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How would Poland change for the better (or worse) under a PiS government?

12 Dec 2015 /  #32
While Kornel Morawiecki was in Solidarność Walcząca, he planned to blow up a police station (komenda milicji).

That is want your daddy told you, right? That is BS and SB lies. I wish he was anything like that, and have millions followers to done in all of you soviets scum.

In fact it he was a leader a peaceful movement, but it was an authentic solidarity movement not like many others Michnik included who made deal with Soviets.

Kornal Morawiecki says: "Good of nation is more important than law."

Good of the nation take precedence over a letter of the law. Meaning if the letter of the law is put to use to block changes and render government impotent in service of a particular group of interest, democratically elected majority have a right to overrule it.

This is close to Carl Schmitt, who orchestrated Hitler's coming to power.

That tell us all we need to know about you and fact there is no low to which you wouldn't stoop to. To even attempt to blacken a name of a 70 years old man whose integrity and honesty as well as dedication in fight for a freedom and democracy against totalitarian regime cannot be questioned one need to be a scum.
Legal Eagle  
12 Dec 2015 /  #33
PiS will be judged based upon how well they clean up nonsense like this and make life better for the ordinary Pole, improve the economy, etc. People ultimately aren't going to care about the political shenanigans of five political hacks masquerading as judges.
12 Dec 2015 /  #34
PO came to power pledging to slash red-tape and create "jedno okienko" where businesses could take care of all their issues.

The "jedno okienko" exists. Do you want to claim otherwise?

Merged: New chairman of PKP SA as appointed by PiS...

...turns out to be a very interesting character by the name of Bogusław Kowalski.

1. In the 1990's, he was the editor in chief of a magazine called "Myśli Polskiej", which featured a very pro-Russian and anti-Western slant.

2. He was definitely a candidate for an agent position in the SB, and had at least two code names in that organisation. There are also reports that he was active as an SB agent, including people that saw him deal with their case during the 1980's.

3. He is strongly associated with Rydzyk, and has previously lavished praise upon Radio Maryja and TV Trwam.

In short, the kind of person who is perfectly qualified to run one of the biggest companies in Poland.,100896,19331067,byly-minister-boguslaw-kowalski-zostal-nowym-prezesem-pkp.html?biznes=warszawa#BoxBizLink

Personal comment - it's remarkable how many connections PiS have with the PZPR and PRL. It's also remarkable how unqualified Mr Kowalski is for the job, given that he is a historian by education and not a railwayman at all.

...and he resigned already after 2 days. Clearly, the fact that he was an informer got to him. Still, it shows what kind of people PiS genuinely associate with - PRL criminals and informers.
13 Dec 2015 /  #35
Boni when it come out into the open that he was a snitch, have been reworded by Tusk with ministry. What doesn't it tell you? I mean not you as you could have shake hands on equal footing with Urban but to a normal reader that is telling.
13 Dec 2015 /  #36
This is nothing to do with Tusk, Urban or anyone else. This is about PiS rewarding SB informers with top jobs.
13 Dec 2015 /  #37
No, that is about you wanting to have your cake and eat it too, you can't.
13 Dec 2015 /  #38
to do with Tusk

Then explain why more ex-PZPR members have found a safe haven in the ranks of PO more than any other Sejm party. In fact four times as many as in PiS! One appointment doesn't change that.

In the PO parliamentary club there are 30 ex-commies and SB informers.,6990879.html
15 Dec 2015 /  #39
PiS agenda is full of contradictions.

1. The claim to boost small businesses. Yet they're introducing bank tax.

Banks wants profits, so they push the tax on their clients, and big clients are mostly excluded. In Hungary, this tax has resulted in difficulties for small businesses and no change for big ones. That's because banks fall over themselves to accomodate BIG clients. Small clients don't have this leverage, they must accept bank demands.

2. Lowering of retirement age. Hostility towards migrants.

Lowering of retirement age will make old age pensions LOWER. Someone will have to work to earn for their pension. Migrants would be a natural solution. But PiS hates migrants. It makes no sense.
15 Dec 2015 /  #40
Banks wants profits

Not only banks, but their investors. When you consider that PKO and PZU (who will both get absolutely hammered by this tax) are owned by the government and institutional investors such as pension funds, it means the "ordinary man in the street" is taking a double hit through increased charges and lower returns.

Furthermore, if PZU and PKO have less money, then it means less money for them to buy up the competition in Poland and abroad.

Lowering of retirement age will make old age pensions LOWER.

Indeed, and it was pointed out repeatedly that women are going to suffer immensely if they're subjected to forced retirement at 60.

Blimey. I've got a small investment in a fund that invests 55-60% in the WIG20, 30% in government bonds and 10% in the WIBID 6M, and since I opened it a few years ago, it was always positive. Not a huge amount, but overall, it was around 4-5% a year. Just checked, and it's lost around 7% since the election.
18 Dec 2015 /  #41
Merged: Nightly raids by PiS

PiS has a tradition of nightly raids. Let's try to keep track of them here. The last one I remember was against the PSL Sejm representative Jan Bury.

Today at 01:30 Piotr Bączek*, Bartłomiej Misiewicz and gendarmes (MP) made a surprise visit to Centrum Eksperckiego Kontrwywiadu NATO. They acted on order of Antoni Macierewicz. They had a copied key. Bączek wanted to take over the rooms of the international personnel, but gendarmes protested saying it would be illegal. Police was called and the uninvited guests were sent home. The duty officer is kept under guard.

Bartosz Kownacki, a vice-minister of Defense from PiS, said it there's nothing unsual about it. They simply want to prepare the Center for "normal work". The wages are too high, and there's need to ensure people who work there are competent.

