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Breakfast in Gdansk

gm1 2 | 3  
21 Mar 2008 /  #1
Hi, I will be visiting Gdnsk in May with a group of chaps on tour and we are staying in some apartments instead of the usual hotels etc. As such, I would like to know of a couple of good places to get breakfast. An English or Irish breakfast would be good for ond day and then, perhaps we could try something local as well another day. Any ideas ????


Buddy 7 | 167  
21 Mar 2008 /  #2
If you want an English breakast, go to one of the big hotels.
OP gm1 2 | 3  
21 Mar 2008 /  #3
Thanks Buddy, we could use one of the big hotels I guess. But we would prefer a smaller place like a pub that serves English breakfast if there is one. Also, we would only want an English breakfast once I guess, we would also like some other ideas of what to have for breakast and where to get it from, on a more local theme !! for the other days that we are there.
Buddy 7 | 167  
21 Mar 2008 /  #4
Dude, there is two Indian restaurants in the whole of the Tri-city. Getting an English breakfast will be a tall order. Seriously. I live here I know.

Try to get to Sopot, much more fun than Gdansk.
Michal - | 1,865  
21 Mar 2008 /  #5
There is am Irish theme pub in Sopot so you may try there.
OP gm1 2 | 3  
24 Mar 2008 /  #6
Thanks Buddy, looks like we will have to try and found some stuff at a supermarket and make our own breakfast in the apartments, though God knows how that will turn out after a night on the ale ;-) Anyway, whilst I have your attention, I don't suppose you know anybody over there that might be able to help sort out a football game for us do ya ?
FlyingMonkey 4 | 22  
27 Mar 2008 /  #7
Try checking out the InYourPocket guide for Gdansk and Sopot. Just do a quick Google and you'll find the site.
Buddy 7 | 167  
27 Mar 2008 /  #8

Your problems are solved, check out the link. It looks pretty much what you need.

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