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Polish Driving Licence.

24 Jun 2008 /  #271
these websites are full of **** they are a scam the take your money and you get **** all and you can not report them because they are illeagal snapjack i am also looking for a real full eu licence that i can exchange in to a full irish driving liecence my email address is but i dont turst these guys the losed1 website guy used to have a different name if i can remember correctelly
25 Jun 2008 /  #272
why are the ones with the full licences such ******** to people who are suffering you would think they where never learners once there is rescons why people are asking for help on this website snapjack
dnz 17 | 710  
25 Jun 2008 /  #273
Thats the problem, We all were learners once and we paid our hard earned cash in order to learn to drive. Take some ******* lessons like everyone else and don't just think you can buy a driving licence. If you do decide to drive on a fraudulently obtained driving licence I just hope you all crash and burn and don't injure anyone else in the process.
25 Jun 2008 /  #274
i am looking for real eu driving licence to change in to full irish driving licence it must be real though my email address is no time wasters please thnks
27 Jun 2008 /  #275
you people on this fourm are useless you cliam you can get this and that when you cant snapjack
28 Jun 2008 /  #276
29 Jun 2008 /  #277
i have been conned by driving licence today , i am interested if you are genuine , get in touch please.
dnz 17 | 710  
29 Jun 2008 /  #278
Thats great!! Keep on conning these loosers people!
1 Jul 2008 /  #279
hi i live in london and fi anyone willing to have polish driver licence plastic 1 get back to me on my email adres and we can take from there its only for a genuine people today u pay tommorow u have its simple

Please i need one mrpolite2u2@yahoo
3 Jul 2008 /  #280
Hi, I'm looking for an EU valid driving license that MUST be valid in Germany. A polish or Romanian is also fine. Is there an easiest legal way to get it? Contact me on this email plz: calahmere@gmail. And no time wasters coz I DO recognize them very well.
3 Jul 2008 /  #281
Is there an easiest legal way to get it?

Yes: you contact a driving school, take some lessons, learn to drive and then pass the test. It's that easy.
4 Jul 2008 /  #282
to bigdaz1970

hi. i applied to dlprocure for a uk licence on the 16th june 2008- before i made payment i would get a response the nxt day via email or phone. but its been 2 weeks since making a bank transfer i have not been contacted. and now iam reallyyyyy worried. they did say we will send by 16th july- its the 4th july 08 today so see if i get it....
4 Jul 2008 /  #283
what is the problem with all the idieots on this forum giving smart remarks you wou think half of them neaver done anything in there life illeagal they are begurgers and saints no one wants there opions so **** off
bigdaz1970 - | 5  
5 Jul 2008 /  #284
all the little goody two shoes hey snapjack ,
6 Jul 2008 /  #285
how much did tou pay
6 Jul 2008 /  #286
i paid 600EUROS. about just over 400£
i did a bank transfer.... i spoke to the bank and aparantly i can still get my money back if i dispute the transaction... please someone help i urgently need a UK driving licence. or a europeon one that i could exchange. aparently there are some people that can provide or they do sell genuine license. please if someone does. contact me on

6 Jul 2008 /  #287
To Harry, Alright smart Ass! tell me an alternative way... And everybody stop ************ around and get to the bottom line. License without effort or no license???
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384  
6 Jul 2008 /  #288
And everybody stop ************ around and get to the bottom line. License without effort or no license???

No-one is jerking you around.
If you want a license, take the test.
I'm sure you realize that no-one here is going to help you break the law. Especially when it means putting information on-line.
aashi37 - | 1  
7 Jul 2008 /  #289
to mrpolite2u2@yahoo

i dont get it. do you want a license or are you selling genuine licenses?
9 Jul 2008 /  #290

You are indeed a company of fraudsters i paid over €400 six weeks ago and have no license. You woun't even reply to my emails. So everyone don't deal with this compnay they are a bunch of fraudsters. If it is a thing i get my license which i very much doubt i will let you's know
9 Jul 2008 /  #291
Moron, you must be crazy to expect anything else but this result.

Let this be a lesson to everyone else; it's simple guys just pass the test and stop putting other road users at risk by your inexperience Grrrrrrrrrrrr
szarlotka 8 | 2,208  
9 Jul 2008 /  #292
£400 - why not just take a week's intensive course and get your license legally. If you have experience you can do 10-15 hours and it will work out cheaper. Also your insurance would not be invalidated if you ever hit me.

be legal, be safe and less likely to end up in hospital if you do hit me.
ShelleyS 14 | 2,893  
9 Jul 2008 /  #293
To Harry, Alright smart Ass! tell me an alternative way... And everybody stop ************ around and get to the bottom line. License without effort or no license???

1) Legally living in a country.
2) If you dont have a driving license of any kind, get a provisional.
3) take some lessons.
4) take your written test.
5) wait for your instructor to put you in for your test.
6) take your test.
7) bingo you have a legal license.

If you already have a license then there are websites that can help you transfer your old license.

For all those scamming, Im glad you lost your money and I hope if you try it again, you get caught and go to court or better still if you are some illegal, you get kicked out with a stamp on your passport saying - "no entry allowed"!
abbey - | 1  
9 Jul 2008 /  #294 person who ever is unhappy report him to police and crime stoppers

Richard Benn
79 Arthur Rd
London, London SW19 7DS
United Kingdom

02081443146 phone number

Benn, Richard letttterbox@gmail
bigdaz1970 - | 5  
9 Jul 2008 /  #295
thats what im doing , making a note of all the scammer on here then going to crime stopper , shower of wankers ,
9 Jul 2008 /  #296
you bet your life there all goody two shoes bigdaz i hate such ass holes
11 Jul 2008 /  #297
whats the story can anybody get me a real eu driving licence or what give me a ring no time wasters please all i want is a real eu licence i can change in to a full irish driving licence snapjack thats it
craig uk  
12 Jul 2008 /  #298
I am Uk citizen and have previously passed the uk theory and pracitical tests, but due to foolishly not sending them off years ago they have no lapsed.

I require a license asap and am willing to travel to get one!!

Anyone with details please contact me asap @

My company mercedes is on its way no license no driving :-)
Evelyn - | 1  
23 Sep 2008 /  #299
Thread attached on merging:
Polish Drivering licence

As an Non-EU citizen ,living in spain that does not have drivers licence exchange programme for my country ,

I'm interested in Re-Exchanging my present drivers licence to a legitimate Polish licence the easy way and pay for it. without taking any more test since i already drive and then later Re-Exchange the polish licence to a spanish one.

Can anybody help me or point me in the right direction ? please Contact me : Email: elynworld@yahoo
cindiejvdmeer - | 1  
12 Mar 2009 /  #300
Thread attached on merging:
buy licence


I'm a dutch girl. And I would like to buy a Polish driving license.
Can anyone maybe send me an mail if this is possible?
Because i'm going to stay for a while in poland.


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