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28 Mar 2008
Life / The strangest things in Poland [468]

People smoking in the main shops in cafes and restaurants...Ban that crap!

Yeah ban people drinking alcohol.

28 Mar 2008
UK, Ireland / Maddogs and Englishmen. [18]

I've noticed over the past year more and more English, Irish, Scottish guys moving over to Poland with their new Polish wifes. What do you think the stereotype is.

Are their similiar traits amongst us new British immigrants.
i.e Age, social group, education, career etc
27 Mar 2008
Travel / Breakfast in Gdansk [8]

Your problems are solved, check out the link. It looks pretty much what you need.
27 Mar 2008
Life / Polish escort services - legal in Poland? [98]

If you slept with prostitutes you help the perpetuation of sex slavery and child abuse. This is not a victimless crime. People blather on about there being a difference between forced prostitution and those who make a "choice" to be working girls.

This **** makes me angry. Next time you **** a prositute, remember you blacken your soul. You lose empathy for others suffering.
26 Mar 2008
News / Organized Crime: Polish Gang Is Making Profitable Business Of Robberies [60]

Many Poles in the UK work in the security industry. i.e pubs, nightclubs etc. That is why Polish OC is expanding, coupled with cheap Extacsy and amphetamine which can be easily smuggled from their homeland. They also have their own market amongst their compatriots. One of the reasons immigrant communities often harbour and protect criminals in their communities, is that the criminals have contacts back home who can intimidate families based in Poland. This means that the law abiding Poles are wary of putting criminal Poles in the police spot light.

Secondly, many of the immigrants are young. Especially young men, many of whom have an established network of friends in the UK.
Finally infiltrating Polish gangs, will be a challenge for the UK police forces since its such a recent phenomena. Also many people with criminal convictions have left for the Uk, since this provideds them with a relatively fresh start. Not so easy to track.

The Russians are in a different league in the UK.
26 Mar 2008
UK, Ireland / Poles in UK turn to fast food [29]

Well the Poles in Poland are turning to fast food in Poland.

Last week on TV there was an advert for Lays crisps....for wait for it... the new Kebab Flavour... (huuurrrgghhh....)

Its things like this that make me wonder how civilization has progressed.
From Plato, to the Pyramids, to the Enlightenment, to Computers, to...Kebab flavour crisps.

Since I've been shuttling backwards and forwards for the past 7 years, I've noticed the proliferation of Kebap and pizza outlets. If ever a terrorist group should be formed it should be the ******** food army. ASFA. Their mission to blow up fast food outlets. And force the government to give all poor families a healthy food allowance. Thus combating the evils of **** unhealthy food.

(p.s to all Security agencies combing the net the prior text is a JOKE).

Don't want to **** off the Fat Controller.
24 Mar 2008
Life / HOW CAN POLISH PEOPLE AFFORD IT?? They are said to earn very little..? [43]

It is worth rememebering to separate those who dwell in the countryside and those who live in cities. There is a major income difference, I'm sure there are regional differences as well. Major buisness centers like Warsaw, Poznan, Krakow, Zacopana, have a higher median than other places.

I think there is a lot of cash in hand work, even more so in the countryside.
I was chatting to a friend yesterday who said many of the big expensive cars on the road, are written off against buisness costs (look for the grill in the back of the car).

Remember all the statistics we have are official stats. I'm sure many people simply do not declare half of what they get. Because it is under the counter.
21 Mar 2008
Travel / Breakfast in Gdansk [8]

Dude, there is two Indian restaurants in the whole of the Tri-city. Getting an English breakfast will be a tall order. Seriously. I live here I know.

Try to get to Sopot, much more fun than Gdansk.
21 Mar 2008
News / Organized Crime: Polish Gang Is Making Profitable Business Of Robberies [60]

Ive heard of a polish mafia in chicago but it's not that large of an organization and it lays very low from wat i know. If it were to start a war with MS or a black organization they would all be killed off in a matter of weeks.

Closely followed by......

My dad also has some friends who could easily take care of some idiots who stole from me or my family. =D

Are you insinuating that your daddy and his buddies are tougher than the Polish mafia?

The Iatlian mafia give you an offer you can't refuse.
The Polish mafia give you an offer you can't understand.
21 Mar 2008
Travel / Breakfast in Gdansk [8]

If you want an English breakast, go to one of the big hotels.
18 Mar 2008
UK, Ireland / Gang attack Polish man with knife [87]

Subject verb object ... Gang is the subject...attack is the verb ...... Polish man with knife is the object.....

It did not read Gang attack Polish man with a knife.

Nor did it read Gang attack Polish man with knives.

Nor indeed Gang knife Polish man in attack.

The probable reason he didn't have the complete **** kicked out of him or indeed been stomped to death, is because he had the knife in the first place. If I was a Pole walking alone in that part of the UK, I would definately be carrying knife. FirstlY because carrying a blade isn't illegal in Poland. And secondly it an exceptionally volatile area, as previously pointed out.

read between the lines....
18 Mar 2008
UK, Ireland / My fellow brits here - are "traitors" by not dating English girls? [103]

Rather than "blud you are dumb", explain the difference and educated people. Its a lot more sobering to have something explained.
Iąm not having a go,just trzing to encourage rational discourse (this evening on this thread)
18 Mar 2008
Love / Does she like me? - help needed please from any Polish girls.. [79]

"Better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all".

