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Getting married to a Polish Citizen in the UK

Love India 1 | 6  
2 Apr 2007 /  #181
White means only GB so people from plz wake up
We don't need to follow ur white women ! we are stick with our asian women and we are extremly happy.
"Barking dogs seldom bites" and i wod suggest you just shut up!

Ram Ram zamana kerrab hai
ab to goron ke tate yani ke east wale bhi apni apko gora ha ha sumajte han
sapphire 22 | 1,241  
2 Apr 2007 /  #182
we dont speak 'tiger' on here. get your own fundamentalist forum
FISZ 24 | 2,116  
2 Apr 2007 /  #183
We don't need to follow ur white women ! we are stick with our asian women and we are extremly happy.

Says you. This is why almost every request for a PL wife is from an Asian. And I have nothing agains this either. Ahd what is this jibberish that you post...Ram Ram zamana kerrab hai yourself!
RazZ 1 | 180  
3 Apr 2007 /  #184
Ram Ram zamana kerrab hai
ab to goron ke tate yani ke east wale bhi apni apko gora ha ha sumajte han

translation for all of you. thank me later:)

god,god.(indian god) the world is in chaos.

now because of white, the people of the east are trying to become white(or behave like white people)
Love India 1 | 6  
3 Apr 2007 /  #185
Mr Razz my God is tiger and i utmost try to worship my tiger atleast twice a day.
I explained already that these people are tryin to be or consider themselves into the white circle but i'm afraid it takes decades.
RazZ 1 | 180  
3 Apr 2007 /  #186
well good for you.

so why are you telling me all this. i dont need to know any of this.
Love India 1 | 6  
3 Apr 2007 /  #187
We don't misbehave they make you to do it.
szarlotka 8 | 2,205  
3 Apr 2007 /  #188
thank me later

My name is not later but I thank you all the same:)
3 Apr 2007 /  #189
Quoting: Love India
These people don't have any religon thats why they have destroyed their culture and values.

listen before you pin point you finger at others religion, you should take a look at you religion first

He has right... I believe only in one God, not some hundreds.....
rafaqat ali  
6 Apr 2007 /  #190
i m pakistani born and i m living in uk my girl friend is polish and i m very happy with her because she is so good with me i love her so much and she love me so much i prefer to any one a polsih girl
europe awake  
6 Apr 2007 /  #191
All pakis go back home. Why come here and fight about religion? we are based on christianity. Your religion belongs in the sands of pakistan and other islamic dominated hell holes. Your food stinks and you're people stink. Leave europe at once. Take those silly european trash girls that mix with you as well. As they are nothing anyway.
europe awake  
6 Apr 2007 /  #192
"josecitomadera" The hispanic that si ahted so much. In which he brings hatred upon himself. Directly quoted from his past posts.

"I know more about history, mathematics, science, geography and current events than the majority of your precious white race. In America they are as dumb as beans"

"Any problems in the black communities is the fault of the white man."

This here is just a small fraction of posts by this little boy. Any ladies want a chance at this fine looking mule? hehe. But as well all know this little boy started a goodbye thread and left in tears.
10 Apr 2007 /  #193
I know lots of polish people that have got married in England to English!
So im sure there wouldnt be any trouble for you, there is a realy good polish church in Ealing and im sure they would be happy to help.

I am having a simular problem, just the other wat around!!
I am hoping to get married to my Polish boyfriend in the next year, and we are not sure if this is posable to do so in Poland? I also have a baby so it dosent look good!

Can anyone give me any advise? And if they know if it would be possable for us to get married there?
10 Apr 2007 /  #194
Hi My name is Mike ha ha ha ha diz dudz funny im laffin my ass of dude get a bottle of milk and stand on ya head fas two hours yail figure it out

rafaqat ali done marry her den yail find out what haveing a polish gal is all bou i did and took her to pakistan like permanatly good luck brow make shure you neva start fightin whith her dhaz da only agvise i give ya one she goez againsz ya you could lose her for eva hard keepin em dey got hearts like rockz worse den russian galz

europe awake

dude ask ya mama wha she was doing whth dhat paki patan unda da sink last summer dame i was dhat patan ha ha ha ha ha
10 Apr 2007 /  #195
hi shorty and krysia

no offence to english girls but why pakistanis go for polish girls , i tell you few things.

1- they are very faithfull ( if they have a boyfriend ,never go to other boys )

2- their culture is pretty similar to asian culture ( they respect thier elders and prefer to live in a family )

3- they want someone who can give them respect and in reply they give us respect as well .

4 - most important thing they are not racist never call us darker , pakis or ugly.

5 - they are very brave honest with thier work and specially very hard worker girls.

and to remind you something they don't have a ''one night stand word'' in their dictionary ( so who are easy polish or english )

i think you know better
13 Apr 2007 /  #196
hi everybody, i am from india. my wife she is from poland. we get married in cyprus. now i put papers for immigration in poland. we want to go to england for work can any anyone please tell me that what i have to do........
15 Apr 2007 /  #197
hi every1, Im Antonio, im from Albania and i want to get married with an Hungarian girl but im not sure what documents i need and what docments she needs to get married with me so we can live in uk, i would prefer she to come and get married with me back in my country Albania, Thanks,
19 Apr 2007 /  #198
wailikum assalam bro i done da same marrid da woman fram polski ate da perogi fed her curry made her fat we broke each others heart she left left me my lil kid and took one whith her :!( Allah help us we still speak sometimes we was to good togheter like it wasant real like some dream then we moved to pakistan and it died im still hear shes in england i cant go back my fathers 90 ill im on the run from police what the hell all our lifez are a mess bro make shure you never fight whith this woman my perents loved her but a polski gals a polski at the end of the day they like tomboys once dhey swich of on ya its very hard to get em back and its not the way it used to be bro good luckwhish you all the best Allah Hafiz
LoneStranger 3 | 382  
21 Apr 2007 /  #199
you should also worship tiger

Calm Down.

look at you religion first

Come on!

trash girls

Be respectful...what are you speaking?...about whom? ... if you dont understand some relationships... dont atleast doubt or attack it. Let first the Light of God be soaked in your heart... and this is not an easy job... not an impossible one aswell.

