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Why are we paying child benefit in Poland?

enkidu 7 | 623  
8 Dec 2009 /  #61
With all due respect: Gliwice and London are not in the same league. And trams are hardly worldwide recognized symbol of this fine city. :-)

I am not afraid of mass immigration into Poland. For two reasons
-Our benefit system is perfectly simple. You just can't live on benefits in Poland! I have nothing but respect to people who work hard for their living. No matter where they came from.

-Our understanding of word "tolerance". It's simple like that: Welcome to OUR country. Show respect and respect will be given to you. In the UK is rather: Welcome! We would do anything in order to avoid offending you.

Just try to imagine some immigrant in Poland, who would feel offended by jasełka and "Merry Christmas" banners. I am sure that he would be offended few more times and then GTFO.
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
8 Dec 2009 /  #62
The trams were a symbol of sorts. Scale doesn't dictate symbolism.

You seem to be discussing mass immigration more. On that point, I agree. I've said it before, PC will be our downfall.
Steveramsfan 2 | 306  
8 Dec 2009 /  #63
Also if they are in receipt of benefits in the UK and in Germany they are theiving scum

Its nice to hear what people think of our service men and women.

It is an EU Law which means they are entitled to both payments.

Do you own every CD and every DVD that is on your Ipod or other MP3 player?

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