* of the dead squirrel fame
G (undercover)  
18 Dec 2015 /  #42
Centrum Eksperckiego Kontrwywiadu NATO

That's a thing set-up several weeks ago, to "accommodate" there operatives doing dirty job for the previous regime, so they wouldn't lose their "jobs" after democratically elected government takes over. So much for "expert center".
18 Dec 2015 /  #43
This story is absolutely ridiculous, and shows how Macierewicz is acting on behalf of the Russians here. NATO is not going to tolerate such nonsense - and it's pretty simple that this act puts Poland at harm by causing trouble within NATO.

Bączek wanted to take over the rooms of the international personnel, but gendarmes protested saying it would be illegal.

It's absolutely incredible. Do they really think NATO is going to trust Poland with anything now? After all these years of slowly building confidence within NATO, Macierewicz throws it all away for...what exactly?
18 Dec 2015 /  #44
dirty job

Clandestine operations, nocturnal rendez-vous ,surprise raids, secret meetings and dirty tricks of every type have always been par for the course in every country's intelligence and counter-intelligence circles. So you expect them to set up a publicly accessible blog clearly outlining their step by step activities? Maybe a nice constantly updated timeline would facilitate things for random cyber-gawkers.
18 Dec 2015 /  #45
No, they really haven't. This wasn't an intelligence/counter-intelligence operation, this was a straightforward attempt by PiS to gain access to NATO intelligence. Given that PiS are riddled with ex-PZPR members, one really has to wonder what is going on here.

Wonder why you're so supportive of PiS and their pro-Russia activities.
G (undercover)  
18 Dec 2015 /  #46
This is not any NATO institution, they just added that label thinking it will keep PiS away from cleaning that mess. Wrong :)))))
18 Dec 2015 /  #47
It's a NATO institution and shows the utter lack of respect for PiS towards our military allies.

Don't worry, we know that PiS is very much good for Russia. Putin must be laughing his head off watching this - Macierewicz destroying regional cooperation is exactly what he wants.
18 Dec 2015 /  #48
PiS are riddled with ex-PZPR

But that means the the PO camp was a four times greater security threat and even that didn't stop NATO cooperating wtih Poland.
18 Dec 2015 /  #49
This is about PiS and their connections to the PZPR, not anyone else.

For an alleged party of "decommunization", they seem to be appointing a remarkable amount of PZPR members. PKN Orlen is the latest one.
18 Dec 2015 /  #50
their connections to the PZPR

They have no connection with the PZPR. Perhaps some of their people, one-fourth as many as are in PO, had once been PZPR members. PZPR Central Committee and Poliburo members have been allowed to be PMs and even the president of Poland. So what's the point of latching on the such peripheral and irrelevant trifles? But yes, it is justified! Anything that can be used or abused to descredit or subvert PiS is worth it's weight in gold to Petru's subversives! He has pointed the way to go!
18 Dec 2015 /  #51
They have no connection with the PZPR.

They have many connections with the PZPR. The leader of the PiS-appointed Human Rights Committee, Piotrowicz, was a PZPR public prosecutor that actively prosecuted dissidents in the PRL.

So what's the point of latching on the such peripheral and irrelevant trifles?

I thought PiS were supposed to be about "decommunization", not "appointing Jarosław Kaczyński's ex-PZPR friends to positions of power and influence".
18 Dec 2015 /  #52
Polonius and like-minded PiS champions, were critics of the democratically elected PO government subversives and traitors?
18 Dec 2015 /  #53
This is not any NATO institution,Defence-Ministry-enters-NATO-centre-in-the-dead-of-night

"Polish staff members working for NATO's counterintelligence centre have lost access to classified information and had to be replaced," Foreign Affairs Minister Witold Waszczykowski said on Friday.

So Waszczykowski says that it was a NATO institution.

Looks like you can't even get your story straight, PiS-boy.
G (undercover)  
18 Dec 2015 /  #54
a NATO institution

About as much as PO's TK has been "independent". Regime's secret services invented and set-up the whole thing just several weeks ago.
18 Dec 2015 /  #55
It's a direct attack on a NATO institution, nothing more, nothing less.

No amount of lies can change the fact that yet again, PiS are doing things in the middle of the night, just like in the good old PZPR days.
18 Dec 2015 /  #56
good old PZPR

Just like the nocturnal "Nocna Zmiana" coup headed by ex-PZPR member and Sovietiser of the Polish Scouting Associaton Kuroń, and other commies and collaborators (Tusk, Pawlak, Wałęsa, Moczulski et al). Funny you've never seen fit to mention that a single time. But we all know why. That would provide no pretext to engage in more PiS-bashing,

But better watch your step. If you were there like you claim, then dioubtless you have been photographed and filmed and are readily identifiable. You know that a foreign subversive is alwlays regarded with greater suspicion and preceived as a greater security threat than a rebellious local.
18 Dec 2015 /  #57
Have you noticed how the title of this forum is "Home / News" and the title of this thread is "How would Poland change for the better (or worse) under a PiS government?"? If you'd like to discuss history, why not open a thread in that forum?
18 Dec 2015 /  #58
PiS have imposed possibly the most hilarious piece of censorship ever.

The Government Protection Bureau (BOR) has banned flights over the center of the capital.

PiS must be absolutely terrified. They know fine well that the drone flight was used by KOD to illustrate the size of the demonstration last Saturday, and this just confirms it :D
G (undercover)  
18 Dec 2015 /  #59
It's a direct attack on a NATO institution

So here comes NATO's reaction :))))))
18 Dec 2015 /  #60
The Government Protection Bureau (BOR) has banned flights over the center of the capital.

I was waiting for something like this to happen. My thought was that there would be police stationed along the route with instructions to stop/arrest anybody seen with a drone. I didn't think that even the Pathetic Insane Sect would be so blatant in their attempts to block out the truth about the demonstrations.

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