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29 Dec 2009
Life / Order of the Mass practiced in Poland? [3]

Since Poland is about 95% Catholic, I am assuming most people on here practice or at least were born with the Faith. (at least familiar with it?)

My Priest is going to do a Polish Mass this Sunday and I'd like to be able to follow along as best I could.

Before I put together my own cheat sheet in Polish similar to this I thought I'd come here first to see if someone knew where I could find a similar PDF or other website that has it done for me.

22 Sep 2009
Language / Verb forms and conjugation [28]

Can anyone tell me if this book would be a good purchase for someone willing and wanting to learn Polish and how to use it correctly.


Most of the reviews are positive. I just don't want to get something too complicated like all the different forms many of which I will never use because I won't know how or when to use them (like imperfect or infinative). I guess in English we use this without knowing it so it doesn't bother me. Basically I'd just like present, past and future tense and conjugation.

Any other books you'd recommend? What about books with phonetics so I know how to pronounce the words. Any ideas on this? You can stare at a word all day but if you don't know how to say it as many polish words/verbs don't sound like they look (byc) for example, you are wasting your time.

Also is there anywhere I can download a Polish keyboard? You notice I don't have the ' over the "c" which creates the "ch" sound.

14 Sep 2009
UK, Ireland / British news: The Poles might be leaving but the prejudice remains [52]

Mark Steel: The Poles might be leaving but the prejudice remains

The latest antimosity between the British and the Poles. A never ending affair.
23 Jun 2007
News / What can Poland do to maintain its Ethnic Integrity? [118]

What do you think Poland should to to maintain its Ethnic Integrity?

Simple, stick with their own kind. Form ethnic enclaves and mingle only with like minded native 100% slavs. People who share a common culture literally have more in common thus should stick together.
23 Jun 2007
USA, Canada / Polish fest in Milwaukee,WI [48]

Like you said its all mexican

Nothing against Wisconsin theres alot of nice places but Milwaukee
isnt one of them

Milwaukee IS one of the nicest places in Wisconsin. As for the Mexicans taking over, that is typically what they do. They are leeches who come in and infest a nice neighborhood only to turn it into crap. Their motive seems to be-the nicer it is the harder we have to work to make it more representative of home. This is what seperates our common sense culture with their culture.
23 Jun 2007
UK, Ireland / Unemployed due to Polish who work in the UK [126]

How do you poles feel about this on here.

If I were you, I'd be glad it was a Pole taking my job than a Mexican like here in the U.S. At least Poles speak English and are Western and legitimately Christian in their beliefs. Think about it-you have more culturally in common with a Pole than you ever would with a Mexican who can't and many who won't speak English. Be glad you don't have those people....
16 Jun 2007
Life / JOKES ABOUT POLISH. Have we deserve it? [68]

Where did Polish jokes and somewhat negative views originate?

What I have always heard (and concluded) from the potato famine jokes (Irish) to movies like Gangs of New York, is the reason there are Polish, Italian, and Irish jokes (to be specific) is way back in that era U.S. saw these immigrants as foreigners with a wierd religion (catholocism) that they did not accept (the U.S. was a very Protestant nation) and to further things, they did not see Poles, Irish, or Italians as truly white Europeans.

I think a lot of this was based off of fear of not truly knowing the cultures of these countries. Now that these people have proven they can adapt they are accepted and the migrants who have taken their places as underlings in U.S. society is Latinos. I for one would much rather see Eastern European immigratation to the U.S. as a "problem" then the crap they have now. If only we'd have known but hindsight is 20/20.

We can thank Pres. Lyndon Johnson and his Immigration Act of 1965 which loosened the immigration standards and opened up the still lax borders for the multicultural mess we have today.

Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 of_1965
16 Jun 2007
UK, Ireland / 700 are arriving every day from Eastern Europe into Britain [50]

I find it ironic that many countries like Britain, Scotland and others in and around the UK have many of the same problems with Poles and other Eastern European immigrants that we do here in the U.S. with Latinos. Believe me, thank yourselves each day you don't have that problem. At least E. Europeans are still Western in philosophy.

