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PRIMO 1 | 4  
23 Nov 2007 /  #1
Greetings to Everyone. I have read a few Posts trying to educate myself about Poland and its people. I am a Jamaican considering moving there since my Fiance' is Polish

I have concerns about racism. I grew up in a country that was not my own. I am from the Caribbean and grew up in the caribbean. I experienced alot of hatred growing up from fellow black people. I guess wherever you go you will always have people who hate you because we are all different from each other. We are all inividuals you see.

I read a post that was entitled "Black People in Poland" It spiralled into a discussion of many things like how people hate black people case they are rude and how black people mixing with White haired blue eyed women is recessive for them and how we get with white women so we can use them as trophies and for citizenship.

Well all these things are true. We as black people are very retrogressive, ignorant and warlike. I study my people and if you look at the black countries of the world, they are either a third world poverty stricken nation or just simply war torn. Thats a given. As a black man I have come to terms with it so all the things said about black people are true. These traits exist even within me. I sometimes have to relapse to those traits to protect my self in certain situations. The thing with me is that I am concious of it and fight to be a better person. Being ignorant and unaware of your ignorance is more detrimental.

When I met my fiance' I never was attracted to her. I never had a white girlfriend before. I lived with white people and have white friends but never a girlfriend. Still, I never look at a person for their outer appearance so I am not surprised that my wife to be is white. Before I thought white people were just white people. But everytime I look at her I notice how beautiful she is and unique. These are the traits I read about in a forum here that men from Africa and other parts go crazy for. I will be stereotyped as being with her for the wrong reasons but am prepared to deal with it.

This thing about race is so f***ed up that when we are in my country we cant go anywhere without being looked at or bothered. And I mean this is from Black people. Sure I we will get it when I move to Poland but I guess the idea is that no matter where we are we will be stared at.

I thought at one point that maybe the world would be better off if all races mixed together and had sex till there was just one race. But reading your thoughts have shown me that diversity is important and much better than just one race. Its the way nature intended. And yet, All human kind originated in Africa from one people. If you disagree with that, we know that we came from one race of poeple till we got to where we are today. So I dont think we ever have to worry about mixing back to one race. I dont see why nature would all of a sudden reverse itself.

On the point of My fiance having recessive traits like the blonde hair blue eyes, she said that no one else in her family is blonde and blue eyed. She says she got it from her Grandmother and that it is not decided who gets blond hair and blue eyes. Therefore, I don't see how you could really try to preserve something like that when even black women get blue eyes and sometimes green eyes.

The previous was just to introduce you to where my mind state is at right now.

My Question is whether it is a good idea to move there (WROCLAW) and how can I get in touch with other black people if I move there.

Polson 5 | 1,767  
23 Nov 2007 /  #2
Hei Primo, welcome to you ;)
There are stupid guys everywhere, but i don't think that Poles are racist. Maybe there would be some guys looking at you, and i'm even not sure of that, but it's not racism. Do you know your fiance's family ?

Good luck to you ;)
lukkija 1 | 10  
23 Nov 2007 /  #3
I assume that Wroclaw is not bad place to live in.
Comparing to other places in Poland I would call it cosmopolitan one due to its past and historical heritage. It used to be inhabited by Germans, Jews and Poles and other minorities.

In couple past years it became kind of polish axis mundi for the investments and new businesses. Lots of students as well so hopefully all of these factors let people to stay open-minded.

Good luck
OP PRIMO 1 | 4  
23 Nov 2007 /  #4
Thank u for ur post...Well I will be going there soon to meet her parents. I read an Indian woman's post on here and she is saying that Wroclaw is really good for her and people come up to her and strike conversations. My Fiance also told me that it is the best place to be and even better than Warsaw. I also read an article talking about reggae music and the writer said black Jamaicans would have no reason to be there. Buy yet, the biggest Reggae festival in Europe takes place in wroclaw and reggae has a big upsurge there. Thats good for me cause I'm a musician.
Foreigner4 12 | 1,768  
23 Nov 2007 /  #5
i'll be honest with you, polson is not being completely honest, poles (like any group of people) can be racist especially the young men.

But everyone is right on about Wrocław, you stand a better chance there, than say Dąbrowa Gornića.

On the bright side, attitudes are changing but don't be surprised if you do have some problems from time to time. Do what you gott do and i hope you get out of your music what you put in to it.
Indya - | 19  
23 Nov 2007 /  #6
czesc primo,

Thats an interesting post... and yes you should move to Poland... but be sure you know what you are going to do ... do you have any ideas about your future employment options and other stuff like that..yes there is racism... but heck man there is racism in the USA and India and so why not in Poland... On the whole, Polish people are nice and since you have already met your Polish beauty... come on over and see her side of the world.. It will help you understand her world view better.