I would write some romantic poetry, drink a bottle of absinthe and post her my ear. If that doesn't grab her attention nothing will. Some painter did it once, I ąm not sure who (maybe Rolph Harris).
18 Mar 2008
Food / Chocolate flavored vodka [11]

Years ago before the Vodka revival in the UK. I worked for a bunch a crooks who ran Babuska Bars in London. What we would do (managements orders) was buy cheap vodka and mix it with melted chocolate and milk put it in absolute vodka bottles and sell it at £1 a shot. From 1 litre of cheap nasty vodka we'd make up the 3 full bottles of Absolute. Thus turning a £9.99 vodka and £5 worth of chocolate and milk into £84 easy money.

Most of the flavoured vodkas are made using chemicals, its much more fun to make your own.
17 Mar 2008
Life / What do Polish people think about Americans living in Poland? [48]

Generally, the westerners who come to Poland are quite unusual. A self-selecting bunch, they tend to be much better-educated and informed about the world than the normal person who stayed at home.

Quite... well put. Often a little mad :).
16 Mar 2008
Food / No Curry in Tri-city area...damnit. [8]

Yesterday the missus' and I decided to go for a curry. Within the Tri-city there are two restaurants. One newly established in Gdansk in a centrum and the second a long established place called the "Taj Mahal" Gdynia. Anyhow we phoned up the latter in the late afternoon and were informed they weren't busy, so instead of booking we hopped in the car and arrived at said place 35 minutes later. On arrival the restaurant with a capacity of at least 50 people had two tables of four. The enticing aroma of exotic spices had me salivating from the off. The young shavenhead waiter blocked our entrance and informed us it would be at least a half hour wait, before our order could be taken. The reason being they had just received a large take away order!!!!!!!!!!

Always ready to be amenable, the missus said we would happily wait, but would we be able to have some nibbles with drinks whilst we waited. No, this wouldn't be possible, at which point another waitress walked past castigated the other waiter and told us it would be at least an hour wait. And had we booked, since she had a table of 15 booked for later that evening!!!!!

Seriously I've never been more discouraged from eating anywhere in my life. Insane.
Its the inverse of "how to win friends and influence people", "how to **** people off and lose customers".

So having accepted defeat, we headed to a wonderful Italian in Gdynia, where the service was immpecable and the food delicious. And half the price of the Indian.

This juxtaposed service mentality is exactly the sort of thing in Poland that frustrates me.
However, we things are done well, like the Italian, they are done very well.
9 Mar 2008
Love / I got married to a Polish wife; Polish family advice needed [45]

I'm learning quickly just how much family means in Poland, it seems to be an all or nothing sort of situation. Coming from a small fractured family unit, this overwhelming suffocating soap opera that is Polish family life, is taking some getting used to. Not least for my missus who spent the last 7 years away from them. I can dig exactly why she went to the UK, I think I would have gone to Australia.

Anyhow, it seems life has more general drama than in the UK.

Having read the other posts, I think perhaps straight talking is exactly what it needs. Even if it all goes to ****, at least you spoke your mind. I would help, but I'd do it with conditions. These people are your in laws, where as you love your wife unconditionally, your inlaws, it should be conditional love.

Remember your duty its to your immediate family.
7 Mar 2008
Life / Polish Train Travel - Scary? [101]

There used to be gangs of steamers around Ilford who would attack and rob everyone on the train and then get off at the next station.

Quite true and this is not an isolated case. Steaming happens more oten than people realise.

I sometimes wonder regarding the anecdote about sleeping gas, is rather just a convenient excuse for people, the logistics of theives carrying canisters of gas around trains and gassing whole compartments is rather unfeasible. Not only would you need alot of gas, but where would you get the gas from in the first place.

Imagine, first you go to the local hospital, rob ten cannisters of "sleeping gas" (what the **** is sleeping gas?) Then you lug it onboard an overnight train gassing people. Er...doubt it.
17 Feb 2008
News / Poland in coming 5 years [48]

"damn progress", cried the Luddities.

Poland like the UK has the majority of its laws made in Europe. The EU standards are being employed and the future of urban Poland is that of Germany, France, Holland and the rest. It will just take time, however, the financial commitment by the EU over the next few years is large.X Billions of Euro's, this will stimulate private investment and Poland will turn into another Eastern Tiger...this time in Europe. Golbal brands and companies will absorb the markets.
16 Feb 2008
Life / What is the Drum n Bass scene like in Poland [13]

There is Drum and Bass in Poland. I've been to several D&B gigs in the Tri-city.
I was brought up on this music. I remember very little of what actually happened during the nineties, however, One nation, Sterns, The Rhythmn Station, Labryinth were the names that still ring bells. I think since the demise of the Turntable, commercial branded highly slickly produced tunes dominate the scene. Other wise you have to head to the other end of the spectrum and hit the squat scene. There is a decent squat/punk scene out here. But you have to know whats down.