Polish immigrants swell Scotland's new baby boom
16 Jun 2007
News / Polish-German Relations in the Present [697]

I perzonally like ze Germanz. Zey give me a nice new Volksvagon Beetle, and I find it quite roomy. Vit itz side-airbag engineering and ze air-conditioning, it is truly a vork of art. But zis is only an opinion ;]

16 Jun 2007
News / Poland's Growth Fastest in 10 Years [95]

good first fix the economy so people can take away the excuse that "career comes first" and then maybe Poland (along with the rest of the EU) can do something about their 1.5 birth rate so Europe does not become a muslim continent.
19 Jan 2007
News / Countries in Europe where abortion is allowed/not allowed? [110]

Babies abound in family-friendly France

PARIS -- It's almost a "bebe" boom: France had more babies in 2006 than in any year in the last quarter-century, the state statistics agency said Tuesday, capping a decade of rising fertility that has bucked Europe's graying trend.

The government trumpeted the figures as a victory for family friendly policies such as cheap day care and generous parental leave -- many of which were launched under Socialists like Segolene Royal, the presidential candidate who was family minister in the early 1990s, and have continued to grow under today's conservative government.

France had 830,000 new babies last year, the highest annual total since 1981, the Insee statistics agency said. That brought France's population to 63.4 million people as of Jan. 1, up from 62.9 million a year earlier.

The fertility rate was 2.0 children per woman, up from 1.92 in 2005 -- and that might make France the most fertile nation in the European Union, Jean-Michel Charpin, Insee's director, predicted.

In 2005, only Ireland had a higher fertility rate: the Irish rate was 1.99, to France's 1.94. Irish figures for 2006 were not yet available.

More: 14535f2b1150872572650079e11b.txt
28 Sep 2006
News / Countries in Europe where abortion is allowed/not allowed? [110]

Are you saying that there is a connection between birth rate and abortion ?

Yes, you would think that if abortions were outlawed, the birth rate would have to go up. I guess I just don't understand why Europe is declining, especially when countries like Poland have a large GDP and seem to be growing. Further, if one can afford it and WANTS to have kids, why wouldn't they?

The argument I keep hearing (not just on this site) is that the conditions are so bad (economically, society etc.) and the government incentives are so low (mother cannot afford to miss work, little materity leave if at all) that many people choose not to have any at all.

Finally, I think it is a growing theme-correct me if I'm wrong, that many families are happy with only one child? Is Europe really running around with 3 member families?

I am not trying to advocate anti abortion on anyone its just that would be an easy way of explaining that is a reason birth rate is going down, if it is not the case, I have no idea. Also, I have no idea how Europe will turn around their alarming trend of declining birth rates.
28 Sep 2006
News / Countries in Europe where abortion is allowed/not allowed? [110]

I was wondering if someone could provide me a list of countries where abortion is allowed and one where it is not allowed in Europe? The reason is the connection that Catholic countries like Ireland that ban it have a direct correlation with a pretty high birth rate compared to the rest of Europe.

You would think that, Poland with about 95% Catholic would have it banned? Is it banned in Poland? If so, I am even more disturbed about the declining birth rate across Europe. What is being done to stop the shrinking? We have a few concerned conservative polticians in the States that notice this alarming trend too..

Across Europe, a broad assault by abortion foes
By Elisabeth Rosenthal International Herald Tribune

WARSAW For most of July, pedestrians in the Polish city of Lodz found themselves face to face with 14 grisly billboards pairing images of aborted fetuses with photographs of blood-spattered corpses - victims of genocide in Srebrenica or Rwanda, toddlers killed in the Oklahoma City bombing attack.

According to this article only Ireland, Portugual, Malta and Poland (to some extent) are strict on LIMITING abortion. Does any state flat out ban it? This is what is causing Europe to decline. I don't want to see the continent of innovation, invention, intelligence, and culture disappear.
28 Sep 2006
News / What is happening in polish politics? [51]

Norway's welfare model 'helps birth rate'
Birth rates in the European Union are falling fast.
In the third of a series about motherhood and the role of the state in encouraging couples to have more children, the BBC's Lars Bevanger in Oslo examines whether generous family policies explain why Norwegian women give birth to more babies than most of their European sisters.

Nordic governments employ a range of policies designed to help couples have more children. These governments have a long history of social policies aimed at helping people balance their work and family life. This is part of what is known as the "Nordic model".
14 Aug 2006
Travel / 1st time in Poland [78]

Any other links like the one you provided with Warsaw? Any for Lodz, Katowice/Silesia region, email them to me or post on this board. I may be going to Poland (Europe for sure) after I graduate in a year and have no idea where to go

I live in the states too but hopefully, I don't sound as ignorant as "Steve" sorry steve, I think its cool that you are interested in Poland but come on, do what they say and give that junk food up for a week and experience a whole new culture.
26 Jul 2006
News / What is happening in polish politics? [51]

Birth of a notion: Incentives offered for having more kids

By Veronika Oleksyn

The Associated Press


A French fan holds a baby prior to kickoff during the World Cup semifinal match between Portugal and France in Munich on July 5.

