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RUSSIAN BLACK TERRIERS...are there any in Poland...?

wildrover 98 | 4,451  
28 Dec 2009 /  #1
Do any of the forum dog lovers know anything about the Black Russian terrier...?

My Russian lady used to have one , and would quite like to have another one if she moves to my farm in Poland...

I have heard they are quite rare outside Russia , so can anyone tell me if you can get them in Poland....?

For anyone interested this dog is What good ole boy Stalin had guarding his prisons , the Russian version of a German shepard dog or rotweiler..they are very affectionate and loyal , and make good guard dogs...looks a bit like a giant poodle to me..?

If we are not abe to find one in Polska we know a place near Moscow where you can get them , does anyone know what the regulations are for bringing in a dog from a country such as Russia...?

BrutalButcher - | 390  
28 Dec 2009 /  #2
What a cute dog (L)
My favourite Russian dog is still the Siberian Husky .I have one, and his name is boris. He looks more or less like this.
PlasticPole 7 | 2,650  
28 Dec 2009 /  #3
I like the Huskies and the Malamutes
Softsong 5 | 494  
28 Dec 2009 /  #4
Hi Wildrover,

I put the term, "Black Russian Terrier" into the Polish online translation service at in order to get a term to type into a Polish search engine. I found, this is how you say Black Russian Terrier in Polish.....Czarny Terier Rosyjski. I entered the Polish name at and found a link that is written in both Polish and English. They are breeders. Not sure if they are located in Poland, but since they speak English and Polish, maybe they will know about breeders in Poland if they are located else where.

They have a litter coming up in January! So, if they are in Poland that may be the answer you are looking for....enter the same term and you will find other hits in Poland. This is one that looked promising to me:

And this one....they are in Poland and have pups coming along for 2010!
nomaderol 5 | 726  
28 Dec 2009 /  #5
This was my friend (world famous, most intelligent dogs of world known as "kangal" dog. in turkey, in old days, shepperds' best friends. now, they are very expensive. so, shepherds cant buy them anymore.) now, unknown where he is. lady dogs were often coming to in front of the garden. hopefully, they stole him. many people too have tried to steal him cause they make dog fights illegally. a kangal dog can beat even two wild wolfs in a fight. no any other dog or wolf can beat a kangal dog. hopefully, he isn't in their hands of people now. pictures are at time when he was a teenage boy. when they get adult they become huge and their legs and chests become very powerful like lion.

Sasha 2 | 1,083  
28 Dec 2009 /  #6


Those are mine favourite dogs either. Never seen more devoted dogs. I heard that one has to train husky daily or otherwise they fall sick. They need running like air to breath.
OP wildrover 98 | 4,451  
28 Dec 2009 /  #7

Wow , thanks for that , getting a dog in Poland would avoid all the problems of paperwork to bring the dog into the country , and posible quarantine... My lady had one of these dogs but he sadly died of old age , so she would very much like another one...I need someone to take care of her when i am not at home...The only breeder we knew of was in Moscow..

The Kangal dog looks very interesting , i bet you would not get too many intruders with one of those in the house..?

Anyone else want to post a pic of their four legged friend...?
nomaderol 5 | 726  
28 Dec 2009 /  #8
The Kangal dog looks very interesting , i bet you would not get too many intruders with one of those in the house..?

definitely not. these dogs are born as friends and protectors without training. and they are not affraid of any animal or people to protect their homes. i guess there is no dog fight culture in poland unlike here in turkey where boys are fanatics and gathered around the fire in the midnights till morning for dog fighting. if there are such polish boys out there, then, your only problem will be that such expert boys will try to steal this kangal dog when they see it.

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