Check my profile and read my replies to different threads and you will get a general idea of how Poland is for black people and even dark skinned people like Indians and Latinos. Good luck with your life and love

BubbaWoo 33 | 3,504  
23 Nov 2007 /  #7
eastwest rockers are based in worclaw

ras luta lead vocalist

they supported a friend on tour last summer - great live act
OP PRIMO 1 | 4  
23 Nov 2007 /  #8

Thanks alot. this is very helpful. I do have some things I would like to do when i get there. I might be attending a film school there.
krysia 23 | 3,058  
23 Nov 2007 /  #9
Hi Primo
The younger Poles will think it's cool to see a black guy, the older generation might still have their doubts. Although you still rarely see black people in Poland, seeing one is becoming more accepting. Go check it out and see how it goes.
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,504  
23 Nov 2007 /  #10
its all good

if you want to jam in sopot when you reach town then pm me and we'll see what we can sort out

wednesday night jam session at papryka

Peter 3 | 248  
23 Nov 2007 /  #11
I was in Wroclaw in 1992 and in 2005 and I found it a shock to see a black person in Wroclaw. Not because of any racial issues but because it was something I was not accustomed to seeing in Poland.

I had the same experience in the UK. Each year (from 1978 until 1991) I would spend my summer on the south coast (just outside of Portsmouth). In the early 1980's you hardly ever saw any coloured persons in the south. My brother and I were suprised one day on Southsea to see a bus load of Indian persons, simply because you never saw those things.

BTW, I'm born and living in Trinidad..............and we know how you Jamaicans are jealous of us Trinis :)
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,504  
23 Nov 2007 /  #12

southsea is full of indians now!
ShelleyS 14 | 2,883  
23 Nov 2007 /  #13
Hmm doesnt sound right in Polish...
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,504  
23 Nov 2007 /  #14
hes singing in enlish, no?
Polson 5 | 1,767  
23 Nov 2007 /  #15
polson is not being completely honest, poles (like any group of people) can be racist especially the young men

Can be......i didn't say that everybody was "cool", i just said that i think that most of Poles are not racist, they might look at black, or asian, or any other people, but it's not racism, more "interest"... :P

By the way, i thought it was more the older persons who were 'racist', not the young ppl.....

Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,146  
23 Nov 2007 /  #16
My Question is whether it is a good idea to move there (WROCLAW)

If you mean the race issue then some people will stare at you (easpecially If you go to a smaller town) and once a while some drunk guy will try to make a monkey noise but from normal people you shouldn't expect any seroius racism. You should rather think more about getting a job as teaching English is not as good as It used to be and without fluent Polish It will be hard to find any other job.

don't be surprised if you do have some problems from time to time.

Do you think that Poles in UK don't have problems ? Check the number of British subhumans coming here and spreading crap.
Peter 3 | 248  
23 Nov 2007 /  #17
southsea is full of indians now!

Really? I have not been down Pompey way since 1991. It was wierd. For years we'd take the bus to Havant, Fareham, Commercial Road, Hayling Island and Southsea and hardly ever see a coloured face.............then suddenly they were coming out of the woodwork.
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,504  
23 Nov 2007 /  #18
believe me - things have changed - southsea is now a multi-cultural society - i have a property in central southsea that backs on to a sikh temple, the 2 closest shops are run by indians, the 2 closest restaurants are chinese and indian, there is a muslim centre just minutes walk...

...partly responsible is agressive marketing by the university in encouraging international students - im sure the chinese will leave a genetic footprint in pompey - but this doesnt explain the large insurge of muslims and indians...

fareham, cosham, waterlooville, hayling are pretty much as you remember them
Peter 3 | 248  
23 Nov 2007 /  #19
sikh temple, the 2 closest shops are run by indians, the 2 closest restaurants are chinese and indian, there is a muslim centre


That must be a recent thing. I cannot remember any of that existing in the early 80's. So Waterlooville is the same? We used to stay out in Denmead. I guess Hambledon, Meonstoke, Purbrook and Cowplain have'nt changed much?

It's very interesting from an economic / sociological point of view. Some what a parallel to the influx of migrant workers from the caribbean to London and the midlands. My cousin who lives in Detroit says it's the same thing there. Areas that were predominantly Polish are now heavily Bangladeshi and Indian.
Foreigner4 12 | 1,768  
25 Nov 2007 /  #20
This response was meant for a response from Grzegorz, it seems a lot of the threads to this orginal thread have either been misdirected to a different thread or something's wrong with my computer.

