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Searching for my Father- Help Please!

Swellstew 1 | 2  
8 Sep 2009 /  #1
I live in the US. I was adopted and never knew my father. I know that my birth last name was Polish but I have no idea how to spell it. The best I can do is this (Sue-Ka-wrist)or (Su-cur-rist) Thats the best I can do in English. I have decided to search for him and need help. Thanks everyone :)
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,149  
8 Sep 2009 /  #2
(Sue-Ka-wrist)or (Su-cur-rist)

It doesn't sound like any Polish last name I know...
Syrena 7 | 73  
8 Sep 2009 /  #3
It sounds like something starting with cu (pron. tsu which can sound like su in english) or su maybe só

I know how surnames can get anglosised/americanised which can change the way you think its spelt and pronounced

try moikrewni - mapa nazwisk and scroll thru the names

unless you're sure how to spell it.. it could be anything!

curkiewicz for example
caprice49 4 | 224  
8 Sep 2009 /  #4
it could be anything!

Precisely. Trying to read the phonetics it could be SZURKIEWICZ and there a few of those around, but as it could be anything it's not good to search for someone this way.
OP Swellstew 1 | 2  
9 Sep 2009 /  #5
Well thank you everyone. Those are all good points and trust me I know the up hill battle I'm facing,but its all I got : / I wish I had more than just the pronunciation.
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,594  
9 Sep 2009 /  #6
There must be some document with your father's name.
Peter 3 | 248  
9 Sep 2009 /  #7
I wish I had more than just the pronunciation

And American pronunciation to boot. There must be some documentation somewhere? Have you asked your parents if there is any paperwork with the name or at least the paperwork will lead you in that direction?
OP Swellstew 1 | 2  
9 Sep 2009 /  #8
Only for my birth mother. The only document that has my fathers name on it was a release saying that he would never try to get me back. The problem with that is that by law that form is completely close and there is no way I can see it without a court order from a Judge. I know the adoption agency but they already have explained that that information can not be giving out. It was made that way to protect me and him at the same time. I know the name is unique and how to pronounce it but the spelling is where I am hitting a huge wall...hence why im here.
Peter 3 | 248  
10 Sep 2009 /  #9
Is your mother still alive? Have you tried asking her what the name was? Where did he work? Did anyone else know him or know of him? Have you asked members of your mother's family or family friends / neighbours? A off the wall lead like that may be your best bet. Other than that I've only ever heard about "other channels" to get the sort of info you're looking for but don't know of any.
search Wachtor 2 | 6  
10 Sep 2009 /  #10
Keep your hopes up! We have been searching for my mothers biological mother for decades. We google her last name all the time. One day we saw a posting that someone is looking for a relative who was born to the same mother. It turned out it was my mothers sister. We are going for a reunion in Poland and she found out she had a brother too. They were all given aay to childrens home when young. Google is a wonderful tool. You should find out exact spelling of first and last name. Where you were adopted from, and take it from there. Does your original birth certificate have your fathers last name. See.... my mother does not know her biological father as well, this birth certificate only says mothers real name, and unfortunately she has passed away since, so we can only meet some members of the family. We were shocked when over one day we found out SO much info. We live in U.S too so it is tough not being there to do the research. Wish you all the best in your search.
Domino 1 | 14  
14 Sep 2009 /  #11
Which law? American or Polish? If American you may be able to see a lawyer who may be able to get you that court order you need. If you are age of majority I don't see why anyone would be worried about your father trying to get you back. There are tons of cases of adoptees opening up records. Wish you luck kiddo.
plk123 8 | 4,142  
14 Sep 2009 /  #12
gumishu 13 | 6,134  
14 Sep 2009 /  #13
(Sue-Ka-wrist)or (Su-cur-rist)

my guess is Sucharski which could have been changed to suit English ortography to Sukarski or something similar (if he is ancestor to early immigration parents - first half of 20th century or before)
caprice49 4 | 224  
17 Sep 2009 /  #14
(Sue-Ka-wrist)or (Su-cur-rist)

It might help if you give a breakdown of the phonetics using parts of other words as an example.

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