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I can't trust Polish women any longer - where to meet a foreign girl?

sikat_ckat 1 | 27  
19 Jun 2009 /  #122

I am sorry you are having a rough time. Initially, I assumed you were too picky and have high standards which was no match for a lady. That or you take yourself way too seriously.I was only in a relationship almost 4 years ago (I was 21.) I'm now 25.I didn't date in middle school, highschool and earlier on in college. It didn't work out but I'm sure it's for the best. I'm Filipina (from The Philippines) and he is Mexican-American.

You can try E-Harmony (but there is a fee) or

(Although it is a Filipina site but Filipinas living in different countries probably use this site, not just those from The Philippines). Membership is free. You can also upgrade to the paid membership plans.

I hope I was able to help even if it's a little bit.
johncardwell 3 | 110  
10 Jul 2009 /  #123
Hi trismegistos,

Sounds like a common problem in many countries.
You simply may not be compatible with the women in your country for many reasons.
It might actually be a good thing.

I would like to discuss this more with you in private email.
But not here on the boards.

Let me know here is you would want to speak about this in a private chatroom or through email.

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