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Polish Driving Licence.

13 Nov 2006 /  #1
Query re Polish Driving Licence.

I urgently need to obtain a Polish driving licence and wondered if someone could recommend the quickest route or outline the process. I have lived in Poland and speak the language.

13 Nov 2006 /  #2
Hmm - I think you can still buy a drivers license in Poland if you know the appropriate people. Are you currently living in Poland? I would suggest to go to a "private" drivers license school and then talk to a manager and he should give you some hints. Don't be afraid, they know the game and won't be even surprised you asked them this question.

If it's not something urgent, I guess you can still go to a driving school (there are plenty of them in big and smaller cities) and ask about the "fast driving course".
rafik 18 | 589  
13 Nov 2006 /  #3
hello do you know if he is not a convicted criminal?
it is not that difficult to take an exam and pass it.
zagadka, if you used to live in poland and don't live there now,why do you need it so urgently now?
24 Nov 2006 /  #4
surely an international one might do.
Decorator 4 | 291  
24 Nov 2006 /  #5
They wanted me to change my license when i was living in holland for 4 years..
glowa 1 | 291  
24 Nov 2006 /  #6
Nowadays, you don't need international licence in the EU..
They are all, theoreticaly, printed according to a template.
Like Decorator I was supposed to change my license fot a Belgian one, but I didn't do it.
I have standard Polish one - the pink stuff, looking pretty much like the English.
At least in Belgium I was able to buy and register a car without changing the license into a local one.
Only a German policeman looked at me strange after an accident and asked three times whether the car was actualy mine, bastard.
15 Dec 2006 /  #7
Hi everyone Iam british and will move to poland next year . I been told that its cheap to take polish drivind license. Can someone tell me what to do.

15 Dec 2006 /  #8
You dont need to take a Polish Driving test as if you staying for less than six months, if you are staying for more than that then you can transfer your GB license for a Polish one. Here is a site that might help you with legal stuff
16 Dec 2006 /  #9
I dont have GB license , Iam student and I want study in Poland and take drivind test in Poland. I want to know, what kind of test should I take and how much it will cost.

6 Dec 2006 /  #10
Dec 16, 06 [12:58] - Attached on merging:
Looking for a Polish Driving Licence

hey there,

I am looking for a polish driving licence, Is there anyone who can help me with this.

I have been studying in UK for a long time and was driving on my Indian international driving licence. Couple of days ago i found out that i am only allowed to drive on my international licence for a year, Hence the need for a polish licence.

Ok before you think, I have been driving for nearly 8 years and yes i can take a british test but the problem is i heavily depend on my driving licence and the place i live doesnt have a practical test booking till end of march early april 2007.

So i dont mind paying for a licence either an old paper one or the new one. Please it would be a great help if someone can sort this out.

6 Dec 2006 /  #11
Anyway if you did some how illegally obtain a Polish licence then the Police would ask to see your Polish ID and probably your passport , you’d have to be able to prove you were the person you were pretending to be. AFAIK the Polish license only comes as a card with a digital facial picture on it, and the UK licence is the same plus the paper counterpart- there is no paper only option that was phased out a few years ago.
6 Dec 2006 /  #12
I want the licence in my real name and I could have been a student in poland so doesnt necessaily need to have a Polish ID.

I am ready to pay for the new licence if the right person can get it arranged,
7 Dec 2006 /  #13
I am not to sure how it works with an Indian driving licence, but I am English and have just exchanged my UK driving licence for a Polish one as we are members of the EU now. Before that, I was told that you have to take a Polish driving test to obtain one. You might find some extra info at this address

Good luck.
bolo 2 | 304  
16 Dec 2006 /  #14
I dont have GB license , Iam student and I want study in Poland and take drivind test in Poland. I want to know, what kind of test should I take and how much it will cost.

You need to take driving and theory test for sure. I'm not sure how much it costs now - about 1000 zl (including driving lessons..)?
16 Dec 2006 /  #15
Hi I been told that there is no theory test is that trure.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384  
16 Dec 2006 /  #16
It's in two parts. Theory then practical. But not on the same day.
17 Dec 2006 /  #17
Hi I want to know how many question are theory test.
dziwna_gruszka - | 197  
17 Dec 2006 /  #18
You have to be 18 if your not already, take driving lessons and then get your license... it's not hard... it's pretty much like everywhere else...
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384  
17 Dec 2006 /  #19
To get a driving licence in Poland you have to sit a test in two parts. First is theory which has questions with multiple answers. In other words A could be correct or A and B could be correct. I can't remember how many questions there are. It is possible to get an English / Polish translator for this. You can get two questions wrong. Most people practice this test on a CD course. After passing the theory you have up to six months to pass the practical exam.
2 Jan 2007 /  #20
HI, I have a polish employee who lost his wallet over the weekend and in it was his polish driving licence. I was informed that he cannot apply for a replacement driving licence unless he is in person in poland. Is this true?
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384  
2 Jan 2007 /  #21
A quick phone call to the Polish Embassy / Consulate should give you the answer.
krysia 23 | 3,058  
2 Jan 2007 /  #22
I think it is true. In the US, if you lose your driver's license, you have to be in person for a new picture to make a new one.
21 Jan 2007 /  #23
If u already have a license in another country like the U.S, do u have to go through all the classes or can u just get a Polish license
12 Feb 2007 /  #24
hi i live in london and fi anyone willing to have polish driver licence plastic 1 get back to me on my email adres and we can take from there its only for a genuine people today u pay tommorow u have its simple

get back to me i can make u happy 2 days and u have polish one
dannyboy 18 | 248  
15 Feb 2007 /  #25
get back to me i can make u happy 2 days and u have polish one

Would that be a legit license ?
9 Dec 2006 /  #26
Feb 15, 07 [10:35] - Attached on merging:
how to get a polish drivers license....

Hello all : )
I hope someone can help me. I come from the USA, I live in Berlin (7 years) And I have been driving for more than 15 years.

I want to change my american driver license to a polish drivers license. Because it is 1-easier and 2-MUCH cheaper than a german one.
Can anyone help me with some nfo?? !
thank you. (steveandjanet2001@yahoo)
hello 22 | 891  
10 Dec 2006 /  #27
I don't think you can just change your license. I think you need to pass an exam just like other drivers in Poland do (you can drive in Poland on American license but for a limited period of time, I think).
dannyboy 18 | 248  
15 Feb 2007 /  #28
Is there some driving instructor I could bribe to give me a polish driving license?
It will be used in Ireland only.

I could supply dates of recent times I have been in Poland if necessary

The waiting time for an exam in Ireland is now between 10months to a year, and I missed my last test so I have been waiting over 1.5 years now to sit a test.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384  
15 Feb 2007 /  #29

They have recently had a purge and sacked all the bad guys. Or in your case: all the good guys.
dannyboy 18 | 248  
15 Feb 2007 /  #30
Looks like I'm too late, thats a pity. hmmm, maybe I should check out

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