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Stopoff point on the way to Slough

osiol 55 | 3921  
1 Nov 2008 /  #1
This is basically another bit of pro-Polish propaganda, so if you read the Daily Mail, vote BNP or post comments about how British people hate Polish people, then you can **** off now.

Jurek has been working here for a few years now. His wife and daughter have visited a few times, but this time the family decided to stop off at my house on the way from the airport.

I welcomed them to my tiny messy little flat. I apologised for the mess and somehow managed to find chairs for everyone. Out came a bottle of vodka and a couple of big chunks of ham. "Na zdrowie" apparently means "drain that vodka to the bottom of that glass in one go so I can fill it up again". A combination of their bad English and my bad Polish made sure that we all at least half understood eachother. "Do dna?" I asked.

"Tak!" the liquid level in the glass was somehow restored to its former level!

Most of a bottle of vodka later, Jurek passed the car keys to his wife. She tried to give them back. He didn't want them, so she passed them to me, so I passed them to his daughter who immediately passed them back to her mother who passed them back to me. "Okay, jeszcze jedna?" I asked, pointing at the bottle, hoping that alcohol may resolve the problem.

They eventually left, with Jurek's wife (sober) driving. It wqas as though these peopel had entered my flat, beaten me up with a very friendly brick, then made their escape whilst leaving the deadly time-bomb of a reasonable measure of vodka, but with a reasonable chunk of ham to help it down.

Not every Pole working in the UK finds someone as interested in their language and culture as myself, but open eyes and an open mind certainly help. Plenty of us are warm, welcoming, friendly people who are always willing to share a drink and a laugh. There's no Daily Mail in my flat to move out of the way to accomodate vistors.

Na zdrowie, Jurek i rodziny.
1 Nov 2008 /  #2
most people get along on personal level. Good story.
Daisy 3 | 1216  
1 Nov 2008 /  #4
Thanks for posting donkey, what really amazes me is your ability to type this when pi$$ed. A true hero :)
OP osiol 55 | 3921  
1 Nov 2008 /  #5
your ability to type this when pi$$

You would not believe how many mistakes I had to correct before hitting the post button. Mmmmm vodka. Aaaarrrghhh!
Seanus 15 | 19669  
1 Nov 2008 /  #6
How's ur Polish coming along Donkey?
OP osiol 55 | 3921  
1 Nov 2008 /  #7
Slowly slowly. I learnt a couple of words in the last week or so, but I'm still having trouble with grammar. The people I talk to don't bother correcting me because they understand what I mean. I'm still flapping about at random as far as word endings are concerned.

What I really need now are ways of saying everything, everyone, all of - all different forms of wszystko and related words. This week I seemed to get the hang of bałwan, zostawiłem and z tyłu (the opposite of z pszodu? - I don't think I've quite got that one yet).
Seanus 15 | 19669  
1 Nov 2008 /  #8
Z tyłu/z przodu and do tyłu/do przodu. Can u differentiate the meaning Osioł?

There's a peanut in it 4 u if u r right. Scottish charity ;)
OP osiol 55 | 3921  
1 Nov 2008 /  #9
to (at) the front/back vs. to (in?) the front/back? Nie wiem. Tylko wiem, że jestem pijany.
puercoespin - | 129  
1 Nov 2008 /  #10
This is basically another bit of pro-Polish propaganda, so if you read the Daily Mail, vote BNP or post comments about how British people hate Polish people, then you can **** off now.

i don't care what they say about're all right osioł..
dzisiaj walne jednego za Ciebie ;)
SeanBM 34 | 5790  
1 Nov 2008 /  #11
Good one osiol.
OP osiol 55 | 3921  
1 Nov 2008 /  #12
Still feeling the effects, even now. I might even hit the pub later if this lingering alcohol-induced fuzziness doesn't go away. Always willing to do my bit for world peace, even at the expense of my own delicate internal organs. Oh me liver!
SeanBM 34 | 5790  
1 Nov 2008 /  #13
So you Polished off the wódka and now it's too late to stop, it is a nice feeling.
The pub!, the half drunken donkey's refuge :)
Seanus 15 | 19669  
1 Nov 2008 /  #14
Hit the pub, funny u should mention that, many Poles do that too after vodka. Or was that hitting the pub owner?
OP osiol 55 | 3921  
4 Nov 2008 /  #15
I should mention that although the above video is supposed to be about the aspects of skinhead culture of Jamaican origin, along with Jamaican ska music, the picture above, and possibly many other pictures in that video are of fascists. Skrewdriver (see the graffito behind that friendly-looking chap) were a bunch of neo-nazis. I like Jamaican ska/bluebeat music and British ska-revival. The Specials covered this song, and they were a fine example of a band consisting of black and white people who came together naturally to create great music. Neo-nazi thugs tried their best to disrupt their shows and shows by other similar bands, having already hijacked the Jamaican skinhead image.

Back to the thread: my former flatmate still hasn't got his bags back. Trust those dodgy Polish 'removal companies' (bloke with van).
SeanBM 34 | 5790  
15 Nov 2008 /  #16
In Slough a pretty young lass,
Had a truly magnificent ass,
Not rounded and pink,
As you possibly think,
It was brown, had long ears and ate grass.
OP osiol 55 | 3921  
15 Nov 2008 /  #17
Did two elephants just fall off a cliff?

Old thread returns (hopefully only briefly)


At some point during this vodka and sausage fest, she decided she was in love with me!
Vodka can be dangerous. So can Polish meat products, possibly even bread.
11 Feb 2009 /  #18
When's the wedding Os?
OP osiol 55 | 3921  
11 Feb 2009 /  #19
I'm sure she has already been thinking about this.
11 Feb 2009 /  #20
It is a big decision, but if she is the one, well worth it.

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