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searching for Maryanska, Ziotkowski, Wronski and Szczepanski

17 Jun 2006 /  #1
Researching surnames as follows: Maryanska, Ziotkowski, Wronski and Szczepanski from the Lipno area. Anyone outhere.
20 Jun 2006 /  #2

should be "Marianska" I guess...
21 Jun 2006 /  #3
There are two people with the name Szczepa 4;ski in Lipno

Szczepa 4;ski Andrzej

Szczepa 4;ski Krzysztof
3 Maja
OP Guest  
21 Jun 2006 /  #4
maryanska could be OK. Some names have retained such old-fashioned spelling
glowa 1 | 291  
21 Jun 2006 /  #5
isn't there a phonebook somewhere on the net? just to see if any of these names apear
I guess that's where Wujek took the two names from, right?
OP Guest  
21 Jun 2006 /  #6
Is it really a good idea to post phone numbers on this site ? Especially when the numbers belong to people not connected to this site. This goes against all the rules of Genealogy and if I may say common sense. If you must post phone numbers you should use private mail.
21 Jun 2006 /  #7
The numbers are publicly available - you can find them also i.e. in a phonebook that is available in phonebooth to everybody on the street, but I`ve deleted them anyway.
OP Guest  
21 Jun 2006 /  #8
yep, in Poland you most contact details are publicly available
OP Guest  
5 Jul 2006 /  #9
hey you guys i have a question, how do you pronounce the surname "Dembosz"? It is of polish origin, anyone help me out please?
gosica 1 | 33  
5 Jul 2006 /  #10
'Dembosz' is pronounced like 'Dembosh' (regular <e> like in 'bet')


- I think that might be Ziółkowski, the letter resembling 't' being our £, our own grapheme for the <w> sound, like in 'winter'
OP Guest  
5 Jul 2006 /  #11
in Dembosz, the (bosz) part...the o it like "boss" or "hose"?
OP Guest  
5 Jul 2006 /  #12
boss, but the way a Brit would pronounce it. I'm not sure what the usual American pronunciation is of this word. Anyway, the 'o' is quite the same as the sound in 'hot', 'gone', etc. in British English
OP Guest  
5 Jul 2006 /  #13
So most likely i'ts Dem - bosh

ok....thank u mate
babka - | 4  
2 Mar 2009 /  #14
My great-great grandmother was Victoria Szczepanic (spelling?). She was married to John Mijołajczyk and probably lived somewhere around Krakow. No other information. Would appreciate any information about "Szczepanic" from this part of Poland.

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