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learn polish   
28 Dec 2009
Life / Polish Christmas Movies [9]

A friend of mine: "For ten years I've been watching it and hoping this time the robbers are gonna kick that annoying kid's ass, and for ten years it always ends the same. Damn!". I admire his persistence :)
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18 Dec 2009
Life / Warsaw restaurant for Wigilia [14]

Yeah, you get a McWafer and a beetroot soup with 2 extra refills in a 2L coke cup.

Damn, I'd be in for that, out of sheer curiosity!! ;)
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8 Dec 2009
Language / Live Mocha, have you used this? Is it any good? [7]

Another option, with the community atmosphere is

I just had a look at it and, again, I would say it's okay as an addition to "real" learning, e.g. a language course with a teacher, CD-ROM, or maybe some self-study book.

Another thing is that I can't put myself to trust the quality of such online private tutoring as offered via Livemocha or this; I guess I just wouldn't know how to find out whether they are competent or not when there is no language school/some other kind of institution to support their credibility. Guess I'm a bit old-fashioned, maybe ;)
learn polish   
7 Dec 2009
Language / Live Mocha, have you used this? Is it any good? [7]

I've recently tried it to learn Spanish and, honestly, the course itself was quite monotonous, plus there were mistakes in it! But, I guess, you get what you pay for... The most appealing aspect of Livemocha seems to be the community-building aspect, if somebody likes this kind of stuff.

All in all, in terms of language learning I'd say it's okay as an addition, if you learn the language in some other way and then you have half an hour daily to kill at the office to practice a bit extra.
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3 Dec 2009
Language / Dostał buta - genitive / accusative [25]

Lubię tego batona, palę papierosa, jem pomidora, kalafiora, buraka

All incorrect. it's just a common error.

As a Polish native, I see absolutely nothing wrong with any of the above. What would the correct version be, "palę papieros"? Sounds ridiculous.
learn polish   
1 Dec 2009
Life / Kozak - compliment or insult in Poland? [12]

Sometimes "kozak" can also be an expression of the fact that you like something or someone or you think it's cool, e.g.

- What are you doing tonight?
- Throwing a party, wanna come?
- Kozak (or "kozacko", an adjective)! Sure I do!
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1 Dec 2009
Food / Eating Healthy in Poland [18]

i guess one is just to learn how to cook! :)

another one could be trying some salad bars or vegetarian diners, which offer decent healthy food in reasonable prices. I would recommend Greenway bars, they are a chain with several places in the city center. Although I'm not so sure if it's the best way to keep your weight, considering the awesomeness of the carrot cake there! Sorry for praising them so much but I'm absolutely addicted to their food, plus sitting somewhat hungry at work at the moment ;)
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26 Nov 2009
Work / Tutoring English/Nannying in Warsaw [13]

AFAIK (if nothing's changed for the last several years), most language schools in Warsaw hire new teachers all the time and are just dying for native speakers. Not all of the schools are decent as employers, though - it's worth having something recommended by a friend or a current employee. I can give you some advise via PM (don't wanna drop names of companies and my opinion on them publicly).

When it comes to babysitting, there is this babysitting agency called Prowork operating in Warsaw. It's the one I know of that employs English-speaking nannies, but I'm not sure whether the job they offer is here in Poland or maybe in the UK or somewhere else, you'd have to look them up online and find out. Good luck!
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12 Nov 2009
Life / A few questions about the bus system [13]

Does it mean that the Warsaw system allows you to buy a ticket and not start using it straight away?

Yup. If you fancy it, you may validate it 5 years after buying ;) But that's only when you have an "empty" card, with no ticket recorded on it or an expired ticket recorded. If you record one ticket on another (which is not as silly as it may seem, I sometimes do that e.g. one day before the ticket expires so that I don't have to worry later), it is validated automatically.

It may be validated already, but I'll look for my green light!

Don't forget the "beep"! ;)
learn polish   
12 Nov 2009
Life / A few questions about the bus system [13]

Just hold onto it - it contains the details of your ticket on it and doesn't need validated.