VIENNA, Austria - Europeans are thinking twice - and sometimes three, four or five times -before having kids.

But benefits that are the envy of parents elsewhere may be boosting birth rates in some countries, baby step by baby step.

I know this is Aussie but it is still kind of relavant since it mentions Poland.

Aussie birth rate increases in wake of cash incentives


Advertising Australia's birth rate has risen since the government sang from the "one for Mum, one for Dad and one for the country" songsheet and began paying out A$3,000 (US$2,100) for every new baby born, figures released yesterday showed.

But Treasurer Peter Costello wants to hear the pitter-patter of more tiny feet and is urging citizens to "procreate and cherish" in order to reverse the declining fertility rate that is the bane of Australia -- and most other rich countries.
24 Jul 2006
News / Polish/German/Russian relations [304]

Went to school with a German foreign exchange student (well actually a lot of German foreign exchange students) but this one in particular didn't care for Polish I could tell.

Her host father commented on the only German National Basketball Player (U.S.) Dirk Norwitzki and he asked if 'ski' was German as I don't think he knew how to spell it. She immediately said "No! That (ski) is Polish!" (with a laugh).

I emailed her some weeks ago during the World Cup and I sincrely think she didn't write back because she knew I was Polish.....
21 Jul 2006
News / What is happening in polish politics? [51]

Is there anywhere where I can get Polish immigration (into Poland, and the U.S. statistics) as well as how many people are emmigrating (leaving) Poland?

Also, what is the European birth rate? Polish birth rates? Are they really as bad as projected? Why is European birth rate going down? Is life really that bad over there that people don't want to (or can't afford) to bring enough children into it?) Sorry if it sounds ignorant, but that is what we are taught in the States.............
21 Jul 2006
USA, Canada / Poles face extra scrutiny when visiting the U.S. [9]

Poles face extra scrutiny when visiting the U.S.
By Oscar Avila Chicago Tribune


CHICAGO - As a loyal American ally in Iraq and recent entrant into the European Union, Poland is frustrated that its citizens face more hurdles to visit the United States than most of their European brethren.......

(the whole story - from Chicago Tribune originally)
13 Jul 2006
Travel / What can you tell me about Silesia Poland region? [10]

What else can you tell me about these three cities? try and bore me! The only wikipedia I can find on Śląsk is in Polish and thus I cannot read it. Can someone translate it or does wikipedia offer an English translation?

(I live in the U.S. by the way)
12 Jul 2006
Travel / What can you tell me about Silesia Poland region? [10]

Well, my father did tell me this weekend that my relatives come from the rural regional area of Silesia, Poland and Trembatschau, Poland, and Neudorf Poland. I have no idea where these places are or what is poignant about any of these cities but that is all I know for now.

What can you tell me (if anything) about these apparantly rural farming areas?

Apparantly Neudorf is now called Nowa Wies Poland?

I googled Silesia and it is a legit region but found nothing for Trembatschau. Is it the same as Trzemeszno? Also, nothing for Neudori (these are all the ways my father spelled them).

I originally thought these 3 names were <b>cities</b> but alas they are still only geographic regions. I still don't know the cities that my relatives come from but I am getting closer! What do I do next?

I do not know the city they would have lived in but I think it would be Upper Siliesia because that is the part that speaks Polish (as opposed to Lower Silesia (German) and Upper used to be part of Prussia. I am guessing a city like Katowice but that is just a guess.
3 Jul 2006
News / Poland in big development - what are the negative results? [37]

Can anyone provide me a list of simple Polish traits that people are accustomed with this culture/stereotypes

1. i.e Irish known to be "drunks" etc.
2. Are Polish known for drinking? Dancing? Racism (as I understand it) etc. those kind of things. Add to the list or correct the myths.............

If you say Polish what can a person "expect" you to be like?
21 Jun 2006
Life / Polish time zone question [9]

Here in America it is now 4:45 PM Wednesday afternoon. Germany is 6 hours ahead of me (I keep track via World Cup). How many hours ahead is Poland and does Poland just have one time zone throughout the whole country? That would keep things consistant and make things a lot easier.