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Polish Driving Licence.

svengoolie 1 | 112  
31 Oct 2007 /  #121
i had one but they took it away
31 Oct 2007 /  #122
I would also like to avoid the costs of exchanging the American license in Scandinavia.

1. Can anyone confirm if I need a residence permit in Poland?
2. Do I need to find an interpreter when taking a theory test on the PC or is there an English version?
3. where do I find this CD with practice theory question and is there a place to read Polish rules in English?
4. If I first get a DL from the country on the list of "Countries listed by the Convention on Road Traffic, 8th November 1968." outside of the EU area (on the site /driving_licence_poland /driving_licence_exchange.html (remove spaces to open)), should I be able to get a license right away without a test?

I would greatly appreciate answers to any/all of these questions.
Danish - | 1  
1 Nov 2007 /  #123

Emko, did u get ur drivers license off Segdzee if yes pls let me know how fast his service was, And was the outcome if really good
emko - | 3  
1 Nov 2007 /  #124
Hey Danish.......... Well it took him aweek ,but he is a bit pricey. However the stuff is fantastic coz i had to go and present it to the police as i had been stopped few days back.
3 Nov 2007 /  #125
hi Segzdee are you in portugal or uk? coz am in poland and i can travel to either countries
alnorth - | 3  
3 Nov 2007 /  #126
Need to change my American driving license to Polish one. Please drop a private message.
nudson - | 3  
6 Nov 2007 /  #127
Alnorth,you dont need to change it just get yourself a DL from various Eu Countries.
kevin69 - | 1  
7 Nov 2007 /  #128
Hi regarding the polish driving can you help me with that!please get back to me thank you..Michael
nachoo - | 1  
12 Nov 2007 /  #129
hi i just read about ur services on poland fourms can u help me to change my american licence to polish one i live in uk can u ? please get back to me asap.maliek@hotmail

hello driver can u help me pls i got american licence i want to change to polish one .
i live in uk can u help pls?
hi anyone out there help me out to change my us driving licence to polish please let me no asap thanks
contact me on maliek@hotmail.
12 Nov 2007 /  #130
Thank man (Segzdee)
bitemccoy - | 1  
14 Nov 2007 /  #131
Is there a license available? Needed badly for work in ireland

segzdee I really need someones help or advice please. Living and working in ireland as a rep. Need my license for work but waiting list is mental here. Have an address in poland if needed but really need to get a lsence sorted asap.

Can u help please?.

blu - | 1  
14 Nov 2007 /  #132
pls contact me at asap
15 Nov 2007 /  #133
whats the deal with the portugese licence
Bushman - | 7  
17 Nov 2007 /  #134
Hi! I'm a South African, new to Poland, with an SA licence. What must I do to get it converted to a Polish one, and where? Do I have to take the theory and pratical tests again (hope not!)?

Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated!
Mufasa 19 | 358  
17 Nov 2007 /  #135
Hey Bushman

Sorry, but you'll have no luck, unless you are willing to hand in your SA licence. I was not willing to do that, because when we go to South Africa on holiday, I need my licence there. They were then not willing to give me a Polish licence, so I drive with a South African international licence that I got from the AA. Depending on which countries you travel in, the period of validity for the licences vary.

Good luck.
Michal - | 1,865  
17 Nov 2007 /  #136
No, obviously they will not transfer a South African license to a Polish one, will they? An international license is usually valid for 12 months or at least that was the case when I was driving in South Africa although the law may be different now as I am talking about over thirty years ago. The you write fifty lines of rubbish to me instead of getting advice from a proper source. Gek, maar niet voor mee, hoor!
utter - | 1  
18 Nov 2007 /  #137
hi there i live in the uk and am after someone who can get a legal eu driving Driving Licence for me, i have the cash waiting.

please contact me on
Michal - | 1,865  
18 Nov 2007 /  #138
How can you 'buy' a legal driving license?
Buddy 7 | 167  
21 Nov 2007 /  #139
I check this driving licience thing ou and it is possible due to loop holesin the EU law. however, it won't e long before they are closed.
alnorth - | 3  
29 Nov 2007 /  #140
It can be fixed via Uk if you want one. for real.
horacle - | 1  
30 Nov 2007 /  #141
How? Can you give more details?
FRANIE - | 1  
4 Dec 2007 /  #142
SEGZEE; Can you contact me me for the driving licences ?
5 Dec 2007 /  #143
I am in need of a polish driving license, am willing to travel to poland for couple of days to speed the process up, if someone can arrange a legal one with out the exams.

Contact in private at aussiejme@hotmail. No timewasters, need it before christmas.

3 Jan 2008 /  #144
i need polish driving licnce
ibrahim - | 3  
5 Jan 2008 /  #145
hi ,

please iwant to ask regarding segzdee did u deal with person please cause iwant to deal with him but idont know if he really honest or what
timewarp - | 4  
7 Jan 2008 /  #146
I'm working in U.K. and I need a licence to drive in the U.K. can anyone help ?
Lady in red  
7 Jan 2008 /  #147
Well, the way we do things in the UK is as follows :-

1. Get provisional licence.
2. Get driving lessons and study for written test.
3. Pass both and you will be issued with a UK Licence.

For more information go here ...... Licence/DG_10012514

That's how we do things in the UK, anything else is illegal and criminal and I'm sure PF does not allow anything other than legal posts on this forum !!

ibrahim - | 3  
7 Jan 2008 /  #148
hi ,
pleas brother iwant to ask u did u deal with this person please if possible to advice me regarding this person segzdee
8 Jan 2008 /  #149
will it be legit and complete polish licence... i am interested how much and how long will it take to get a polish licence please email me at awais.idrees@gmail thanks.

hi i would like a polish licence... the stuff you get does it come with the paper n the id card or is it just the card... please let me know... isit good enough to be exchanged in the UK (DVLA).... well i am very interested contact me at awais.idrees@gmail i would like more details and where about are.
debbiedan5 - | 1  
10 Jan 2008 /  #150
Hi, My email is debbiedan5@gmail.
did not get your email.

Let me know if u can help with the polish driving licence for cars

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