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4 Nov 2008

given previous statements about dog food pies

revenge is an entirely different ball they say, it's a dish best served cold, sometimes in pies
3 Nov 2008
History / Sarmatia Europe - Could it be political reality? [183]

BDW, where is Luk? he is still on forum?

he said his goodbyes the same as you did

I'm sure you know where he's gone ;) is he posting on that other forum you belong to?
1 Nov 2008
UK, Ireland / Stopoff point on the way to Slough [20]

Thanks for posting donkey, what really amazes me is your ability to type this when pi$$ed. A true hero :)
29 Oct 2008
UK, Ireland / My friends upset at Brits.... [51]

Just want to be perceived 'normal'

mmmm...could be a problem living in Glasgow
28 Oct 2008
News / I support creation of Great Poland [134]

Move the capital to Belgrade possibly?

I also believe that Russia would support this and similar intentions

Would Polish people support Russian involvement of any kind? I think not.
28 Oct 2008
UK, Ireland / Poles in the UK Turn Out to be Star Waiters and Waitresses. [13]

I think it's probably one person i.e. Noimmi

Who is Scottish and has probably never done a days work in his life :(

Many of us who haven't got mummys and daddys with money, have had to do menial jobs when we were younger or inbetween jobs and we're better for it.
25 Oct 2008

Does Mrs Wroclaw know you're googling images of young women in tight ass jeans?
21 Oct 2008
Feedback / more discussion button takes me to the home page [21]

There is a way around this...go to the top and click on latest discussions, it's the second one in, next to unanswered posts, then on the top left above subject, you can either click on the little arrows, or click on page 2
19 Oct 2008
Love / Teenage Relationship - girls from Poland walking next to you? [40]

Then ofcourse love will come... but this love can come after 20 or 21

my great uncle met my great aunt when he was 15 and she was 12, they were engaged when she was 16 and he 19, married when she was 18 and he was 21. That marriage lasted 72 years, the only thing seperating them was his death at the age of 93, they were devoted.....some find love, some find heartbreak, but it's their right to discover for themselves
19 Oct 2008
Love / Teenage Relationship - girls from Poland walking next to you? [40]

Thats what I meant.

I don't think you and I do mean the same's true we don't always learn by the mistakes we make when we're young, but where you and I do not agree is, we should not be prevented from that experience.....we continue to make mistakes throughout our lives, better that, than sit at home in a protective bubble

When she walks to school. But that crap is stalking is it not, waiting for someone on the road they walk to get too school.

Not if you do it openly...if you happen to walk the same route as her, then it's just a coincidence that you happened to be in the same place at the same time (you just have to engineer it a little) if she likes you, then she'll be pleased to see you and walk with you.
17 Oct 2008
Genealogy / Do I look Polish? (Part II -- Much more detail than other topic) [109]

Says who?

Scientists! People of Irish descent are more prone to skin cancer for that very same reason, they have a lower melanin count.....the Fitzpatrick chart, breaks down skin types into six types, number 1 being most at risk from buring, this is also known as Celtic type, number 2 is known as light skinned european, Nordic and Germanic people would fall under this category.
14 Oct 2008
Love / Polish women are known for their beauty, but men are so ugly (most of).. [250]

Brad Pitt's real, he was born on a certain date, sought a career in the movies and has been successful, women think he's a sex symbol

Really?! The last time I checked I was still a woman and I don't fancy it. And I was born on a certain date as well (WTF does that mean)