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US married to Polish citizen - what EU rights do I have?

senyc 1 | -  
14 Jun 2008 /  #1
I am a US citizen married to Polish citizen. We married in the US. Does anyone know if I automatically have a right to work in any EU country. Do we have to register our marriage in Poland to be able to have work permit in any EU country? Does anyone know what the procedure is?? Thanks.
14 Jun 2008 /  #2
i would have thought that you would have contacted the nearest embassy or consulate and asked them for advice on your situation.

But you would need to live for a period of time in Poland before being granted same rights i believe

but i would wait to see if anyone else has any definite answers or speak to the consulate in US for Poland
ina_pod - | 32  
14 Jun 2008 /  #3
You do need to register your marriage in Poland.Then you have to apply for permanent resident card (Karta Stalego Pobytu)....tons of papers etc...I am suggesting you the same as Telefonitika, contact polish embassy or just visit their website, there is plenty information..

Good luck!:)

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