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Polish Driving Licence.

21 Feb 2007 /  #31
I need a polish licence asap to get work in Ireland .can you help ?
Ad Hoc  
21 Feb 2007 /  #32
I urgently need to obtain a Polish driving licence and wondered if someone could recommend the quickest route or outline the process.

All right. I am a police officer from Poland. This could be hard to obtain from now.

This could be hard to obtain from now.

24 Feb 2007 /  #33
if anyone knows where i can get a genuine polish driving licence from drop me a email
jasiek - | 12  
26 Feb 2007 /  #34
I also need to obtain a polish driving license ASAP. If anyone knows of an easy way to do this, please send me a mail. Thx
27 Feb 2007 /  #35
does any one of you guyz knw any english speaking driving instructers in wroclaw.. i want to take lesson for driving test but in english. as i cant speak polish.. i am currently studying medcial in wroclaw.

(i hav passed my theory test from uk will that help?)

pleazz email me da details ASAP:

THANK YOU for ur help!
27 Feb 2007 /  #36
hi how do you get a polish license in two day,s ?
10 Mar 2007 /  #37
how can i get a polish driving licence
fast a possible
And how many days it will take

if some one know a easy way
for a polish driving licence

plz email me
jasiek - | 12  
10 Mar 2007 /  #38
if anyone has had any luck getting a legit polish license, please get in touch: jasiek2000@yahoo
17 Mar 2007 /  #39
If you want any details regarding polish driving licence you can visit this site:

And one more thing: currently you must wait over 30 days (!!!) for practical exam in our country, so there is no fast way to get driving licence (legaly of course).

Good luck!
27 Mar 2007 /  #40
hi driver whats your email?
driver contact me jeffcoo@hotmail thanks
27 Mar 2007 /  #41

How long does it take and how much does it cost to get a driving license in Poland?

What if I already have a license form Armenia?
28 Mar 2007 /  #42
can u get back to me as soon as possible.i need to exchange my licence to a polish one.

hi i live in london and fi anyone willing to have polish driver licence plastic 1 get back to me on my email adres and we can take from there its only for a genuine people today u pay tommorow u have its simple

hey driver
may i as u to contact me soon. i need to exchange mine to polish one.
1 Apr 2007 /  #43
send me the information to obtain a polish driving licence.

I heard that it is possible to send off information in poland to obtain driving licence and just include fee's is that right.
9 Apr 2007 /  #44
Hi, Can someone please tell me if this is true, I have been disqualified from driving in the UK and I have got my licence back now but I need to take an "Extended Driving Test" before I can drive again.

I have been told I can move to poland for 3 months and do my test over there, come back to the UK with a clean licence?

Is that right?




Is this site for real, £299 is a lot of money to pay for a driving licence!

Would this work?
10 Apr 2007 /  #45
Oh man
You are really kidding if you think is that simple, do that and the same evening the police will knock at you doors
aga15 14 61  
10 Apr 2007 /  #46
If you have an american ones you just need to sent to driving department and it cost 500zl to change it. It's around £100, hope this helps

sapphire 22 | 1,241  
10 Apr 2007 /  #47
does anyone know how to change a Polish driving licence into an English one and how long it takes?
Ranj 21 | 948  
10 Apr 2007 /  #48
Since we are on the subject of driver's licenses, what are the restrictions in Poland and UK when it comes to international driver's license? I live in USA, but would I be able to drive in these countries with an international d.l. or would I need to have something more (especially in UK since they drive on opposite side of road that I am use to driving on)?
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,510  
10 Apr 2007 /  #49
i have just come into possession of a number of genuine copies of fake polish drivers licenses which i am happy to pass on to all those unable to get one legally...

... there is of course a small handling fee involved, a mere 999 zl which i believe is the going rate for such items...

please contact me on

10 Apr 2007 /  #50
Would that be a legit license ? ha ha ha come on dude u cracking me up are there eggz in ya head
10 Apr 2007 /  #51
you just need to sent to driving department and it cost 500zl to change it.

Where is this place in warsaw? any idea or website?

11 Apr 2007 /  #52
I wonder if anyone has a clue what the Theoretical Exam about...?
I am living in Poland for about 2 years now, and I will have the Exam. on the 16th of this month, but only the theoretical exam. in my country we don't have it, that is whyI would like to have some information about it?
11 Apr 2007 /  #53
I wonder if anyone has a clue what the Theoretical Exam about...?

Get hold of some practice tests [on CD]. If you don't, you will fail the exam.
13 Apr 2007 /  #54


22 Apr 2007 /  #55
email me on morpheus786@hotmail driver, i want one and we can discuss payment and stuff.
24 Apr 2007 /  #56
Does anybody know where the department for exchange the driving license is? (I am asking about Warsaw)
25 Apr 2007 /  #57
hi, i would like to make a english driving license, I polish i am looking for a english theory with polish translation?
3 May 2007 /  #58
If u already have a license in another country like the U.S, do u have to go through all the classes or can u just get a Polish license

if u got a license from the u.s its only good for a year then u got to take a test after that but 1st u got to hope u can get one from some where over here

coz im from the u.s staying in the uk

Quote . Apr 10, 07, 09:58 . #52

If you have an american ones you just need to sent to driving department and it cost 500zl to change it. It's around £100, hope this helps

cud u say more on about where or what driving department to call? do u got a number for them i been looking on the web for numbers to them call them up but im haveing or anyone eles know a number for them
5 May 2007 /  #59
Interested in buying Polih driving licence if you can hlp get one for me in my own name.

All communications in full privacy.


12 May 2007 /  #60
get back to me i can make u happy 2 days and u have polish one

Ok so what is your email .. I need one too. rockaja@hotmail

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