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Getting married to a Polish Citizen in the UK

9 Apr 2006 /  #1
Getting married with a Polish Citizen


I have been with my Polish girl friend for almost two years and want to get married with her. Just wonder if someone can give me some information how the 'Polish' regulations and laws are and is it possible we marry here in the UK.

If you know the web address of Polish Immigraton Authority please send it to me.

9 Apr 2006 /  #2
I'm sure it is possible for you to get married in the UK - especially now when Poland is in EU. What city do you live in?
10 Apr 2006 /  #3
Thanks Jarko.

I am originally Mexican and we are both students here.

I know based on my country regulation we can marry here and I can get her residency.

I am just wondering about the Polish rules. Can we get married in the UK and stay here and then I get my Polish residency, or we should live in Poland in order to do so.

glowa 1 | 291  
10 Apr 2006 /  #4
i doubt if you can get a British citizen rights only because you get married in UK (when none of the two is English) , unless you have a permanent status in UK. Otherwise you can rather get Polish papers based on the fact that your spouse is Polish. Of course you can marry in UK, but in your case I think none of you will 'become' English.

on the other hand your girlfriend can get British residency (not citizenship) anyway without a special problem.

once you're married you should have no problems getting Polish papers either.
10 Apr 2006 /  #5
Thanks Glowa!

None of us want to become British citizen. The question was whether I can become Polish by living in the UK and having a Polish wife.

I know she becomes a Mexican by living with me in the UK.

In some countries you should live inside in order to get residency, is it the case for Poland???


How come she can get British residency, Glowa?
glowa 1 | 291  
10 Apr 2006 /  #6
Because of the membership in the EU. since the UK opened completely the job market to the newcomers, all she needs is a legal occupation and normally (in EU in general) some kind of health care or social security. legal occupation means job or studentship of any kind. there's neither visa nor work permit involved in her case.

now whether you actually need to live in Poland to get Polish papers I don't know. Normaly being married to a Pole should be sufficient.
10 Apr 2006 /  #7
Just a misunderstanding Glowa, thanks for all your info.

I know Poland is now a member of EU and the borders are now open, she is a student here a sI said, but just based on studentship can she get permamnet residency here?
glowa 1 | 291  
10 Apr 2006 /  #8
permanent? no.
10 Apr 2006 /  #9
so what else?

she can easily come to the UK and travel around as long as she is a member of EU, are we both thinking in a right way?
glowa 1 | 291  
10 Apr 2006 /  #10
she can travel free all over the EU, yes. She can work in three or four of the EU coutries without any permit, including UK.

the residence thing looks more or less like that. once she startd working or studying she receives an ID-card valid in the country where she works. This ID is valid for the period of work/study (or in terms of a student it needs to be replaced every year with a proof of registration at the school and social security). Which means, that if the job is permanent, so is the residence.

so if she's still a student, to obtain residence for the time of studies she only needs to apply.

Now, if you have a permanent residence and she's your wife, there's law in the UK that sorts it out.

To solve your doubts with your possible Polish papers, the easiest is to go to a Consulate. You'll find the address in yellow pages. After some time in the queue they will tell you how it exactly looks. If you e-mail them you won't get any answer in a reasonable time.
11 Apr 2006 /  #11
Hey Alex!!
Its good chose, Polish girls are one of the beautiful womens on the world
26 May 2006 /  #12
I am looking for a polish girl, for marriage.
10 Jun 2006 /  #13
Hi Alex
I wanna tell you something. I am Polish girl and my fiance is Indian. We were working in U.K. and we wanted to get married in there ( now i am in Ireland) Unhappily his visa was getting expired so he had just 2 and half month in U.K. To get married ( for non european) you must be sure you can stay in U.K. 3 or more months so we couldnt do this. Anyway i have every important documents and addresses from there so as soon as i will find them i will tell you more. Being in U.K. my Pallav wanted to get tourist visa in Poland but it was impossible. But I was talking with each possible embassy in Poland and U.K. and Home Office. Finally they told me that after marriage he will have to apply about visa in Poland. It is sad. Isn't it? In practice it means that after marriage rules will the same and he will not get polish citizenship. i heard that after 2007 things will change becouse now Poland doesnt belong to E. Community in full meaning (it should be changed after 2007). So think. I hope you will not have this kind of problem. Anyway i am thinking about going in India becouse i dont know what to do. We dont have enough money for his coming back here as a student and to get contract for job and visa then it is very very hard. By marriage in India i will lose my polish passport and i will have to stay in India. The best of luck Alex. -Ela
10 Jun 2006 /  #14
Elulka, I wouldn't go to India to stay there permanently (unless you have already been there and like it). I think India is a nice country to live though - but you need to know about living there before you decide to move out to a new country.
11 Jun 2006 /  #15
i know i know but if no more possibility to be together i must go :)
11 Jun 2006 /  #16
Changing a Polish citizenship to an Indian one is like changing a brand new Mercedes into a Fiat Uno..

Why can`t your boyfriend apply for a Polish citizenship ?
11 Jun 2006 /  #17
there are some rules here so he cant. however first he must get in here to try do anything. embassy said he will not get any privileges by marrying me.
11 Jun 2006 /  #18
Alex mate, i met my wife in London too, she is polish, to get a polish citizenship u must live in Poland for 2 years and be married at least for 3 years. Asi de simple.

