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23 Sep 2009
UK, Ireland / "Angry swan eater" - The British media view of Polish immigrants? [63]

I believe they pillaged the lakes of Ireland for this delicacy in Ireland too

There are no carp native to Ireland. The very few carp in Irish waters were illegally introduced and you certainly couldnt delibrately fish for them. So that statement is pure gowno prawda.
14 Sep 2009
Life / Expensive brand retail outlets in Poland - how do they survive? [19]

I did last time i was in Wroclaw. Took a trip to the Magnolia shopping centre, nice shiny new shopping centre, lots of expensive shops and next to no people in it. Same goes for Arkady near the train station, lots of shops selling expensive clothes and jewellery and no customers.

Centres with cheaper shops like Pasaż Grunwaldzki and Galeria Dominikańska always seem to be busy in comparison.
3 Sep 2009
Food / moet et chandon in wroclaw??? [6]

Does the small supermarket at the end of Galeria Dominkanska or the wine shop next to it stock Moet?
6 Aug 2009
UK, Ireland / Migrant workers face rental block [59]

I dont see what the big deal is, you see polish shops with signs in the window saying "no english" so why is this different.

Where??? Never seen a sign like that in any of the polish or 'foreign food' shops in Boston or Lincoln.

I have seen 'No english' signs in a few pubs mainly frequented by portuguese / russian dock workers/sailors in Boston though.
25 Jun 2009
Life / Gun-range Practice At Night [14]

Contrary to popular culture, suppressers / silencers do not stop a gun making a sound when it is fired. It slows the gas expulsion noise and sometimes the bullets velocity to a limited degree. Rather than the dull "thud" or "phut" seen in films, a silencer only reduces the gunshot by about 30db, so most gunshots are still over 100db.
19 May 2009
Travel / Wroclaw Train station to the Airport [15]

There is the 406 bus from Podwale to the airport (lotnisko) every half and hour.
If you walk out of the front of the station (towards the city centre) and cross the large road in front, at the pedestrian crossing at the cross roads. Just keep walking! There are maybe 2 roads to cross and it takes about 5 minutes. When you see a lake the road running alongside this is Podwale.
6 May 2009
Life / Thunderstorms in Poland [44]

In the UK we have a little rumble of thunder and occasionally Mr Lightning may decide to join in and this "meeting of elements" occurs approximately once a year

Dont know what part of the UK you are from but that isnt my experience especially during the flooding events in 2000 and 2007 and the storms of the late 80s. Massive storms lashing down rain, hail coupled with strong winds, thunder and lightning, not lasting a few hours but days. Lots of people with damaged property.

Last year we had a series of storms that were very heavy with torrential rain during the summer, lots of "drowned rat" tourists. Joys of living in Lincolnshire!
5 May 2009
Love / Where did you meet your Polish other half? [33]

Met my polish g/f in a bar in Poznan. I was on a 'cultural' weekend with work friends and she was visiting relatives and attending an ATB concert the night before.

I was knackered after crappy weather, walking around Poznan and heavy drinking the previous nights and my friends convinced me to go to 'just one more bar'. There she was with her sisters and friends celebrating a birthday. Have known her nearly 2 years now and she has moved to England to be with me, so alls good! :-)
8 Apr 2009
UK, Ireland / English mobile phones - compatible with Polish sim cards? [3]

Just wondering if i were to purchase an Orange mobile in the UK if this would work with an Orange sim card from Poland?

Have tried an Polish sim in my spare phone which works with Vodafone and Orange in the UK and the SIM was not recognised. Is it possible to 'unlock' this?
18 Dec 2008
UK, Ireland / 10,000 Poles in UK for free abortions [58]

unborn child

Not officially a child until after 23 weeks. Thats why abortions in the UK are allowed before this period comes to an end.
13 Nov 2008
Travel / Ryanair cancelling flights to Poland at short notice [55]

Just been emailed confirmation of 2 flights cancelled from East Midlands to Wroclaw by Ryanair. Checking their website it looks like they have cut most of their services on this route and only fly on wednesdays and sundays. Of course flying on a sunday is are stupidly expensive :-(

Dont know why they have changed this, every flight, be it on a monday, wednesday or friday i have travelled on this route has been full.
5 Nov 2008
Life / Cosmetics in Poland [14]

Cosmetics seem to be pretty expensive in Poland, roughly the same price as in the UK. I know a few girls who stock up when they visit relatives who live in Germany.
23 Oct 2008
Life / Wedkarski (fishing/angling) questions in Poland [7]

In England and Wales you can take fish for the pot, BUT there are restrictions, see the EA website for details. Anglers in the UK prefer to catch and release (and are passionate about it) so that the fish can provide another day of enjoyment. Some of the techniques employed by non-UK anglers are frowned upon i.e. eye grips (why blind a fish???)
13 Oct 2008
Life / Wedkarski (fishing/angling) questions in Poland [7]

Couple of questions about fishing:

Whats the best Polish magazine/newspaper for reading about equipment/tactics in Poland?
Is the Sklep Wedkarski, Krokodyla on Tęczową the best shop in Wroclaw?
What permits/licences do you need to fish for pike in Poland?
2 Oct 2008
News / Adult movie producers looking for 'actresses' in Poland or just a weirdo? [120]

Sapphire - As can be easily seen from the title of the thread it was a question relating to the unpleasant experience of my gf.

I was wondering if anyone else was aware of people doing this.
It was also a warning to people that this sort of thing does happen in real life and not to take any stranger at 'face-value'.
1 Oct 2008
News / Adult movie producers looking for 'actresses' in Poland or just a weirdo? [120]

Sapphire, oh dear.
I never said she was naive, i said she was shocked and upset that someone would go into her place of work and sexually harrass her.

In the real world there are thousands of naive girls being trafficed for sex. They answer innocent job adverts, get 'recruited' or are conned into believing they can make money or a better life for themselves.

If you think my idea of a sexual fantasy is someone sexually harrassing my gf then you need to go get some counselling.
1 Oct 2008
News / Adult movie producers looking for 'actresses' in Poland or just a weirdo? [120]

Sapphire get off your Germain Greer high horse. I wasnt sticking up for women, i was just informing people about my gf's horrible experience and warning others.

Naive as in not knowing what they could be letting themselves in for.
If the guy says he wants to film 'sex'. Does that mean 1 guy 1 girl? or 6 guys 1 girl? BDSM or other violent behaviour? A sexually active girl may think ' heh that would be cool getting paid to have sex'. They may not be told that involves some guy/s who may not be HIV checked, without a condom (cos the viewing audience doesnt want to see this), having rough sex with them for as long as the producer wants, not how long the girl wants.

Once the girl is in the room on her own and the door is locked, do you think these guys will take no for an answer?
22 Sep 2008
News / Adult movie producers looking for 'actresses' in Poland or just a weirdo? [120]

Normal decent people dont go into someones place of work and start spouting obscene sexual fantasies to a complete stranger.
When its an offer to someone from another country it smacks of exploitation.

I just hope that no girl is naive enough to take the guy up on his offer.
22 Sep 2008
News / Adult movie producers looking for 'actresses' in Poland or just a weirdo? [120]

If you cannot understand thats your own stupidity.

I was wondering if anyone else had heard of this sort of thing happening and to warn others about this guy thats why i gave out the geographic location. I would hate for any other girl to be put in this situation.