, cereal, tea, coffee.... ) and they are all very good. I shop there often (it also suits me because it is more "human" sized, sometimes big hypermarkets exhaust me).

Yes, very sad that even bananas are considered luxury for many Poles. Honest, it is the very first time I heard that. All my life I had all kinds of (even exotic) fruit and vegetables and no big deal to buy. Polish authorities should be concerned about making the poor less poor but this is another story..
1 Mar 2016 /  #198
@Dolno: you see that I'm not bad!, I don't think you are bad, no worries.
1 Mar 2016 /  #199
@Dolno! I know ;) and I know that you are among the very best here! ;)
1 Mar 2016 /  #200
Inpolska " and I know that you are among the very best here! " No i am not and many here would vouch for that, but thanks for your kind words

Please focus on the thread
5 Mar 2016 /  #201
Polish govt rocked by resignations of several generals

Five generals have submitted their resignations over the last few days," Szczepan Gluszczak, spokesman for the general command of the Polish armed forces, told commercial television channel Polsat on Friday.

Has the shieeet hitt the fan?
6 Mar 2016 /  #202

All Soviet-trained generals should have been given their walking papers long ago. 20 years was more than enough to train new NATO-oriented military brass. But again it was the KPP-rooted soft-on-commies Michnik camp that botched things up calling Jaruzelski a patriot, Kukliński a traitor and Kiszczak "a man of honour".
6 Mar 2016 /  #203
All Soviet-trained generals should have been given their walking papers long ago.

Why limit to the military? sack everyone who was trained during the occupation. Drive them out of the country, hunt them down kill them.
8 Mar 2016 /  #204

The military, police, special services and political establishment should have all been de-communised the day after the last Soviet troops left Poland. The failure to do so has been and will cotninue to remain the main cause of the wasteful and costly ever deepening bipolarity or Polish-Polish war.
8 Mar 2016 /  #205
Anti Polish foreign elements like you are the biggest threat to Poland security and future.
OP Dougpol1  
8 Mar 2016 /  #206

This sight really needs smileys. I need a hands up here. I had some disgusting Polish mish-mash the other day that resulted in a Gary Lineker.
8 Mar 2016 /  #207,Racial-tension-escalating-in-Poland-Human-rights-ombudsman

"What is interesting, and probably a new trend, is that people have no problem with the fact that they comment under their own names," Bodnar noted.

They obviously feel no fear from being prosecuted. Yet when they themselves (the Poles) are mocked online and called murderers, they cry and whine and threaten with legal action.
8 Mar 2016 /  #208
All Soviet-trained generals

and postmen and teachers and plumbers and bus-drivers and...............................................
8 Mar 2016 /  #209
Journalists. Anyone practicing journalism in Poland before 1989 is immediately a suspect.
8 Mar 2016 /  #210
Not to mention anyone in the field of law....

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