Well said-- I like it!

Dancing is truly as Patty described it. Once I was watching the Geopraphy channel... and it showed some remote African jungle people ... dancing!... good steps :) :)
22 Apr 2007 /  #200
My mother is polish and married my father over 30 years ago she has full rights here. In fact they married in Poland and returnred to the uk. So long as you register the marriage in UK you both will have rights. this is fact so dont worry and enjoy being in love

#best of luck

den and magda (yes she is polish and i love her to)
2 May 2007 /  #201
here's a question i am british married to a pole just moved back to the uk whatfor does she need to complete to be here? i have searched around and dont get a straight answer i want to register here as my wife so she can get her ni card and work.

any help appreciated.

I'm planning to marry my Polish girlfriend next year, in Poland. We live in teh UK. We want a civil ceremony only.

Any advice from your experience?
2 May 2007 /  #202
Hi guys am getting married to a polish girl on the 19th may in poland but currently my visa as a student i the uk is finishing in october 2007, if i married her before then do i need to extend my visa as international student or can i get visa from the polish embassy to stay and work in the uk.
2 May 2007 /  #203
Hey ...
I m also from u please help me find a good polish girll....i m 25 living in London....HSMP...fully employed...i will love her...take care of her.....just need some 1 to take car of me...cheers
krysia 23 | 3,058  
2 May 2007 /  #204
can i get visa from the polish embassy to stay and work in the uk.

Contact the Polish embassy. They will know.
4 May 2007 /  #205
6 May 2007 /  #206
I actually had a few questions related to the topic if anyone might be able to answer them please.

I'm the first one in the family to be born in the US, my brothers and sisters were all born in Poland as well as the rest of my family who moved to the US in the late 60's. They never bothered getting me a Polish citizenship but I am in the process of obtaining one.

My husband has lived in the US for 20 some years and is a US citizen with no Polish blood whatsoever. We would like to move to Poland in the next year or two and I am curious as to how he will be able to obtain a work permit there.

Does he have to actually apply for a work permit or does he get the right to work automatically in Poland since he is married to a Polish citizen?

And should we decide to move somewhere else in Europe, possibly to a EU country, would he be able to obtain a work permit automatically as he is married to a EU citizen or would he have to abide by whatever the work regulations for that country are for foreigners?

TheKruk 3 | 308  
6 May 2007 /  #207
He can work in poland because he has a Polish wife. He has to register at Urzad Wojowodski (?) Usually companies give work permits he will probably have to open his own company (also not hard) as many polish firms hire you as "private contractors" so they can rip you off and not have to pay your health insurance, but it depends on what he wants to do. But don't worry he can work.
7 May 2007 /  #208
I want to get married to a polish girl who is basically belongs to India and who is punjabi
7 May 2007 /  #209
Assalamo alaikom Mr englishman !
I hope u r not very angry at Pakistanis today but I guess u will be angry after reading my reply to all the nonsense u have been spitting on my other Pakistani friend, I mean shahrukh. Well, to start with, u have done a degree from Oxford, ok so have I and my brother..and both my parents are Harward gold-medalists. As far as asking Shahrukh about his coming to UK for a degree, that is just because Pakistan and India like many other third world countries, have been the colonies of european nations who did all they could to keep us far from education for centuries and because of that we still have not been able to establish educational institutions of perfect stability like those in america and europe, but of course we ARE improving at a very good speed. Secondly, its the english language which makes us Pakistanis and Indians choose UK for higher education than France or Germany. Besides, UK universities make the latest knowledge and technological advancements available to students as in contrast to Pakistani and Indian universities who lack behind in this regard and of course that is for a reason. And guess what ? we pay four times more tuition fees than u european ( and english like in ur case ) guys do so u should be rather thankful to us because it is in fact Our money that u get educated with and its a shame that then u come out and start trying to impress us with ur degree ! on the other hand ( in reply to ur asking ; y did u choose MY country ? ) this is ur country which needs us to come here. Foreign students with above 80% of them from Pakistan, India and Chine, contrubute 3 BILLION pounds every year to YOUR country and this money is then used to educate U and other eaters-for-free like urself. so better be thankful to us.

As far as Pakistani and Indian community viz a viz Polish community here in UK is conerned, I think Shahrukh has given u the reply. Every pole I see here is wearing a high visibility jacket and going to dig, break, or lift something ! Pakistanis and Indians on the other hand can be found in Every walk of life in here, even in the Parliament house ! and what about Lakshmi Mittal ? the richest man in UK ? I guess he is not from Poland is he ? so Mister.... (forgot ur name, which is not my fault as u know but that of the polish names ) ! try to keep ur (nonsense) comments to urself and don't make us bored by writing unless u have some sound stuff to say against us Pakistani and Indians.

13 May 2007 /  #210
i am travelling to poland to have my wedding in Owczary
i have this problem i can find press

any comments

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