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18 Sep 2007
Love / Illegal Polish girl wants me to marry her for citizenship [124]

It's hard enough when you marry for love -- that often falls apart, but to marry cold-bloodedly? Don't do it! You could end up losing all your money when the cold-hearted b**** drags you into divorce court and sues for alimony.

I know a woman who deliberately got knocked-up by a rich guy 'cause she didn't know what to do with her life. She isn't happy, despite her big house. And he, poor naive soul, could do so much better than her. They only have one child, despite their millions.

Do everything for love! Life is hard anyway.
18 Sep 2007
Love / Is it really possible for a Polish man to be just friends with a woman? [32]

I have three Polish male friends, whom I am very fond of. They are all younger than me. They have all, at one time or another, flirted with me.

One friend, who sent me poems, has stopped emailing me all of a sudden. We emailed regularly once a month. I called him last month (he's in Poland) on the phone -- I'm wondering if this surprised him. But why can't I call? We're just friends -- I'm not pursuing him. But perhaps he feels threatened just because I am a woman. Why should this dynamic still be in play?

Another friend feels he can drop over to my house anytime he wants. But he never does anything I ask him to do. So I told him I was going to be a bit busy and I would let him know when my schedule freed up (I've learned enough never to be openly mean to a man!). He fell for it. What I'd really like to do is make him a bit less selfish so he and I can do some things together that I want to do, instead of him coming over, eating my food, and mouthing off like he usually does.

This is the point: even in friendship, men still act like men, and women like women. Women still have to be somewhat manipulative to get the relationship to be "fair".
18 Sep 2007
Love / Need help: Can't get my polish girl to say "I love you" [84]

She may be waiting for more time to pass. A woman is a bit more down to earth than a man, and realises that there's more to life than romance. She may feel more in love once you have the discussion about how many kids you want, where you're going to live, what religion you want your kids raised etc. etc. etc.

It doesn't mean that she doesn't love you....on the contrary, she wants to see if you're going to feel this way in 5 years, 10 years. Being young, she may not even know how to articulate this, but her instincts -- feminine and primordial -- hold her back.
18 Sep 2007
Love / Do Polish men like aggressive women? [26]

A woman sends out the vibes to the man she wants. She doesnt cast a net for all men as you would attract the ones you don't want. I cast my net by using my eyes.

Thanks, Murynka. Very helpful

Nor Hell a furry, like a woman scorned.

A "furry"? The word is "fury", my darling Polski. Unless you are referring to your "furry" gerbil self, as portrayed in your profile.

Michal, they are just teasing you. But I think it's a bit much to say That women do all the pursuing. It has to be a mutual thing.