Not quite true. The first time you use it you need to validate it, i.e. put it close to that validating machine (how the heck do you call this thing in English, btw?), if it's gonna go "beep" and flash green light it means that everything is okay with your pass. Then, for the next 90 days you just hold on to it.

Card itself can be obtained in ZTM office at Swiętokrzyska subway station.

AFAIK, there are ZTM offices at Ratusz Arsenał and Centrum metro stations as well.
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9 Nov 2009
Life / English theatre in Warsaw [2]

If by "decent" you mean professional, then I've no idea. Kamienica Theater was planning on staging a cabaret-type play for English-speaking audiences, but as far as I know the idea died.

There is an amateur theatre called The Cheerful Hamlets, they perform in English. Their website sucks big time as the latest info you can find there is from 2003, but I know they still perform (last year they were staging Shaffer's Black Comedy and Hamilton's The Rope, just to give you an idea of the kind of plays they do).
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30 Oct 2009
Language / Zajebiiiiiście! [30]

Muzyk (or muzykant) uliczny means a street musician.

Małpa fabryczna means (sarcastically) a factory worker.

Yeah, I know, I'm Polish :) it's just that I saw a different syntactic connection there.

you missed off 'Pierd' ;)

pierd = a fart
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29 Oct 2009
News / Polish Man tries to Rob Bank with a Spoon.....??? [28]

I've heard this story once about a guy in the US who was robbing a gas station, took the money and told the cashier to give him a bottle of whiskey as well, and the cashier said he didn't believe the guy to be over 21. So the genius showed him his ID.
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28 Oct 2009
Language / mój - moja [28]


You're 100% correct
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27 Oct 2009
Language / Zajebiiiiiście! [30]


muzik uliczny....i fabryczny malpa

Uliczny muzykant i fabryczna małpa ... that's very original occupation I must say :)

Doesn't "fabryczny" refer to "muzyk"? Ie. The "muzyk" is both "uliczny i fabryczny", and "malpa" is just... ekhm, well... there.
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21 Oct 2009
Work / A list of English Schools in Poland run by a UK citizen? [24]


you got me wrong. I'm just saying that I studied at the University of Warsaw and I know how it works at the English Studies department - you can be 100% sure you'll get lots of time left, so studying and working (even full time) or socializing aka partying hard (even full time :) - whichever interests you more, is not a problem there.

On the other hand, I have no idea what things looks like at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow (or any university in Krakow, for that matter) - simply never been there.
learn polish   
20 Oct 2009
Life / Used video game stores in Poland? [3]

There's one that I know of in Warsaw near the Central Railway Station, the address is Chmielna 98 and the name of the store is Swiat Gier (or SwiatGier. c o m, cuz they're selling mainly via the web I guess). I haven't been there for a while, but I hope the place still exists :)
learn polish   
20 Oct 2009
Study / Going to college in Poland? [4]

Try contacting the Kosciuszko Foundation (kosciuszkofoundation. org, if I'm not mistaken). I know they have some Polish - US student exchange programs and scholarships in humanities, but I see no good reason for which they shouldn't help science / IT students as well.


US student wants to go to college in Poland. Advice needed.

I am a US student trying to study in Poland....does anyone know of good colleges that offer courses in English.

Iwona: It depends in which town but I suppose Jagiellonia University in Krakow.

iwona is right. I would add Wroclaw. They all have web pages, if you want to check.
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16 Oct 2009
Work / A list of English Schools in Poland run by a UK citizen? [24]

When it comes to "artistic" (word used loosely), you could try studying British or American literature - at least you can be sure that the classes are in English.

On the other hand, coming to Poland from the US to study American lit. - not the brightest idea ever :)

I agree with polishcanuck - mba in the us is a much better idea in terms of resources, quality of education etc. But if you wanna come to Poland to have fun and socialize, you may as well do some studies on the side, why not (in which case I recommend Warsaw University, from my own experience).
learn polish   
15 Oct 2009
Life / Social networking sites used by teens in Poland? [13] was a very popular site at a time, I guess it still is, although many people have switched to facebook now (and, to be honest, i'm not surprised).