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16 Apr 2008
Genealogy / LUDWIK WEBER POLISH FORCES IN MIDDLE EAST 1943 any relatives? [3]

The MoD will have his records but you may have to know what specific unit he was in. Other than that, you will also have to prove your relationship to him. A birth certificate should suffice but you can still enquire beforehand to determine what exactly they want to see.

Ministry of Defense
APC Polish Enquiries
Building 28 B, RAF Northolt
West End Road
Ruislip, Middlesex

Tel: 020 8833 8603
Fax: 020 8833 8866
16 Jan 2008

I think the Poles who served under German colours were forcibly conscripted as opposed to volunteered. The issue came up during the Allied advance into Europe when (I think) both the 1st Polish Armoured Division and Ander's 2 Coprs made good their losses by assimilating Poles captured by the Allies.
13 Jan 2008
Genealogy / Anyone know my dad, Ignacy Laszkiewicz? [5]

Vilnius = Wilno

When did your father arrive in the UK? He must has been naturalised and that document should have some relevant info about his parents, etc. Also if he was enlisted in WW2 the relevant MoD office will also have his records.
9 Jan 2008
Genealogy / I have found the birth place of my grandfather......Do I..... [2]

Before travelling try and contact the local parish church and archives. It will take some time to locate living relatives, if there are any still living there, by which time you would have already left. An alternative to this would be to get a private researcher to do this for you.
8 Jan 2008
Genealogy / trying to trace Pater Michael [2]

If you have his naval number then you should be able to get his records from the relevant MoD department. I assume you know his full name and have some sort of documentation connecting you to him? You will need this to provide to the MoD office. The records should have his date of birth, place of birth and parents names and occupations.
2 Jan 2008
Genealogy / Has anyone taken Genealogy DNA tests? [87]

I guess it's a question of defining what or who is Polish. The geographical boundries of what was Poland over the centuries has varied widely.
17 Dec 2007
Genealogy / Jankowski, Yankoski, Kizielewicz, Gmurczyk surnames [6]

Have you tried searching on and ellisisland? You need to know the full names of grandparents and dates of birth and locations.

One of my great grandparents was Kisielewicz but there is probably no connection.
23 Nov 2007

sikh temple, the 2 closest shops are run by indians, the 2 closest restaurants are chinese and indian, there is a muslim centre


That must be a recent thing. I cannot remember any of that existing in the early 80's. So Waterlooville is the same? We used to stay out in Denmead. I guess Hambledon, Meonstoke, Purbrook and Cowplain have'nt changed much?

It's very interesting from an economic / sociological point of view. Some what a parallel to the influx of migrant workers from the caribbean to London and the midlands. My cousin who lives in Detroit says it's the same thing there. Areas that were predominantly Polish are now heavily Bangladeshi and Indian.
23 Nov 2007

southsea is full of indians now!

Really? I have not been down Pompey way since 1991. It was wierd. For years we'd take the bus to Havant, Fareham, Commercial Road, Hayling Island and Southsea and hardly ever see a coloured face.............then suddenly they were coming out of the woodwork.
23 Nov 2007

I was in Wroclaw in 1992 and in 2005 and I found it a shock to see a black person in Wroclaw. Not because of any racial issues but because it was something I was not accustomed to seeing in Poland.

I had the same experience in the UK. Each year (from 1978 until 1991) I would spend my summer on the south coast (just outside of Portsmouth). In the early 1980's you hardly ever saw any coloured persons in the south. My brother and I were suprised one day on Southsea to see a bus load of Indian persons, simply because you never saw those things.

BTW, I'm born and living in Trinidad..............and we know how you Jamaicans are jealous of us Trinis :)
22 Nov 2007
Law / Raiffeisen Bank in Poland [10]

Yes, they are either a German or Austrian bank. Check out their website and look at the accounts, they are a large European bank. Actually I know a girl who works in one of their Wroclaw branches.
17 Nov 2007
History / Occupations of Poles during 18th and 19th centuries [2]

Some I have found on the birth and wedding certificates of family members are:

Store Keeper

Anyone know what "pod sadowy" is? I think it's some sort of a civil servant.
17 Nov 2007
Language / How do people mispronounce your Polish names? [60]

my surname has been slaughtered

That's a precise way to describe it..................

lmao.. Peter you crack me up.. that is classic

Here's another one then...............

My friend's surname is Kaczmarek and his boss pronounces it (at the end of the month when they are getting paid) as "cash my cheque"
17 Nov 2007
Language / How do people mispronounce your Polish names? [60]

Of course you could live in a part of the world where they don't even bother to try and pronounce your name, even if you say it for surname is Konasiewicz and I've had teachers say it as sonofabitch
4 Nov 2007
News / Poles in Iraq. What's the point? [160]

The gang of 5 (Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice + Powell) lied and fabricated evidence to start the war.

The US never likes to face the consequences of it's actions.
29 Oct 2007
Genealogy / Looking for Piotrowski relatives. [14]

Do you have any dates / documents associated with your father? Date of birth, date arrived in the US? If you can locate his Ellis Island entry records there will be some info on it regrading his place of origin.
28 Oct 2007
Genealogy / how many know their own family histories? [139]

What's really annoying is that I know my grandmother had 2 sisters and I also know their children's names but also no luck tracing them either!

How is the research in Ukraine? I haven't contacted the town churches yet. If I send a letter in English, are they likely to understand English?

No, you have to write in Ukrainian. I don't speak (or write) it either hence why I used a freelance researcher which probably was much quicker.
28 Oct 2007
Genealogy / how many know their own family histories? [139]

Don't get green so fast! The archives only go back to approx 1720 so I've gone as far as I can on my father's side. Still, a lot of gaps exist within his line but due to the gaps in the parish records some may never be filled in. I started trying to go back doing my grandmother's side but quickly ran into a stone wall and have not been able to make any progress.