All I'm saying is that not really about race but about being different.

I didn't get that message from your first post. The post wasn't about racism or bigotry that poles have encountered abroad but you steered it in that direction so i called you on it. Although I admit it was somewhat underhanded so i do apologize for that.

But besides that, stating that poles face challenges abroad due to the aforementioned seems like you're trying to right one wrong with another.

Now if you were to mention the looks poles get while in predominanantly (99%) noncaucasion countries then you'd be making a valid comparison as this would be a similar scenario. However all that still would have no real contribution to the discussion as to whether or not poles have racist tendancies towards non-caucazoid (in this case negroid [bio terms here]) people.

ll I'm saying is that not really about race but about being different

Actually to make assumptions and ascertations based on the difference of one's skin could be viewed as racial stereotyping (broadly) hence the question of racist behaviour and attitudes.

White people moving to other majority white countries (for example Poles moving to UK) also have problems.

again i'm not sure that is an entirely relevant point in regards to the posters original question.

Anyways it just seems that once it comes to racism and bigotry these things end up being pissing contests and i felt you had started "pissing."
Shabazz - | 5  
25 Nov 2007 /  #21
Hi Primo,
I think that you should really do some thinking before taking that big step moving to Wroclaw! I wish you the best of luck.
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,146  
26 Nov 2007 /  #22
again i'm not sure that is an entirely relevant point

But I'm sure. That's enough.
plk123 8 | 4,134  
26 Nov 2007 /  #23
If you mean the race issue then some people will stare at you (easpecially If you go to a smaller town) and once a while some drunk guy will try to make a monkey noise but from normal people you shouldn't expect any seroius racism.

i'd have to agree.. you'll be more of a novelty then anything else. smile, be happy, jam, no worries, man. ;)
Shabazz - | 5  
26 Nov 2007 /  #24
I have a black American friend and he was doing music here in Poland, he is really good,
But many people in the music industry did him really bad!
Record labels put his music out without having license and he never got paid, I saw some things in the internet by people he was working with, they threaten to kill him and they even told him that they did it! So Primo, I think the music thing here is not only corrupt, but dangerous. I think a black person here by himself has no chance, everything is against you

and no one will help you if you ever have a problem!
Sorry for my bad had writing, my English is not so good.
OP PRIMO 1 | 4  
30 Nov 2007 /  #25
Luvie 3 | 4  
14 Feb 2008 /  #26

I really enjoyed reading yout post. I myself am a Black American living in Auastralia with plans to move to Poland with my partner, who is Polish. And I agree with you racism is everywhere, and i have dealt with it everywhere i have visited. But I am still keen on moving there. In fact I am keen on moving to Europe!

It's good to see some intelligent posts in this forum.
espana 17 | 948  
14 Feb 2008 /  #27
i m red ,,,,can i move to poland? what an idiot!!!!
16 Feb 2008 /  #28
Primo - Your post is disturbing me. I agree there are some foolish ******* around but I am disappointed that you have become one of the ignorant self hating ******* you describe. Hopefully one day you will learn that you don't hate black people, you hate poor black people, aka niggars!

As a black man of Jamaican descent I understand the difference between educated hard working, warm loving black people and niggars. I hope some day you'll take the time to know your people so you too can tell the difference. Visit Africa whilst you are on your travels. I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised by what you find there.

Watch the documentary "Life and Debt" which was filmed in Jamaica and will give you an insight into the causes of poverty. Pick up a book and read! Educate yourself!

I wish you luck in Poland. I'm am sure you'll find some ignorant racist poles, but polish people have the capacity to be some of the warmest humans in the world as we all do black or white!
Seanus 15 | 19,669  
16 Feb 2008 /  #29
Is it cuz I is black? LOL
Polanglik 11 | 303  
16 Feb 2008 /  #30
Hi Primo,

Have to say that there are elements of truth in the responses you have received so far.

Poles can be racist, as other nationalities can be; also there will be a genuine interest in something Poles are not accustomed to seeing every day.

The best advice I would give is to give it a go ..... expect all sorts of reactions and you won't be disappointed ! Unfortunately you'll get the racist crap , but you'll get genuine Poles who want to chat and hear about your culture and traditions.

One of my best friends is from Ghana, and he came to Wroclaw when I got married and he had a totally awesome time ...... most of his experiences were positive but there were a few occasions when I'd hear some nasty racist comments, although in these situations it's best to ignore the pratts, otherwise it might escalate into something more.

My Ghanian friend has frequently joined me at Poland international matches; in Wales he was the centre of attention .... Poles wanted pics taken with him as they said he looked like Olisadebe ....

Best of luck .....

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