If your wife gets a contract to work in England, Spain etc, u have the right to stay with her in the same country and to work too.

You can get married in England if u r living in your own place and can submit an adress confirmation or, 4 example, a phone bill that shows your last name.

You must apply for a polish visa ( if asked) in Mexico. Us South americans dont need visas if our stay is short, except for Peruvins and Colombians, who always need visas. Once in the polish consulate in Mexico they will ask u for your bank accounts, for papers from your current job and probably for an invitation from someone reliable inside Poland.

Eso es todo, simple. Once in Poland u can apply for an extension of your visa for up to a year, la misma que debes de renovar luego.

Alguna otra pregunta bro?:) Good luck.
bossie 1 | 123  
11 Jun 2006 /  #19
Re: Elulka

Hi there!

I am sure there must be a way your boyfirnd can get a visa to Poland. As long as I know, he should have a formal invitation - you get it in your local Immigration Ofiice (Urzad do Spraw Cudzoziemcow). There you declare that during your stay you take full responsibility for your visitor, you'll support him financially, he'll stay at your place ect. Such paper is given for 3 months the most. To be able to extend the stay, he has to apply for a temporary residence card (karta tymczasowego pobytu). To apply, he needs his birth certificate, proof of not owing any taxes in his home country, proof of no crime record and a place to stay here. The place to stay means owing a flat or house (I guess you don't) or if you live with your parents, they can declare he'll stay there. Same goes for money - if you don't work, your parents can declare they will support him for as long as he stays.

Meanwhile, the sooner you get married, the better. If you make it in the first three months, you have better chances for the card, plus the wedding is a good reason to come, isn't it?

Put on a big smile and go to your local registrar (USC) and find out exactly what papers you need. Go to Immograton office and explain what you're planning (just don't mention earlier problems - say this is what you planned from the start and they're there to help you). Have a sworn translator ready (tlumacz przysiegly) - looking for one will lose valuable time. If you get all the papers, you'll succeed.

Good luck, girl! :)
11 Jun 2006 /  #20
thank you guys. those information can really help me. what a shame that any home office and embassies didnt know what to do. now i live in ireland but perhaps i will come back in poland to marry my fiance, if possible and then i will come back in ireland to my work so it means he can stay in ireland with me. it would be wonderful becouse i love him so much :)
18 Jun 2006 /  #21
Hi everyone, thanks for all your posts, sorry for delay in getting back to you as I was away.
'Guest' thanks so much for your genoristy and you 'Elulka' thanks for your information. Polish girls are really nice besides they are so good looking.

Have fun you all,
23 Jul 2006 /  #22
get your indian into poland.... there is a way... Marry in Poland, and then when you will work in the UK he gets the right to be there and work legally as he is your husband..

Walcz , bo w Indii to bida i nedza .. chyba
6 Aug 2006 /  #23
What about if I want to marry a polish guy in Poland? I'm from the US. What papers do we need and how long does he have to wait to obtain a visa?
22 Aug 2006 /  #24
I think you should phone polish embassy and speak to someone who deals with international marrieges.You won't find answer here!Pepole talk rubbish...Law changes all the time about this issue so go to goverments webside and search there!
krysia 23 | 3,058  
22 Aug 2006 /  #25
Thanks. Did that. Got what was looking for.
And, I agree with:
You won't find answer here!Pepole talk rubbish
28 Aug 2006 /  #26
Hi My name is Mike,am a black guy and have heard stories and myths about Polish gals.I wanna try something new in Life.I want a polish gal for friendship,possibly serious relationship coz am single and need a wife,who knows that much.My point here is,what can I do? Am not that kind of pub/club/bar person but i really need one of em(Polish gal) what can I do? Which methods can I use? Any piece of advice out there,plz,let me know.Or alternatively if someone has got one em who are looking for people like me plz ,y not email me on drmrhunt@yahoo/

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.plz
krysia 23 | 3,058  
28 Aug 2006 /  #27
have heard stories and myths about Polish gals

Hmmm..... What kind of stories?
FISZ 24 | 2,116  
28 Aug 2006 /  #28
Yeah I'm curious about the myths. Is there magic involved?
iwona 12 | 542  
29 Aug 2006 /  #29
What about if I want to marry a polish guy in Poland? I'm from the US. What papers do we need and how long does he have to wait to obtain a visa?

I think that you will have to contact USA Embassy or their home office?

I guess you have american citizenship?

I was in similar situation when married my husband- 4 years ago I needed visa to work in England.
We got married in Poland I had my marriage certificate translated in English and had appointment with British consul.
My first visa was for a year ,second was indefinite.I don;t know about American Embassy but I remember that I had to wait for a while for my appointment.
3 Sep 2006 /  #30
well this is priity hectic hay! dont worry sweet heart im goin throught the same thing!
my girlfriend and met in the uk! we have been 2gether for the last 2 years and wanna get married! she came with me home 2 south africa,stayed for three mounths and now she is back in the uk! im stuck here and she is stuck there! basicly what u need 2 do is get married in poland and get a sertified in both india! that way u should get dual citercinship!

if not its etter that he gets a polish passport rather than u getting a indian 1! with a polish passport u can both travel alot and should be able 2 work in the uk 2gether!!!

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