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Getting married to a Polish Citizen in the UK

amit_m - | 29  
14 May 2007 /  #211
hi rocky!!!
Reference to your question regarding your immigration to Poland, after u got married in cyprus.well!!!! thats a tircky one.first of all ......r u an indian citizen,if so u need to get a document from Indian goverment that u r an indian and have never got married before according to indian law.In other word what hey mean is to produce a document that u have never married before. They 2 kinds of wedding in Poland,first being the church wedding, the other being the goverment one. Ihave gone through the whole process my i got married in Poland but now live in Australia. If u have already got married in cyprus according to the law of cyprus,you have to produce your marriage certificate to the polish consulate so that they can work on your stay permit in poland. It is a very long feel free to write me if u have any specific questions.

It is very refreshing to know that so many Polish girls are married to people from different reces.. . Polish girls are really beautiful and make excellent wifes as i am married to one...........

Had the pleasure of getting married twice with the same person, in two different countries one in India and one in Poland.....all i can say its been a great experience.......but now we have setteled down in Australia. I would definitely say that Polish people have a very strong family binding, so if you want the best of east and west........get urself a polish partner......they will be ur friend for a life time.
16 May 2007 /  #212
hello sir, i just would like to ask you a question as i am in a simular situation. i am a chrisitian and my girlfriend in catholic. i was raised in the united kingdom as my long term girlfriend was born and raised in poland. we want to get married but are religion arent the same. you said you are a muslim and you girlfriend from poland. what i woiuld like to know is what method did you use to get married becuase muslim people can only get married if the woman convert to a muslim her self, if this is true as this also applie to my religion. what i really want to know is how you and the polish girl got married together. where did the ceremony take place and how are you coping. please help me.
Zgubiony 15 | 1,553  
16 May 2007 /  #213
Doesn't catholicism stem from Christianity?

We all get married in a church. Are you a (holy roller) baptist or something? Maybe a born again Christian? Jahova?
amit_m - | 29  
17 May 2007 /  #214
hello sir, i just would like to ask you a question as i am in a simular situation.

Hello there !!!

The very first thing i need to know is do u want a church wedding or r u just happy with a simple CIVIL ceremony which is apporoved by the Poish Goverment ( but not by the church).

By the way i am not muslim,i am i never had the problem of asking my wife to convert.We both follow our own religion

It was my own desire that i get married in the church that also in Poland. I had 3 sittings
with a Catholic priest in Australia. Had to sign an undertaking that i shall allow my wife to follow her religion and my children will have the freedom to choose their religion. I guess its a bit tricky in that aspect but its been worth it. Our's was a church wedding ceremony which took place in Lublin and i loved every mnute of it.

But if u don't want any of this hassel and just want a civil ceremony then u need to get a document from your goverment stating that u r a citizen of that country and have never been married before,sign stamped and sealed.

I dont want to confuse you with too much ask me specific questions or emaiL me. I will definitely like to help you out.

(ps:please dont call me Sir, my name is Amit...whats urs????)

Regards AMIT
17 May 2007 /  #215
yea i am a christian and follow the christian ways. as long as we get married in the eyes of God it dont bother me what church we get married. do you think we can work?

ello amit, All i basically want is to get married in the eyes of God. its not like im going to marry the church or the pastor/priest. i just want both of us to remember our wedding and have a good life. i also though to my self, if we have childrens, what faith do we teach them, im a christian and shes a catholic. i would of though thier both the same thing but have different values and ways of doing things. how long have you been married for and is the relationship strong, or do you encouter cultural problems.
FISZ 24 | 2,116  
17 May 2007 /  #216
christian and shes a catholic.

I don't see what the difference is, unless you're from a different sect.

Are you Baptist?
shewolf 5 | 1,077  
17 May 2007 /  #217
He's probably Protestant Christian. Protestant Christians don't believe in practicing the rituals that Catholics practice. You know, like confession, confirmation, praying to saints...
17 May 2007 /  #218
Hi Guys,

I'm a student here in IRELAND.

I ve been living here 4 like 3 years with my POLISH girl friend, but we mate like one year ago. We ve come a long way and think it is time we settle down together(Marriage). Well, we r thinking of getting married here in Ireland.

So my question is, will i be able 2 get my permit to stay with her here in ireland when we get married in ireland or must we get married in Poland b4 i can get my permit. Althought i still ve my student permit.

Thanks all
99nat122413 1 | 11  
18 May 2007 /  #219
thanks for helping me, i just realise if we love each other and were ment to be together, then it is going to work. how long have you been married for?
adilski 2 | 105  
20 May 2007 /  #220
Just because there are many Polish women around it doesn't mean that its easy to find them, he girls have come for several reasons and treating then as individuals first is a priority, all the asian gentlemen in particular who are on student and conditional visas you must realise the objective of marriage is not to satisfy ones immigration needs but to buid a loving relationship. Regardsless ofones religion, ethnicity, status, language everyone should be rgarded as a human being - take the polishness or indianess or englishness ou of your minds and you will realise he beauty of Allahs creation.

