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27 Feb 2007
UK, Ireland / English food - unhealthy? [52]

well, that came as a surprise to me - i am myself a vegetarian living in poland (=eating polish food) and i have no problems with my weight. maybe you just need someone to show you the right places to dine out? or learn to cook for yourself... (that's what i do very often but only cos of personal preferences and student's budget to some extent :) )
25 Feb 2007
Life / Old song I want to find (Maryna, Maryna gotuj pierogi!) [12]

Found it! :)

Maryna, Maryna gotuj pierogi!
O mój Maćku drogi, kiedy nie mam mąki.
A Maciek do miasta po mąkę do ciasta.
Maryna, Maryna gotuj pierogi!
O mój Maćku drogi, kiedy nie mam miski.
A Maciek do miasta po miskę do ciasta.

Maryna, Maryna gotuj pierogi!
O mój Maćku drogi, kiedy nie mam jajek.
A Maciek do miasta po jajka do ciasta.
Maryna, Maryna gotuj pierogi!
O mój Maćku drogi, kiedy nie mam sera.
A Maciek do miasta po serek do ciasta.

2 Feb 2007
Work / Going rate for translators in Poland? [12]

There is a huge difference between translations done by a Pole who just knows English and a Pole with a degree in English or a professional translator. If it's translation from English to Polish, then a professional Polish translator would do far much better than an English native speaker who just knows Polish.
29 Nov 2006
News / New Mayor for Warsaw [8]

the socialist party (PiS).

PiS a socialist party - since when???
22 Sep 2006
Love / Do Polish men have a problem with Tatto's on women? [47]

Have not seen you about for a while now!

I know i know, i haven't been very active lately :) I've been quite busy, plus often away from the internet, plus i rarely get involved in most of the threads (like your convo's) cos i don't really feel comfortable in a crowd :)

Hopefully the internet connection complications'll get settled by october!
7 Sep 2006
Language / how to distinguish between hard and soft consonants properly? [14]

Try to move your tongue - for the soft consonants the tip is flat somewhere in between the small gap between the teeth; for harder ones the back of the tongue slightly curles backward and and the tip retracts quite abruptly. Does it help? :P
18 Jul 2006
Food / is" kaszanka" a Polish speciality? [54]

The same as "potato" - some call it "ziemniak" while other call it "kartofel" or "grula".

Or 'pyra' - that's in the Poznań region :)
17 Jul 2006
Food / is" kaszanka" a Polish speciality? [54]

Here you go:
The thing which makes kaszanka Polish is that it contains 'kasza'.
5 Jul 2006
Genealogy / searching for Maryanska, Ziotkowski, Wronski and Szczepanski [14]

'Dembosz' is pronounced like 'Dembosh' (regular <e> like in 'bet')


- I think that might be Ziółkowski, the letter resembling 't' being our £, our own grapheme for the <w> sound, like in 'winter'
4 Jul 2006
Life / Level of English among the Poles? [64]

The answer to the question about the knowledge of English may tell you a lot about differnet nations. Norwegians' answer to the question 'Do you speak English?' is: 'A bit.', but when you start talking to them, you're amazed how fluent they are (no matter their age!). An average Pole says, often with great pride or slightly hurt, 'I do!', but in fact... they don't. They falter, make mistakes in elemental grammar, and their pronouncation leaves much to be desired. They hold native - in their view incomprehensible - pronouncation responsible for their problems in communication with native speakers of English.

But that's a huge generalisation and excludes a growing numer of Poles that have few problems communicating in English. The conclusion is: it depends. The only solution is to talk to the person in person - live conversation is a real test.
3 Jul 2006
Language / Polish language problems (orthography) [47]

Complicated ortography and grammar is part and parcel of our beautiful Polish language. As annab has shown to you, spelling can make a whole lot of a difference in Polish. Btw, some of the problematic graphemes (e.g. ch, h) used to be different also in pronouncation in the past so it was easier to differentiate between them. When it comes to the practice of skipping the personal pronoun in front of the verb, that's perfectly logical and correct in Polish. Polish is simply that kind of language that allows for that; the verb in personal form is able to convey the information about the person on its own (thanks to the fact that it is marked for number and person, in the past tense also for gender). When you look at it more closely it does make sense. And please, don't judge the logic of one language against some other totally unrelated language - Dutch is a germanic language, as opposed to slavic Polish, which makes a big difference.

Good luck to all those strugling to master Polish :)
23 Jun 2006
Travel / Zakopane in August/September [13]

Are you planning to sleep in a tent? In September, and in August as well depending on the weather, nights in Zakopane are quite chilly. (Once my friends persisited in sleeping in their tent in September, and were the only ones in the whole campsite bc the temperatures dropped below 0 C dergees at nights...) It might be better to rent a room - there's lots of pensions offering relatively cheep rooms, even in the very centre. Unless you're coming with your own caravan. I don't really know much about tourist facilities in Zakopane. Maybe some one else could help?

Good luck:)