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I married a Polish girl once.

michaelmansun 11 | 135  
14 Sep 2008 /  #1
We came to the United States. She met a black man and got VD. I divorced her. We were together for 9 years. She bankrupted me and left me to rot.

It doesnt matter if the girl is Polish or Chinese. Some women are just bad women. It is better to wait, to be alone, than to have a broken heart and a broken bank account.
SeanBM 35 | 5,792  
14 Sep 2008 /  #2
It is better to wait, to be alone, than to have a broken heart and a broken bank account.

So you don't agree with Shakespeare "it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all"?.
Sounds tough, what was her side of the story?
gopsiaczek - | 3  
14 Sep 2008 /  #3
you will get better one,dont b be worry,she ia a bad b...h
Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1,523  
14 Sep 2008 /  #4
what was her side of the story?

ambition. Her life comes first... etc. Probably. Happens seanbm.. just some people you cannot defend... some people shouldnt be defended.
SeanBM 35 | 5,792  
14 Sep 2008 /  #5
some people shouldnt be defended.

I agree but i do find most of the time there are two sides to every story.
I was just wondering, I did not mean any badness, just after 9 years being together, I would think michaelmansun would have seen something coming or did she go bonkers when they arrived in America, this happens a lot and the fact she was not using protection might be a give away.

Love is blind and I know it might have been impossible for him to see it coming.

It is better to wait, to be alone,

Wait for what? I did not understand this, wait for someone better? wait out the rest of life?

I honestly do not believe marriage is for everyone. I and probably a lot of you, got pumped full of this Hollywood "happily ever after " crap.
ndrew - | 12  
14 Sep 2008 /  #6
Michaelmansun you are right to divorce her becoz w/e the reason maybe, its not right to cheat while still married or together. How did she bankrupt you? If she was squandering away with your money you should have been able to realize that much ahead unless she emptied ur bank a/c or sued u.

I too was with a beautiful polish lady for around 6 months. I loved her with all my heart but I realized that she doesn't really love me the way I loved her. I sacrificed much time helping her with her studies and other problems sacrificing my own studies knowing that it's all worth it but she took my love for granted. Slowly things changed and she no longer feel the warmth of my touch and kiss, it hurts me a lot even to this day. If someone truely loves you, she'll think about you and want to know how your day's been all that and want to spend more time with you. She'll find it interesting to hear your stories instead of talking about her problems all the time. She is ambitious no doubt about tat but one day she will wake up realizing that she threw away the one thing more precious in this world than money and ambition. Some people are beautiful within and some are only on the outside. Its worth the wait to find that person who's just as beautiful within as outside and if you do find that someone who is worthy of your love, hold on with your dear life and you shall find happiness.....:)
Dekameron 1 | 146  
14 Sep 2008 /  #7
Well have you considered going O.J.Simpson on her ass ? I mean i'm not encouraging anything just asking :-)
shewolf 5 | 1,077  
14 Sep 2008 /  #8
Are you all looking for new Polish women? Is that why you're on a Polish forum even though you've been treated so bad by Polish women?
Dekameron 1 | 146  
14 Sep 2008 /  #9
I'd like a new polish woman, my current polish woman refuses to cook for me, i think she's broken.
ndrew - | 12  
14 Sep 2008 /  #10
No shewolf that didn't even crossed my mind. Its the fact that I've been with a polish woman not long ago that I'm on this site. I came here looking for polish cultures, languages, what to do what not to do and reading diff. people's experiences with polish women so as to learn from their mistakes and those sort of things so as hoping to understand her more. Don't get me wrong I'm not stereotyping, infact I've met some of her polish friends on short occasion which I think were quite nice. I can understand since this site is a polish forum so u're likely to hear people talk both -ve and +ve more about polish women than others.
SeanBM 35 | 5,792  
14 Sep 2008 /  #11
one of my favourite quotes is " I used to be romantic, up until I met women", the same of course goes for women to men.

To find someone compatible and whom you can have a long loving and fulfilling relationship with. It is actually the persons faults that we so love not their perfections, please be warned that it is also their faults that annoy us.
Foreigner4 12 | 1,768  
14 Sep 2008 /  #12
Go To COLUMBIA. If there's one thing the might eastern european woman fears when trying to her secure global hotness reputation, it is the superiority of columbian, argentine, and brazilian women. They trump even russian women. GO! GO NOW! and May you rejoice upon your arrival!

You may also find some recreational substances to psyche yourself to commit that double homicide you have inside you. Just kidding, well, actually only sort of, if i was bankrupted by a cheating gal, well let's just say i'm doubtful i'd be a free man in your situation. you're a better man than i am.
14 Sep 2008 /  #13

did you mean Colombia?
Foreigner4 12 | 1,768  
14 Sep 2008 /  #14
What? No, i mean columbiaa..aaah, I see what you did there.
polishcanuck 7 | 461  
14 Sep 2008 /  #15
Michaelmansun, you have to be careful with foreign women. Often times they only marry "rich" americans like you for US citizenship and a free ticket out of poverty. When i go to poland i am amazed by how desperate some women are to develop a relationship with foreign men.
ShelleyS 14 | 2,883  
15 Sep 2008 /  #16
tut tut, Im surprised at such a generalisation off you.
Dekameron 1 | 146  
15 Sep 2008 /  #17
The live and achievements of polishcanuck.

Step one - move abroad.
Step two - get a job at as a dish washer.
Step three - look down on Poles just because they're in Poland AND he doesnt have to think about being a dish washer.
tzark - | 15  
29 Sep 2008 /  #18
look down on Poles just because they're in Poland AND he doesnt have to think about being a dish washer.

im not sure why you insulted him, his statement is correct basically 90% of the time.
29 Sep 2008 /  #19
The live and achievements of polishcanuck.

I think he has been living in Canada for a long time and he doesn't wash the dishes. LOL
polishcanuck 7 | 461  
30 Sep 2008 /  #20
Seems as though some people did not like my previous post. Yes, it was blunt and to the point, but it is true. The truth hurts? Let me explain myself in more detail.

You see, in the past (thousands of years ago) women were attracted to physically fit men - you know, v-shaped back, legs of steel, broad shoulders, pecs, "guns", abs, etc. Why? Because a strong man was capable of raising the family - ie: build a house, farm the land, protection, work for food/supplies etc. (and yes, women played a major role in the family as well). Remember life was very difficult and physically demanding so being strong was crucial to survival. Over the course of human evolution women have "evolved" into chosing their mates accordingly.

NOW, in the 21st century physical strength is not so important. Why? Because we live in a technological world where many tasks, which once required considerable physical labour, can now be accomplished by the press of a button .... OR even easier ... with $$$$$$.

This is the rationale behind my "dollar sign" post. There is nothing wrong with women being attracted to wealthy men (or financially stable). It's just a product of the improvement of our standard of living and evolution. Makes you wonder what this will develop into in the future...

I realise there are other reasons for women chosing a specific partner (love, personality, chemistry etc), but this is a major point i had to explain (re: my unpopular post).

What are men attracted to in a women, you now ask? Well there are evolutionary reasons for this as well but I'm out of time today.

The live and achievements of polishcanuck.

What? I've been living in canada since the age of 2. I've never worked as a dishwasher (even on a part-time basis during school).

tut tut, Im surprised at such a generalisation off you.

You know what i'm talking about.
LAGirl 9 | 496  
3 Oct 2008 /  #21
oh boy that is sad glad you dumped that dog. some women are just plain rotten so are men. good luck

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