99nat122413 1 | 11  
20 May 2007 /  #221
hey matey, i think you should have some respect for others, this is a polish forum and dont forget that. Not everyone is a muslim in this world, so respect other people opinions.
Hueg - | 320  
20 May 2007 /  #222
but we mate like one year ago

Too much information but good to see the fire's not gone out. :)
Eurola 4 | 1,902  
20 May 2007 /  #223
A great catch Hueg!
22 May 2007 /  #224
hay poli gash be careful wid paki and indian ,thay r bit smart to use u just for visa to stay in england or in europ,my frendly advices to all EU's girl

bruv if this is in england u dont need to go back to home inorder to get marriege unless u r pakistanee or indian.

duggy ,listen everything is possible ,just work hard,but u gottta wait few years.alright best of luck with EU passport
22 May 2007 /  #225
dear mate ,u looks bit sick of indian mentality ,if iam not wrong u got 60%of people are under poverty ,dont forget lots of found are sending to india from uk for shelter and food.iam sorry to say but i have been to ur country and its discusting people eating food ffrom rubbish ,its most common to see in india.

mate dont get me wrong truth is truth if u are proude wid ur country then ur in wrong country. best of luck to u and to ur country,

mate poland is very beautiful country as u gf. bruv life is not bad its all up to u how tallent u r,.just try visit there first and make desicion. best of luck
27 May 2007 /  #226
hi every one... im single man 28 i live in Blackpool uk and i am looking for a polish girlfriend. i live on my own. email hafidqjih@hotmail anybody interested?
da khanano kha  
28 May 2007 /  #227
you r sick and and an idiot what degree u got and where didi u get it from
some where from a college u dumb head what makes u think u r intellgent and more talented wanna compete
you can not even live in pakistan or south asia
while we arre here living here learning your languages and understanding your cultre .while u cannot do it
so i will say you are sick and a knob head
so **** off and keep ur mouth shut
28 May 2007 /  #228
hi there.i am british and geeting marry to my polish fiancee in august 2007 in poland [civil way]

i think i got all the papier.

any one can help me and write to me all the papier that i need to get marry.

many thanx
28 May 2007 /  #229
I have been with my Polish girl friend for almost two years by internet and i met with here before 1 month in tunisia we spent there for 15 days and we want to get marry,but i wonder i am just too much wonder mybe we have same prb with alex and her girl friend for that i ask cause i live in lageria and we will get married here in tunisia.

If you know the web address of Polish Immigraton Authority please send it to me.

elulka Please feel free to answer to: clarklast@hotmail or harkatifayal@yahoo
pls i need your help .
dagenham dave  
28 May 2007 /  #230
i m pakistani born and i m living in uk my girl friend is polish and i m very happy with her because she is so good with me i love her so much and she love me so much i prefer to any one a polsih girl

i heard pakistani people didnt have any luck with english girls thats why theyre sooo happy wid the polish...
pan marek  
28 May 2007 /  #231
hi every one... im single man 28 i live in Blackpool uk and i am looking for a polish girlfriend. i live on my own. email hafidqjih@hotmail anybody interested?

y r u sooooooooooooo shallow............ u cannot trust people...and again these girls from poland havent come to the uk looking for freaks like u who are waiting for something new.... they have left their family friends to better themselves.........
dagenham dave  
28 May 2007 /  #232
I have been with my Polish girl friend for almost two years by internet and i met with here before 1 month in tunisia we spent there for 15 days and we want to get marry

ur doin it for the passpooort.......... shes gonna have to wear the veil,, innit
Admin 29 | 1,484   Administrator
28 May 2007 /  #233
abdul jaroslav
agony aunt
dagenham dave
king kong
MMMarek kopij
mr marek
pan marek


Please stop trolling. Admin
29 May 2007 /  #234
hi mate i am tunisian too.if you want we can chat.i am getting marry to my fiancee in

august.every thing me if you want
29 May 2007 /  #235
Hi, I have never posted here before...I am American and I have a Polish boyfriend. We want to get married in Poland and apply for a K-3 visa to the US. After reading the embassy website it seems like a lot of legal stuff before you can even get married in Poland. If anyone has any idea as to WHERE in the EU we could get married more easily, I would be very grateful for the advice. Thanks in advance. Milena.
FISZ 24 | 2,116  
29 May 2007 /  #238
She's an American though. I think she can only legally do this in the US.
curlyspy007 - | 93  
29 May 2007 /  #239
I think she can only legally do this in the US.

they can do it there yes, but i bet the process takes a long time....
Wroclaw 44 | 5,369  
29 May 2007 /  #240

Why ?

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